Annual Report of the Commissioner of Banks, Bagian 1

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The Department, 1902
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Halaman xxxix - No association shall make any loan or discount on the security of the shares of its own capital stock, nor be the purchaser or holder of any such shares, unless such security or purchase shall be necessary to prevent loss upon a debt previously contracted in good faith...
Halaman xxxviii - The shareholders of every national banking association shall be held individually responsible, equally and ratably, and not one for another, for all contracts, debts and engagements of such association, to the extent of the amount of their stock therein, at the par value thereof, in addition to the amount invested in such shares...
Halaman xxxv - ... under the same circumstances, in the same manner, and subject to the same control by the court having jurisdiction of the same, as a legally qualified person . Any such appointment as guardian shall apply to the estate and not to the person of the ward.
Halaman 749 - The trustees shall cause to be published semiannually in a newspaper published in the county in which said corporation is located the names of the members of the board of investment or other officers of such corporation charged with the duty of investing its funds. The first publication thereof shall be within thirty days of the election of said officers and the second publication at the expiration of six months therefrom.
Halaman xxvi - ... competent evidence in all cases, equally with the originals thereof, if there is annexed to such copies an affidavit taken before a clerk of a court of record or notary public, under the seal of such court or notary public, stating that the affiant is the officer having charge of the...
Halaman xxxix - But the discount of bills of exchange drawn in good faith against actually existing values, and the discount of commercial or business paper actually owned by the person negotiating the same, shall not be considered as money borrowed.
Halaman xx - A person indebted to such corporation, whether his indebtedness is secured or not, may, in a proceeding for the collection thereof or for the enforcement of any security therefor, recoup or set-off the amount of a deposit held and owned by him at the time of the commencement of such proceeding, and of the interest due thereon, except a deposit purchased or acquired, from another after the commencement of proceedings in equity to restrain the corporation from doing its actual business, and the provisions...
Halaman 749 - ... provided, that the amount of the bonds so issued shall not exceed the amount of the mortgages so held in trust, and that no one of said mortgages shall exceed in amount...
Halaman xx - Such corporation may pay an order, "drawn by a person who has funds on deposit to meet the same, notwithstanding the death of the drawer, if presentation is made within thirty days after the date of such order ; and at any time if the corporation has not received actual notice of the death of the drawer.
Halaman xix - Every such corporation shall, at the time of making each semi-annual dividend, reserve as a guaranty fund, from the net profits which have accumulated during the six months then next preceding, not less than one-eighth nor more than one-fourth of one per cent, of the whole amount of...

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