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L 8496 NOV 2 1933




CH A P. I.



ed void.

An ACT to prevent the issuing of warrants for the

location of land. D E it enacted by the Senate and House of RepreD sentatives of the State of Delaware in General

Warrants issued Assembly met, That, from and after the passing of this heren act, it shall not be lawful for the Recorder of Deeds, in surveys made any county in this State, to issue any warrant, direct

met thereon, declar. ed to the surveyor of the county, authorising him to survey and locate any land or lands whatever; and that no surveyor of any county shall survey, locate, or make any plot of any lands upon any warrant of any recorder, which may be hereafter issued; and that all and every such warrant, survey, location, and plot shall be utterly null and void ; any law to the contrary thereof in any wise notwithstanding.

Passed January 11, 1798..

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An ACT to provide for the crection of a public bridge

across Broad-creek, in the county of Sussex.

Section 1. |

D E it enacted by the Senate and House

of Representatives of the State of Commissioners Delaware in General Assembly met, That William appointed to erect a bridge

de Barclay Cooper, William Townsend, and Manaen over Broad Bull, of the said county, or any two of them, are creek,

hereby authorised and empowered to cause to be erected, as soon as may bę, a safe, good, and suffici. ent bridge and abutmenis over Broad-creek in the said county, at such place between the saw-mill of George MitcheH and the landing of Isaac Cooper, on the said creek as the freeholders herein after di. rected to be summoned for that purpose, or any four of them, 'may determine is most conveniently situated.forthe erection of the same: and the above named

. Commissioners, or any two of them, are hereby fur. and to make the threr empowered to have the necessary roads and necessary coads : and causeways': 'causeways leading to and from the said bridge, made to and fitin the in the direction, and for the distance, which shall be santa: :

assigned by the said freeholders, or any four of them.

Sect. 2. And be it further enacted, That it shall and

may be lawful for the said Commissioners, or any two the erection of of them, to apply to the Prothonotary of Sussex coun

· ty, and thereupon the said Prothonotary is hereby reshall be ascer y, alla cucupon chic tained by a jury; quired and directed, by a writ directed to the Sheriff

of the said county, to cause six good and substantial freeholders of said county, not inhabitants of either of the said hundreds of Little-creek or Broad-creek, to attend and view the premises in the presence of the parties interested, if they will attend upon notice given them by the Sheriff' for that purpose ten days at least before the meeting of the said Sheriff and freeholders, who shall, upon their oaths or affirmations respectively, to be administered by the said Sheriff, determine the place most proper for the crection of the said bridge, and the roads and causeways leading to and from the same, and thereon to proceed to ascer.


tain the place for the erection of the said bridge, and CHA P. to survey and lay out the roads to and from the said bridge ; and also by their verdict to say and deter- 1798 mine, whether any and what damages the owner or owners of any land through which the road and determine the causeway may be laid ; and after a verdict given by damages. a majority of said freeholders, the Sheriff is hereby commanded, by a certain instrument in writing, under his hand and seal, and the hands and seals of the said freeholders, or a majority of them, to certify and return the verdict and determination of the said freeholders into the Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, where (if the same shall be approved by the said Court) the same shall remain upon record, and be deemed and taken a public bridge, road, and causeway : Provided always, That the said verdict and Verdict not to determination so made and determined as aforesaid be shall not be confirmed by the said Court, until the paid or tendered damages so assessed as aforesaid, if any, be paid or tendered by the Commissioners, or any one of them, to the owner or owners through whose land the said road or causeway may be laid.

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Sect. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said Bridge, howtobe bridge shall be so constructed as to admit boats with con out masts, scows, and stocks, to pass under it with ease and convenience; that the abutments and causeway shall be at least twenty feet wide, and the bridge at least sixteen feet wide ; that there shall be made on each side of the bridge and abutments, a strong railing, at least three and an half feet high : And the said Commissioners, or any two of them, are Commissioners hereby required to appear before, and account for such monies as may come into their hands, with the Commissioners of the Levy Court of the said county, at their meeting to be held on the first Tuesday of February, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety-nine, and at such other times as the Commissioners of the said Levy Court may think proper to appoint.

account with

count with

Commissies as may colocar before, and of them, are of Febtheir meeting te Levy Court of hands, with those

Sect. 4. And be it further enacted, 'That the commissioners of the Levy Court of said county are hereby au

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