Farms and Farm People, Population, Income, and Housing Characteristics by Economic Class of Farm: A Special Cooperative Report

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1953 - 98 halaman

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Halaman 7 - Employed persons comprise those, who, during the survey week, were either (a) "at work" — those who did any work for pay or profit, or worked without pay for 15 hours or more on a family farm or business; or (b) "with a job but not at work...
Halaman 4 - A farm operator, according to the Census definition, is a person who operates a farm, either performing the labor himself or directly supervising it The Census definition of a farm is based on operating units, rather than ownership tracts.
Halaman 7 - A household includes the related family members and all the unrelated persons, if any, such as lodgers, foster children, wards, or employees who share the housing unit. A person living alone in a housing unit, or a group of unrelated persons sharing a housing unit as partners, is also counted as a household.
Halaman 4 - For the 1950 Census of Agriculture, places of 3 or more acres were counted as farms if the value of agricultural products in 1949, exclusive of home gardens, amounted to $150 or more. The agricultural products could have been either for home use or for sale. Places of less than 3 acres were counted as farms only if the value of sales of agricultural products in 1949 amounted to 5150 or more.
Halaman 7 - Household. — A household includes all the persons who occupy a house, an apartment or other group of rooms, or a room, that constitutes a dwelling unit.
Halaman 7 - Unemployed persons include those who did not work at all during the survey week, and who were looking for work. Also included as unemployed are persons who would have been looking for work except that (a) they were temporarily ill, (b) they expected to return to a job from which they had been laid off for an indefinite period, or (c) they believed no work was available in their line of work or in the community.
Halaman 3 - ... is less than the standard error. The chances, are about 19 out of 20 that the difference is less than twice the standard error and about 99 out of 100 that it is less than 2% times the standard error.
Halaman 7 - In general, a group of rooms occupied as separate living quarters is a dwelling unit if it has separate cooking equipment or if it constitutes the only living quarters in the structure.
Halaman 7 - A dwelling unit was reported as dilapidated when it had serious deficiencies, was rundown or neglected, or was of inadequate original construction, so that it did not provide adequate shelter or protection against the elements or endangered the safety of the occupants.

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