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as they are Consernded. We thought that we might the more readily agree to this because We Doubted whether in law they could be oblidged to make allowances. Seeing they agreed that we should measure these lines in the best manner we could. The yeilding these small things as a favour to their Settlers made them more willingly agree in other things which has given this Province Twenty times the quantity of Land which may be supposed to be lost by the strect measure in this part. We considered the Good of our Province in General & in soe doing it was Impossible for us to have the same Regard. to the Interest of every particular person. in it. We considered the great Advantages our Province would have by an Amicable Agreement for thereby the People of both Colonies would be encouraged to settle & improve the Lands on the borders whereas if Despite remained both sides would be affrayed. & the lands would remain uncultivated by which we think our Province would suffer most for the people of Cunecticut who live neare these lines bring their produce to the Market of New York and their supply themselves with all the Necessarys they want so that by setling and Emproving the borders the benefit to the Trade of this place will be nearly equally ougmented whether it be by the people of New York or those of Cunecticut. the lands adjoining by the Increase of people will become more valuable & both Provinces better secured against the attacks of any Enemies. But if Disputes should remain the lands on the borders might for a long time remain useless to both Colonys besides many other Inconveniencies which a Diffidence between two neighbouring Governments might in time create.

We humbly hope that these reasons will be satisfaction & our proceedings approved of by your Excellency. We promised to the Commissioners of Cunecticut and to several of the Inhabitants on their Borders that we would represent to your Excellency the hardships and Difficulties Several poor Families Settled their might be laid under if they should loose the lands which they had improved with great Expence & the labour of the best part of their lives. We therefore humbly pray in their behalf that your Excellency may have favourable thoughts towards such people who have already fallen within the lines of this Province, or may when the remaining part shall be run. For we are well Satisfied that those who have already fallen into this Government, did Settle on the Faith of the Old line without any design to Encroach on the lands of this Province, and we believe that if any shall fall into our Government where no lines ever were settled it probably may be Occasioned by their Ignorance of the Scituation of Such Lands.



(X.) An Account of the Expenses of the Commissioners & others em

ployd in running & settling the lines of Partition & Division between the Province of New York & Colony of Connecticut.

1725 April 16. 5 cheeses weighing 40 lb at 4d......... £ 23 4 6 Gammons weighing 86 lb at 5d.

1 15 10 12 small ps of smoak Beef w 42 lb at 4d. .. 14 16 Galls of Rum at 2s7d

2 2 8 To the Sadler for straps to the Baggage Bellstrap & horse hoples

12 Horse Bell

9 6 Fathom of Roap...

2 3 Ginger Bread ...

6 6 ps of smoak beef weighing 20 lb...... 6 8 A Box for the Instruments

2 4 Towels qt 4 yds white ozenbrigs ......

6 6 lb Chocolate at 2s ....

12 5% yds of Brown ozenbrigs for Bags..

8 6 13 lb of loaf Sugar

1 1 Kettle weighing 10 lb 6 oz at 2s10d... 1 9 31 71 yds Ozenbrigs for Bags..

10 10 2 Skains of thred

3 1 lb of Cinnamon & 1 oz of Nutmegs..

4 2 oz Pepper & 1 lb of Castile soap....

1 10 3 Pewter Potts.

9 6 1 frying pan & 6 pewter spoons...

6 9 6 Trenchers & 2 Bowls .......

3 9 1 ladle & 1 paper of Ink powder...

1 13 1 Bushel of Pease..

5 6 5 Caggs..

8 9

7 71

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April 16. 1; Galls Limejuice.....

1 lb of Coffee.....
6 Galls of Brandy at 8s6d..
Paper & Sealing wax
3 Knives...
Axe & helve
31 hundred of limes ...
8 Botles
Qr hundred Muscovado Sugar .
Powder & Shott...
2 Journal Books....
2 half Rods
Biscuit 1 c 2 qrs 20 lb at 14s6d & cask..
å yds of Ozenbrigs for small bags.
Tobacco & Pypes...
Givn the men for their Expenses to Rye.
Hooks & lines

Thread & Needles...
April 20. Expenses at Kings bridge

at New Rochel... 27.

at Fowlers. 30.

at Widow Anderson's. Paid Boatmen for gents & Baggage

Expenses at Lyons ....
May 3. Paid Jacob Phinney to carry him home..
4. Paid for Cider....

for a guide in the woods ....
7. Expenses at John Claps......

at Bedford ..

at Norwalk..

at Rye.....

at Fowlers.
at New Rochel..

at Kings bridge.
Giv’n the men to carry them home....
Partridge & other small things...
a Hatchet omitted .....
Three men chain bearers & niarker.....

2 1 9 81

6 8 6 6 2 9 1 11 8

5 6 13 1 5 11 6

19 6 1 2 6


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Remains due to us

28 17 Coll Hicks Ferrige & Paid for Copying our Report to his Exy


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Remains Due to him.....


At a Committee of the Council held at the Council Chamber
in New York May the 20th 1725. Present
Capt Walter

Mr Abram Vanhorn
Mr Van Dam

Mr William Provost
Mr Barberie
May it Please yor Excellency

In obedience to your Excellency's order in Council of this day refering to us the within account of the Commissioners and others employed in running the Lines of Partition and Division between this Province and Connecticut We humbly Report that we have [Senate, No. 165.]



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