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State ; and each and every cask so condemned, shall
by the said inspector, or his deputy, be marked on How to be

the head thereof with a circle in black paint, with
lines crossing the same at right angles.

Sect. 6. And be it enacted, That the said inspec- Condemned tor shall, as soon as conveniently may be, after four

to be sold, seizure and condemnation of any flour as aforesaid, paid'into State and after ten days notice given thereof, and of the treasury. time of sale, in some one or more public news-papers, sell the same by public vendue, to the highest bidder, and upon sale being so made thereof, (after deducting the charges of sale, and of porterage, storage and inspection, with two and an half per centum for his trouble therein) the said inspector shall pay over the monies arising from such sales, unto the treasurer of the State, within thirty days thereafter.

« Fine Rye

Secr. 7. And be it enacted, That in case any dis- How disputes pute should arise between the said inspector or his concerning the deputy, and the owner or possessor of any flour,

quality of “ Fine rye flour,” “Rye flour,” or “Kiln dried Flour,” &c. corn meal,” inspected as aforesaid, concerning the shall be adjustgoodness or quality of the same, or respecting the materials whereof the casks are made, the same shall be adjudged, settled and determined in the same manner and form, as is prescribed and directed by the ninth section of the act to which this is a supplement, for the cases therein mentioned.

Passed at Dover, January 26, 1804.


An additional Supplement to an act, entitled, An act Chap. 98. c. 2a

for the valuation of real and personal property with- vol. 1247. et. in this State."



HEREAS it hath been represented to this Preamble.
General assembly, that the assessors in the



several hundreds of the respective counties of this State, have not yet made and completed their valuations of real and personal property, agreeably to the directions of the act to which this is an additional supplement ;

Time of mak.

SECTION 1. BE it therefore enacted by the Senate ing valuation, and House of Representatives of the State of Dela. Tuesday of Fe

ist ware, in General Assembly met, That the time of bruary

making such valuations shall be, and hereby is ex. tended to the first Tuesday of February next, at which time the commissioners of the tax shall meet at the court-houses of their respective counties; and the said assessors shall also then and there attend on the said commissioners, and return to them their several valuations of real and personal property;

and the said commissioners shall then arrange the Commissioners said valuations, and do and perform every act and of the tax to arrange the va

thing required of them, under the like penalties, luations. and in as full and ample manner, as the same were

required of them to be done and performed on the first Tuesday in December; and the clerk of the

peace shall set up and publish in the manner diClerks of the rected by the act of the General assembly, passed peace to publish lists, &c.

the nineteenth day of January, seventeen hundred and ninety-seven, immediately after such arrangements, alphabetical lists, with notice as is by the said act directed, and for neglect or refusal so to do, to be punished as the said act prescribes; and in case the said assessors' shall not have completed their several valuations by the first Tuesday of Fe.

bruary next, as aforesaid, the commissioners of the Commissioners tax in each county respectively, shall and may adof the tax may journ their sitting from time to time, from the said adjourn until,

first Tuesday of February next, until the said as

sessors shall have made and returned their said seProviso. veral valuations, in manner aforesaid: Provided,

that such adjourned meeting shall not be extended beyond, nor held after the last Tuesday in Februa. ry next; and in case the said commissioners shall adjourn their said meeting, until the last Tuesday of February next, the commissioners of the Levy court and Court of appeal for the present year,


shall meet on the last Tuesday of March' next, and Levy corrt,

when to meet then and there, do and perform the services required and hear of them by the act above mentioned, and the act to peals. which this is an additional supplemente

Passed at Dover, Jan. 27, 1804.

An ACT authorizing the treasurer of this Ştate to

pay certain claims therein mentioned.
D E it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre,

sentatives of the State of Delaware, in Ge. neral Assembly met, That the treasurer of this State authorized to be, and he hereby is authorized and directed, to pay William

Black. pay to William Black, printer, or to his order, for printing three quires af hawkers' licences, one ream of marriage licences, and one ream of marriage bonds, the sum of thirty-five dollars ; to Philips To P. Kollock. Kollock, or his order, for a book furnished the au, ditor of accounts, containing a copy of all receipts heretofore returned into his office, by persons to whom those receipts had been given for vacant and unlocated lands, the sum of twenty dollars ; to John Fisher, secretary of State, or his order, for expenses to the secretas incurred in conveying the bound laws of this State *** to the respective prothonotaries in this State, the sum of fifty-three dollars and thirteen cents ; to David To D. LockLockwood, or his order, for dividing the papers ob- wood. tained from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and conveying them to the respective recorders' offices of this State, the sum of thirty-eight dollars ; to James Wilson, printer, or his order, for inserting to Jam a proclamation respecting the proposed canal, and son. for inserting the Governor's proclamation of the election of Representatives to Congress, the sum of seven dollars; to the heirs or representatives of

To the repre... William Hurt, late of Sussex county, deceased, or sentatives of W. Hurt.

their order, being so much due him on the books of the office of the auditor of accounts, the sum

of three dollars and twenty cents; to William To W. Graham. Graham, or his order, for conveying votes and laws

to Kent and Sussex counties, in the years seventeen hundred and ninety, and seventeen hundred and

ninety-one, the sum of eight dollars and sixty-seven State treasurer

cents; and that John Clarke be authorized to reto retain for expenses in tain in his hands the sum of twenty-five dollars, as purchasing

State treasurer, and the sum of twenty dollars as stock.

trustee of the school fund, for extra expenses in procuring stock as directed by law, out of such public money as is, or hereafter may come into the treasury, not otherwise appropriated by law.

Sect. 2. And be it further enacted, That the State

treasurer be, and he is hereby authorized, to pay ing fee to J. A. unto James A. Bayard, and Cæsar A. Rodney, Bayard, and C. A. Rodney.

each, or either of their orders, the sum of one hun. dred dollars, as a retaining fee for the suits now commenced, or such as shall hereafter be commenced by Thomas and Richard Penn, against such person or persons as may hold any lands under the

grant of this State ; and to the auditor of accounts, To the auditor or his order, the sum of one hundred dollars, to of accounts.

enable him to make such preparation for the trial of the said suits, as shall be advised by the said counsel.

Passed at Dover, January 27, 1804.

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