The Ordinances of the City of Norfolk and Acts of Assembly of Virginia Relating to the City Government, with an Appendix. 1885

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Landmark Steam Print. House, 1885 - 239 halaman

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Halaman 221 - ... All city, town and village officers, whose election or appointment is not provided for by this Constitution, shall be elected by the electors of such cities, towns and villages, or of some division thereof, or appointed by such authorities thereof, as the Legislature shall designate for that purpose. All other officers, whose election or appointment is not provided for by this Constitution, and all officers, whose offices may hereafter be created by law, shall be elected by the people, or appointed,...
Halaman 3 - The inhabitants of the town of Salem, shall continue to be a body politic and corporate, under the name of the city of Salem, and as such, shall have, exercise and enjoy all the rights, immunities, powers and privileges, and shall be subject to all the duties and obligations, now incumbent upon and appertaining to said town as a municipal corporation.
Halaman 217 - ... notice, or the completion of the publication thereof, as the case may be. If the bond be not presented on the day fixed for its redemption, interest thereon shall cease from that day.
Halaman 221 - All property shall be taxed according to its value, that value to be ascertained in such manner as the Legislature shall direct, so that taxes shall be equal and uniform throughout the State. No one species of property from which a tax may be collected shall be taxed higher than any other species of property of the same value.
Halaman 180 - A successor to such commissioner shall be appointed in like manner and shall hold his office for a term of four years, beginning on the first day of January of the year in which he is appointed.
Halaman 22 - ... to order and direct such building, or any other building which they may deem hazardous, and likely to communicate fire to other buildings, or any part of such building, to be pulled down and destroyed, and no action shall be maintained against any person or against the...
Halaman 222 - Every law which imposes, continues or revives a tax, shall distinctly state the tax and the object to which it is to be applied ; and it shall not be sufficient to refer to any other law to fix such tax or object.
Halaman 219 - No law shall embrace more than one object, which shall be expressed in its title.
Halaman 22 - ... shall take into account the probability of the same having been destroyed or injured by fire if it had not been so pulled down or destroyed, and may report, that no damages should equitably be allowed to such claimant.
Halaman 5 - ... are faithfully performed. He shall have power to investigate their acts, have access to all books and documents in their offices, and may examine them and their subordinates on oath. The evidence given by persons so examined shall not be used against them in any criminal proceedings. He shall also have power to suspend...

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