Negroes in the United States

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Halaman 14 - Be particularly careful in reporting the class Mulatto. The word is here generic, and includes quadroons, octoroons, and all persons having any perceptible trace of African blood. Important scientific results depend upon the correct determination of this class.
Halaman 97 - advantages possessed by this class are their freedom to choose their crops and the increased responsibility which comes through having money transactions. While some of the renters differ little in condition from the metayers, yet on the whole they are a more intelligent and responsible class, and are the ones who eventually become landowners. THE NEGRO
Halaman 14 - who have three-fourths or more black blood; "mulatto," those persons who have three-eighths to five-eighths black blood; "quadroon," those persons who have one-fourth black blood; and "octoroon," those persons who have one-eighth or any trace of black blood.
Halaman 119 - Includes persons (6,318 In 1830 and 6,100 In 1840) on public ships In the service of the United States, not credited to any state or territory.
Halaman 14 - Japanese, or Indian, according to the color or race of the person enumerated. Be particularly careful to distinguish between blacks, mulattoes, quadroons, and octoroons. The word "black" should be used to describe those
Halaman 84 - indicate that there has been a decline in the death rate of each race during the last ten years, that the decline among the negroes has been less rapid than that among the whites, and that the death rate of the negroes at the present time is about, but not quite, twice that of the white race.
Halaman 130 - West Virginia Southern South Atlantic ^Georgia Florida North Central division Eastern North Central Ohio Illinois Michigan... Wisconsin Minnesota Missouri North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas South Central division
Halaman 71 - occupied in gainful labor." It does not include a person "who has retired from practice or business; or a wife or daughter living at home and assisting only in the household duties without pay,
Halaman 52 - one year of age or over, enter the age at last birthday in whole years, omitting months and days. For children who, on the first day of June, 1900, were less than one year of age, enter the age in months, or twelfths of a year, thus:

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