Laws of the State of New York

Sampul Depan
State of New York., 1890
Includes private and local laws.

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Halaman 295 - ... and by that name they and their successors shall and may have succession, and shall be persons, in law, capable of suing and...
Halaman 381 - AN ACT to amend chapter four hundred and ten of the laws of eighteen hundred and eighty-two, entitled " An Act to consolidate into one act and to declare the special and local laws affecting public interests in the City of New York.
Halaman 272 - A general or specific denial of each material allegation of the complaint controverted by the defendant or of any knowledge or information thereof sufficient to form a belief; (2) A statement of any new matter constituting a defense or counterclaim in ordinary and concise language, without repetition.
Halaman 403 - The amount of its capital stock and the number of shares into which the same shall be divided.
Halaman 401 - An Act to consolidate into one act and to declare the special and local laws affecting public interests in the City of New York," is hereby amended so as to read as follows: 4.
Halaman 484 - The chairman and secretary of such committee shall thereupon make and file with the proper officer a certificate, setting forth the cause of the vacancy, the name of the person nominated, the office for which he was nominated, the name of the person for whom the new nominee is to be substituted, the fact that the committee was authorized to fill vacancies, and such further information as is required to be given in an original certificate of nomination.
Halaman 273 - ... by law, the court before whom such proceedings may be pending, shall have the power to make all necessary orders and give...
Halaman 677 - Subject to the foregoing provisions the ancillary receiver and his deputies shall have the same powers and be subject to the same duties with respect to the administration of such assets, as a receiver of an insurer domiciled in this state.
Halaman 391 - ... 2. Against a public officer, or person especially appointed to execute his duties, for an act done by him in virtue of his office; or against a...
Halaman 443 - Any one of them may issue subpoenas, administer oaths to witnesses, and any three of them may adjourn the proceedings before them from time to time, in their discretion. Whenever they meet, except by...

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