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Pago. Indebtedness of Connecticut. Note, on comparative cost of

former surveys. What has been accomplished, ..

26 State Map. Its necessity shown,.

27 Present condition of the Boundary,.

28 What remains to be done,. .

29 Who are responsible for the troubles. Acknowledgments, .

30 Accompanying papers. “Captains Island,”.

31 Summary,

32 Separate statement by Mr. Field,...

35 MAP No. 1.—Showing the relative position of the lines sur

veyed or agreed upon at various times, to face page 37 HISTORICAL SKETCH OF THE BOUNDARY CONTROVERSIES, &c. Troubles of the first settlers,.

37 Stuyvesant's agreement at Hartford, 1650g.

38 Conflicting English grants. Establishment of English authority in New York,..

... 40 Settlement between N. Y. and Ct. in 1664. Its erroneous nature, p. 41. Consequences of the error,

42 Agreement in 1683, p. 43. Description of the line. “Equivalent lands” to be transferred,. .

44 Survey of 1684,....

45 Disaffection of Rye and Bedford, p. 46. Royal confirmation

of settlement of 1683. Steps for a resurvey, p. 47. Ineffectual meeting of Commis

sioners in 1717. “Probationary act” of N. Y., p. 48. Dispute of Legislatures of N. Y. and Ct., 1722 and 1723, p.49. Another ineffectual meeting of Commissioners 1724.

Royal confirmation of N. Y. "Probationary act,”

50 Meeting and agreement of Commissioners preliminary to

survey in 1725. Description of lines to be run, p. 51. Reference to “poor families” near the line......

52 Survey in 1725, p. 53. Joint report of Commissioners. Statement of N. Y. Commissioners, .....

54 Arrangements for completing the survey, p. 54. “Hauley


Page. & Co” to bear the expense. Law of Ct. approving the

line, &c., 1730. Comp’etion of survey 1731, p. 55. Mode of survey. Con

sequent errors. Indentures made by joint commissioners in 1731. Patent to "Hauley & Co.," p. 56. Colden's survey in 1732,....

57 Old maps. Fac Simile., p. 58. Conflicting patents and con

sequent troubles. Land marks. Their transient character, p. 59. Uncertainties existing,


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A. Resolutions, &c., of Ct. May, 1855, and of N. Y. April, 1856, appointing commissioners,....

63 B. Report of Engineer to N. Y. Commissioners, Jan. 1857,. 65 C. Correspondence between N. Y. and Ct. Commissioners 1856–7,...

82 D. Legal opinion of Hon. Geo. A. Simmons,.

90 E. Act of N. Y. Legislature, Feb. 21, 1857, appropriating money for expenses of commissioners...

97 F. Circular of N. Y. Commissioners to residents near the boundary, March 10, 1857,.....

98 G. Appointment of Commissioners by Ct. 1664,... H. Unexecuted agreement between Commissioners of Ct. and of the Duke of York, Nov. 30, 1664, .

100 I. Settlement made-instead of the above, Dec. 1, 1664,... 102 J. Extract of letter of Col. Nicolls, to Duke of York, Nov. 1665, ...

... 104 K. Communication from Gen. Assembly of Ct. to Gov. of N. Y. May 11, 1682,..

105 L. Commission and instruction of delegates appointed by

Gen. Assembly of Ct, to negotiate with Gov. of N. Y. respecting the boundary Nov. 14, 1683,.

... 107 M. Agreement between Governor and delegates from Ct. and Gov. of N. Y. Nov. 28, 1683,...

110 N. Extracts from letter of Gov. Treat of Ct. to inhabitants

of Rye, with statement of line established, Dec. 3, 1683, 112

0. Report of Commissioners and surveyors, Oct. 10, 1681, 113
P. Report of joint committee of Council and Assembly of
N. Y. upon the act of Ct. passeil May 9, 1723,.

Q. Report of committee of Ct. Assembly, in reply to the

above, with the act of Assembly, approving the same and

appointing commissioners to settle the line, Oct. 19, 1723, 127
R. Report of N. Y. Commissioners respecting the meeting

held with Ct. Commissioners, made April 20, 172-4,..... 133
S. Act of Ct. Gen. Assembly, appointing commissioners to

run the line in accordance with the N. Y.“robationary
act,” of 1719, Oct. 8, 1721,....

.. 140
T. Report of Commissioners appointed to prepare instruc-

tions for N. Y. Comniissioners, April 8, 1725,..... .. 142
U. Agreement of N. Y. and Ct. Commissioners, preliminary
to survey, April 29, 1725,...

Joint report of survey by commissioners of N. Y. and Ct.
May 12, 1725,..

W. Statement of N. Y. Commissioners to Gov. Burnett, re-

specting the agreement with Ct. Commissioners, May 29,

... 154
X. Account of expenses of N. Y. Commissioners with re-

port of committee auditing the same. (Fac simile signa-
ture of Rip Van Dam,) 1725, ...

... 159.
Y. Act of Ct. Assembly confirming agreements and survey

of 1725, and authorizing completion of survey, Oct. 8,

2. Indenture made by Commissioners of N. Y. and Ct., be-

ing report of survey of 1731, May 14, 1731, ... 166
Aa. Description of inonunients accompanying the above,.. 173

... 163

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