Report of Proceedings of the ... Annual Convention of the American Railway Master Mechanics' Association, Volume 38

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Halaman 371 - The authorized pressure, as per special instructions. 30. Q. Why should the authorized pressure be maintained? A. Because this pressure is necessary to get the full braking force which each car is capable of using, and, if it be exceeded, there will be danger of sliding the wheels. 31. Q. How much pressure can be obtained in the brake cylinder by the service application of the brakes with seventy pounds in the auxiliary reservoir? A. About fifty pounds to the square inch, with an 8-inch piston travel....
Halaman 8 - SEC 1. The officers of the Association shall be a President, a first Vice-President, a second Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.
Halaman 11 - At each annual meeting the president shall appoint a committee of five whose duty it shall be to report at the next annual meeting subjects for investigation and discussion, and if the subjects are approved by the Association, the president shall appoint special committees to report on them.
Halaman 327 - The object of this test is to open and render visible to the eye any seams due to failure to weld up or to interposed foreign matter, or any cavities due to gas bubbles in the ingot.
Halaman 368 - Responsibility of Inspectors — Inspectors will be held strictly responsible for the good condition of all the brake and signal apparatus upon cars placed in trains at their stations; they will also make any examination of brake apparatus or repairs to the same, which they may be called upon to do by trainmen. , GENERAL QUESTIONS Regarding the use of the AIR BRAKE AND TRAIN SIGNAL.
Halaman 373 - ... the condensation to escape from the steam cylinder and prevent pounding, which is more likely to occur when the air pressure is low. 56. Q. Why should the piston rod on the air pump be kept thoroughly packed ? A. To prevent the waste of air and steam. 57. Q. How should the steam cylinder of the ;i:r pump be oiled.
Halaman 320 - Divide the pitch, or which is the same thing, the side of the thread into eight equal parts, take off one part from the top and till in one part in the bottom of the thread, then the flat top and bottom will equal one-eighth of the pitch ; the wearing surface will be three-quarters of the pitch, and the diameter of screw at bottom of the thread will be expressed by the formula : 1.299 Diameter — number of threads per inch.
Halaman 326 - The test specimen, when heated to a bright cherry red, shall bend through 180 deg. flat on itself without fracture on the outside of the bent portion.
Halaman 369 - ... when the quick-acting triple is used. 13. Q. What are these cocks for in both cases? A. They are to be used to cut out brakes on one car, without interfering with other brakes on the train, if the brake on that car has become disabled. 14. Q. How does the cock handle stand in the plain triple valve when the pipe is open for automatic action ? A. It stands in a horizontal position. 15. Q. In what position does the same handle stand when the brakes are cut out by closing the cock ? A. It stands...
Halaman 367 - They must be cleaned and oiled as often as once in six months, upon passenger cars, and once in twelve months upon freight cars. The dates of last cleaning and oiling must be marked with white paint upon the cylinder in the places left for such dates opposite the words, which will...

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