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Examined the same and are of opinion that your Excellency may Issue your warrants for payment of the Same out of the Moneys appropriated for that purpose which is submitted to your Excellency by

Your Excellency's
Most Obedient humble

servants By order of the Committee

Ripban Pam,

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Att a Generall Assembly Holden att New Haven in his Majesties Colony of Connecticutt in New England on the gth day of October in the fourth year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord George the 2nd of Great Britain &c King Annoq Dom 1730 An Act for the Confirmation of ye Agreement Made att Greenwich in ye Colony of Connecticutt on ye 29th of Aprill Anno Dom 1725 by & between the Commissioners of the Province of New York and Colony of Connecticutt for Returning and Ascertaining the Partition Lines between the sa Province and Colony, As also in Confirmation of the Survey in part made pursuant thereunto as appears by their Report under their hands and Seals Dated ait Norwalk in the Colony of Connecticutt on the 12th Day of May in the 11th year of ye Reign of yo late King George Annoq Dom 1725 as also in Approbation of the present Meeting of the Commissioners and for Authorizing Commissioners to proceed and perfect and fully Ascertain the Partition Line aforesa According to ga Agreement.

Whereas an Agreement was made on the 28th of November Anno Dom 1683 Att Fort James in New York between ye Right Honourable Thomas Dungan Governour under his then Royal Highness James Duke of York & ca of New York and his Council and Robert Treat Esq' Governour of Connecticutt and Others in Commission with him, for the Settling and fixing the Boundaries and Partition Lines between ye Province of New York and Colony of Connecticutt, And Whereas. a Survey thereof was Begun in 1684. and the Partition line in part Ascertained. And whereas the sa Agreement and Survey were Approved and Confirmed by the Late King William in Council, And Whereas An Act of the Governour Council and Assembly of New York was Passed in the Month of June in ye fifth year. of ye Reign of King George the first entitled an Act for the Runing and Ascertaining the Lines of Partition and Division betwixt the Colonies of New York and Connecticutt, And Whereas King George aforesd was pleased to give the Royall Assent to the sa Act. And Whereas A Commission in pursuance of sd Act Bearing Date the third Day of Aprill 1725 was given to Diverse Gentlemen on ye part of New York. And Whereas by An Act of ye Governour Councill and Representatives in Generall Court assembled Att New Haven on y® gth day of October Anno Dom 1724 Diverse Gentlemen on the part of this Colony were fully Authorized and Impowered to agree fix and ascertain the Partition Lines aforsa—By Virtue of which Commission and Authorities an Agreement was Entered into between the sd Colonies Concerning the go Lines, and part thereof was Actually runn and Ascertained by proper Monuments as by the s' agreement and Report of ye Commissioners and Surveyors Appointed by yo s' Acts and Commissions may appear.

And Whereas the sd Agreement and Survey in 1725 bath been approved of by the Late Governour of New York William Burnett Esq' and Council.

Be it Enacted and Ordained by the Governour. Council and Representatives in Generall Court Assembled and by the Authority of ye same. That ye sè Agreement and Survey aforesd in 1725 Recorded in the Records of this Colony and filed in the Secretarys Office be approved of and they are hereby Approved of Ratifyed & Confirmed in All the parts thereof. And it is hereby declared that so farr as the sa Commissioners and Surveyor. have Runn and ascertained the Lines as by their sd Report appears shall be and Remain the Partition Lines Between this Colony and the Colony of New York forever.

And further Whereas the sd Commissioners at their Meeting at Greenwich in 1725 Did agree that in case they could not go through with their work at that time that they would thereafter meet and proceed thereon at any time when ye Governour of New York and the Governor of Connecticutt should Agree.

And whereas the Governour of New York did propose to his Hon' the Governour of Connecticutt that the Commissioners should meet for that End on the 29th of September last, and did accordingly meet at Greenwich, their gd meeting is by the Authority afors' Approved of.

And Whereas. the Runing & Ascertaining the Remaining part of ye Partition Lines Afors' may not Require the Attendance of so many Commissioners as were before Appointed

This Assembly do hereby order & appoint That Samuel Eells, Roger Wolcott. and Edmund Lewis Esq" or any two of them

Whereof Edmund Lewis Esq' to be one shall have full Power and Authority in Conjunction with the Commissioners of New York to proceed in Running the Remaining lines agreed upon as aforsa and to Ascertain the same by proper Meet Monuments and Boundaries in the Partition Lines and Every of them according to the aforesd agreement in 1725. and Make Report thereof to this Assembly, which Lines when Runn. and the places Distinguished through which they should pass according to the aforesa Agreement in 1725 shall be and Remain the Lines of Partition & Division Betwixt the Province of New York and this Colony forever

And it is further Provided that in Case Either Edmond Lewis Esq' should not be able to go through with the Work aforesa as Surveyour. and Commissioner or the other Commissioners shall fail so that there cannot be one of the Gentlemen in Commission with him to attend the Service Then it shall be in the Power of ye Governour for ye time being with the advice of his Council to Appoint and Commissionate other Suitable Person. or Persons. in their or his Room and Stead to Perform the service aforesa.

A True Copy of Record

Examo p' GEO WYLLYS. Secretary Pro tem.


THIS INDENTURE made the Fourteenth day of May in the fourth year of the reigne of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God of Great Brittaine France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith &c. in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred and thirty one Between Cadwallader Colden Esq' Surveyor Gene' of the Province of New York, Gilbert Willett Esq" & Vincent Mathews Esq' Commissioners Authorised & appointed by his Majesty's Commission under the Great Seal of the Province of New-York or any two or more of them in Conjunction with the said Surveyer Generall or his Deputy to run out, mark distinguish & Ascertain the lines of Division and Partition between the Province of New York & Colony of Connecticut, as by the said Commission bearing date at New York the third day of September in the Fourth Year of his Majesty's Reigne may more fully at large appear, and Mr. Jacobus Bruyn Jun' Deputy Surveyer approved of by the Govenour & Councill of New York, of the one part: & Samuel Eells, Roger Wolcot & Edmond Lewis Esq's Com", or any two of them whereof Edmond Lewis to be one, appointed & authorised by an Act of the Generall Assembly of the Colony of Connecticut bearing date at New Haven the eighth day of October in the fourth year of the reign of our Soyreign Lord George the Second to Run & Ascertain the lines of Division & Partition aforesaid in Conjunction with the Commissioners of New York as by the said Act may more fully and at Large appear, of the other part, Witnesseth That the said Com" of the Province of New York and Colony of Connecticut in pursuance of the agreement made in the Year of our Lord One thousand Seven hundred & Twenty Five & approved of by the Govenor and Council of New York, & by the General Assembly of Connecticut, Have Run marked Distinguished and Ascertained the lines of Partition and Division which were not Distinguished by the Commissioners in the Year One thousand Seven hundred & Twenty Five & Remaineil to be Done pursuant to said agreement, in the manner & Form hereafter Expressed; That is to say, the said Commissioners of New York & Connecticut went to a Cer

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