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Pensity for unfairness, &c

Sec. 4. The State Inspector, his deputies and assistants, shall inspect all lumber with fairness and impartiality; and in case any inspector, deputy or assistant employed, shall, either or any of them, practice favoritism, and shall not so inspect lumber as aforesaid, he or they sball be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and may be punished by fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court: Provided, That such fine shall not exceed one hundred dollars, nor such imprisonment more than three months in the county jail.

Approved February 12, 1855.

boel Lowship organized.

No. 116.1
AN ACT to provide for the organization of the township of Buel, in

the county of Sanilac.
Section 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That
townships number ten north, of ranges thirteen, fourteen and fifteen, and
the north half of township ten north, of range twelve east, be and the
same are hereby set off from the township of Lexington, in Sanilac
county, and organized into a separate township, by the name of Buel,
and the first township meeting, for the election of township officers, shall
be held at the house now occupied by James L. McGrath, is said town-

This act shall take immediate effect.
Approved February 12, 1855.

[ No. 117. ]

AN ACT to incorporate Teachers' Associations, Fifteen may

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, Any formon corpo- fifteen or more teachers, or other persons residing in this State, who shall

associate for the purpose of promoting education and science, and improvements in the theory and practice of teaching, may form themselves

into a corporation, under such name as they may choose, providing they Notice to be shall have published, in some newspaper printed at Lansing, or in the published.

county in which such association is to be located, for at least one month previous, a notice of the time, place and purpose of the meeting for

such association, and shall file in the office of the Secretary of State a copy of the constitution and by-laws of said association.

Sec. 2. Such association may hold and possess real and personal pro- May hold perty to the amount of five thousand dollars, but the funds or property property thereof shall not be used for any other purpose than the legitimate business of the association in securing the objects of its corporation.

Sec. 3. Upon becoming a corporation, as hereinbefore provided, they Privileges shall have all the powers and privileges, and be subject to all the duties ties of coe

poration of a corporation, according to the provisions of chapter 55 of the revised statutes of this state, so far as such provisions shall be applicable in such case, and not inconsistent with the provisions of this act.

This act shall take effect immediately.
Approved February 12, 1855.


[ No. 118. ] AN ACT to renew the warrant for, and extend the time of, collect

ing the taxes of the year 1854, in the township of Hamburgh, in the county of Livingston. Section 1. T'he People of the State of Michigan enact, The suporvisor

authorized supervisor of the township of Hamburgh, in the county of Livingston, to renew is hereby authorized to renew the warrant upon the original assessment roll of eighteen hundred and fifty-four, with the warrant attached, and the same shall be in full force and effect until the twentieth day of March, A. D. 1855.

Sec. 2. On the receipt of said assessment roll, with the warrant re- Duty of newod as aforesaid, the township treasurer shall have the same authori- treasurer. ty to collect the taxes thereon, and it shall be his duty to collect and account for the same in the same manner, and with the like powors, as he might have done during the original life-time of said warrant; and all laws applicable to the collection of taxes shall apply to, Time of and govern his proceedings therein, until the said twentieth of March, and until he has accounted for the moneys so collected, and made all returns according to law.

This act shall take effect immediately.
Approved February 12, 1855.


Appropria on.

[ No. 119. ]
AN ACT making appropriation for the payment of warrante drawn by

the Board of State Auditors.
Section 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That
there be appropriated from the general fund such sums as may be nec-
essary to pay warrants that may be drawn upon claims allowed by the
Board of State Auditors.

This act shall take effect immediately.
Approved February 12, 1855.

[ No. 120. ]
AN ACT to re-enact sections twenty-four and twenty-fiva of chapter

ninety of the revised statutes, and to repeal section sixteen of an
act to prohibit the maintaing suits in equity, approved June 28,

Section Section 1. The People of the State of Michigan enad, That

sections twenty-four and twenty-five of chapter ninety of the revised
statutes, are hereby revived and re-enacted, as follows:

Sec. 24. Whenever an execution against the property of a defend

ant shall have been issued on a judgment at law, and shall have been
Party may returned unsatisfied in whole or in part, the party suing out such exe-
chancery to cution may file a bill in chancery against such defendant, and any oth-
compel dis-
covery, &c. er person, to compel the discovery of any property or things in action

belonging to the defendant, and of any property, money or things in
action due to him, or held in trust for him, and to prevent the transfer
of any such property, money or things in action, or the payment or
delivery thereof to the defendant, except where such trust has been
created by, or the fund so held in trust, has proceeded from some per-
son other than the defendant.

Sec. 25. The court shall have power to compel such discovery, and
the court in
suob cases." to prevent such transfer, payment or delivery, and to decree satisfaction

of the amount remaining due on such judgment, out of any property,
money, or other things in actions belonging to the defendant, or held
in trust for him, with the exception above stated, which shall be dis
covered by proceedings in chancery, whether the same were orig-
inally liable to be taken in execution at law or not: Provided, Thie
act shall not apply to property exempt from execution."


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No. 184 of


Sec. 2. Section sixteen of an act entitled “an act to prohibit the sec. 16 of act maintaining suits in equity by judgment creditors bill, to provide a 1857 repealremedy at law in lieu thereof, and to repeal sections twenty four and twenty-five of chapter ninety of the revised statutes of eighteen hundred and forty-six," approved June 28, 1851, is hereby repealed, regerving all rights that may have accrued by virtue of any proceedings under said act: And, provided, That all suits and proceedings hereto fore commenced and now pending under the same, may be prosecuted as fully as if the same was not repealed.

Approved February 12, 1855.


[ No. 121. ] AN ACT to provide for the laying out of a State road from Grand

Rapide to Grand Traverse. SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enact, That Commodore

to lay out Aeron Hill, of Kent county, Robert P. Mitchell, of Newaygo county, road. and Aaron B. Page, of Grand Traverse, be and are hereby authorized and appointed commissioners to lay out and establish a State road from the city of Grand Rapids, to Croton, in Newaygo county, and from thence on the most eligible route, to Grand Traverse, in the county of Grand Traverse. Sec. 2. The above named commissioners shall file so much of the survey of

road to bo survey of the above named road in the cffice of the county clerk of filed with each county, through which said road shall pass, as shall be laid out in and recordsuch county; and it shall be the duty of the several county clerks to record the same in their respective offices, and post such notice as may be required by law.

Sec. 3. It shall be the duty of the commissioners of highways in any duty ofdm. organized township through which said road may pase, to open and of high work the same, in the manner and by virtue of the same law as township roads are required to be opened and worked.

Sec. 4. The State shall not be liable for any expenses incurred or State not hadamages sustained by reason of this act, and if the road is not laid out ponses or and established within three years from the passage of this act, the Limitedion

damages provisions therein contained shall be void.

Approved February 12, 1855.


ways, &c.

[ No. 122.]
AN ACT relative to Plank Road Companies.

SECTION 1. The People of the State of Michigan enach That Oompany to keep high in all cases where any plank road company has or may at


time here paberin.cer after, become authorized or permitted to enter upon, take or use any


public highway or street, on the route of its plank road, and to construct its plank road thereon, or to use and maintain the same for a plank road, and do actually take possession of said road or street, by laying down sections or portions of plank, and delivering plank upon such road or street, such company shall, at all times, 80 far as the formation of the soil and season of the year will permit, keep in good order and condition so much of said road as it shall not have planked, until it

shall have planked the same; and if any company shall neglect to for noglect.

such highway or street in such order and condition, it shall be deemed to have abandoned and forfeited the right to enter upon, take or use

such public highway or street, as to so much as shall not be planked. If plank Soc. 2. Every plank road company shall cause to be laid down and road not kept in re kept closely together, and in an even manner, so that the surface shall pals, not to

be uniform, the plank upon its road; and in case of default, it shall forfeit the right to receive any toll upon such road.

Sec. 3. Every plank road company shall have the right to receive collect tou. tolls at any time after it shall have constructed two continuous miles of

the road.

Sec. 4. Every plank road company shall cease to be a body corpo seaso to be a rate, if within three years, or if hereafter organized, then if within three body corpo

years from the date of its organization, it shall not have commenced the construction of its road, and actually expended thereon at least ten

per cent. of the capital stock. Ave. 19 and

Sec. 5. Section nineteen (and so much of section seventeen as rosec 17 or ac No. quires the construction of five miles of road before collecting tolls) of 62 of 1848 repealed. the act entitled an act relative to plank roads, approved March 18,

1848, are hereby repealed.

This act shall take effect in thirty days.
Approved February 12, 1855.

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