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c H A P. CLXV.


An ACT to confirm the partition made by certain

commissioners therein mentioned, and for other purposes.

Passed at Dover, January 10, 1805.--- Private act.


An ACT to incorporate the owners and possessors of a

certain tract of meadow, marsh, and cripple, known by the name of the Brandywine marsh, in the borough of Wilmington, and county of New-Castle. Passed at Dover, January 11, 1805.---Private act.


An ACT to enable the trustees, wardens and vestry

of St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal Church, in George Town, Sussex county, to raise by lottery the sum of fifteen hundred dollars, to finish the same, and to enclose the lands thereunto belonging for a burial ground.

Passed at Dover, January 15, 1805.- Private act.





An ACT for incorporating the Friendship Fire Com

pany, of the borough of Wilmington.

Members incorporated

Style of the corporation.



E it enacted by the Senate and

House of Representatives of the State of Delaware, in General Assembly met, That all persons, who at the time of passing this act, and all those, who shall hereafter, be and become members of said Fire Company, be, now are, and hereafter shall be one body politic and corporate, in deed and in law, to all intents and purposes, and be known as such by the name and style of “ The Friendship Fire Company."

Sect. 2. And be it enacted by the authority aforesaid, That the members of the said Corporation shall meet, on the last Thursday in the month of February next, at such place and house, on said day, as the Corporation, or a majority of them may think proper ; and then and there proceed to elect by ballot a president, treasurer, secretary and four engineers, out of the members of the said company, who shall continue in office for one year, and until an election shall be held for new officers for the said company; and on every last Thursday, in the same month, annually, the members shall elect by ballot a president, treasurer, secretary and four engineers; and the members of the said Corporation, for the better ordering and directing the affairs thereof, shall hold six meetings in every year; to wit, on the last Thursday in the months of February, April, June, August, October and December, at such place as they or a majority of them shall direct, and also such other meetings as the president of the said Corporation may deem requisite; and in case of death, removal or refusal to act of any of the officers, the said Corporation may at any meeting supply such vacancy; and at such meetings all such rules, regulations and bye-laws, for the


government and direction of the said corporation СНАР.

CLXVIII. and the officers and members thereof, as a majority may judge necessary and expedient, shall and may be made, ordained and established, provided, that a majority of the members be present: Provided Proviso. always nevertheless, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorize the said company to exercise any powers, repugnant or contrary to the laws or constitution of this State,


Sect. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said corporation are hereby declared and made capable May hold pra in law and in equity to hold, take, purchase, re- perty, and ceive, possess and enjoy any lands, tenements and dispose of the hereditaments, goods, chattels, rights, credits, and effects of what nature, kind and quality soever, to the amouut of five thousand dollars, lawful money Limitation of of the United States of America, and no more; and to sell, grant, dispose, alienor demise the same, in such manner and form, and to such use, as they or a majority of them may think proper, to and for the purposes in this act expressed, and to and for no other use and purpose whatsoever.


sue, &c.

Sect. 4. And be it further enacted, That the said corporation be, and shall hereafter be capable and Capacity to able to do and execute, all and singular, such matters and things, as bodies politic and corporate may or can lawfully do; and to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, answer and be answered unto, defend and be defended, in courts of law and equity, and otherwise howsoever; and to have and use a common seal, and to break and alter the

same, and establish another, with such device or devices thereon, as they shall or may deem proper. Sect. 5. And be it further enacted, That the trea

Treasurer surer, to be appointed by this act, shall enter into

shall give a bond, with one or more good and substantial free- bond. holders, in a sum equal to double the amount of the stock on hand at his appointment, for the faithful performance of his office, and payment over of

C H A P.


any money that may be in his hands to his successor in office, and for the delivery over of all such books and papers that may be in his possession, belonging to the said corporation.

Passed at Dover, January 15, 1805.


Chap. 14. c. 2d vol. p. 1083.

A Supplement to an act, entitled, An act for the

cutting of a canal, to begin at or near the mouth of Lewis' ditch, in Cedar creek, and to run into the Delaware bay or Mispillion creek.


TITHEREAS it hath been represented to this

W General assembly, that John Mitcalf, one of the commissioners named in the act, to which this is a supplement, is dead; and that an additional number of commissioners is deemed necessary, to carry into effect the design of the above recited act:

SECTION 1. Be it therefore enacted by the Senate Additional and House of Representatives of the State of Delanumber of commissioners' ware, in General Assembly met, That Daniel Burton, appointed. John Bennett, Jonathan Fowler, Adam Black and

John Deputy, be and they are hereby appointed commissioners, to act with the commissioners heretofore appointed, and also with the same powers and authority, as are given and delegated by the said act

to the surviving commissioners therein named; subSubject to cer. tain duties and

ject nevertheless to the same duties and penalties, to penalties. be recovered in the same manner, and to the same

uses as are enjoined, imposed and directed to be recovered and applied in the act, to which this is a supplement.

Passed at Dover, January 16, 1805.

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