Revised Laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Relating to Political Committees, Caucuses, Conventions, and the Nomination of Candidates, Including Changes by the Legislature of 1902, with an Appendix Containing Information Relative to Qualification of Voters, Naturalization, Election Districts in Massachusetts, and Political Candidates for 1902

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1902 - 112 halaman

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Halaman x - ... one for the term of one year, one for the term of two years, and one for the term of three years ; and one member of said board shall be elected annually thereafter, who shall hold his office for three years.
Halaman 39 - Powers, so far as they are applicable and not inconsistent with the provisions of this Treaty, shall be binding between the Contracting Parties.
Halaman 63 - ... five dollars, be vouched for by a receipted bill stating the particulars of expense, and every voucher, receipt or account hereby required, shall be preserved for fifteen months after the election to which it relates.
Halaman xii - ... to the original assessment, in accordance with the provisions of section twenty of chapter five hundred and forty-eight of the acts of the year eighteen hundred and ninety-eight, and shall, within ten days after any such person was so assessed, report in writing to the assessors of Boston...
Halaman 56 - ... for traveling and for purposes properly incidental to traveling; for writing, printing and preparing for transmission any...
Halaman x - Of the appointed members first appointed by the mayor, two shall be appointed for terms of one year, two for terms of two years and two for terms of three years, and annually thereafter the mayor shall appoint two members for terms of three years each.
Halaman 58 - ... of such expenditure or disbursement; also the date and amount of every existing promise or liability, both to and from such committee, remaining unfulfilled and in force when the statement is made, the name of the person or committee to or from whom the unfulfilled promise or liability exists, and1 a clear statement of the purpose for which the promise or liability was made or incurred.
Halaman 56 - No person shall, in order to aid or promote his own election to the Board of Education under the provisions of this act, directly or indirectly, himself or through another person, give, pay, expend, or contribute...
Halaman 68 - ... to injure or defeat any candidate for nomination or election to any public office...
Halaman 48 - Such witnesses shall be summoned in the same manner, be paid the same fees, and be subject to the same penalties for default, as witnesses before the superior court. A summons may be signed, and an oath may be administered by any member of Such board, and the decision of a majority of the members thereof shall be final.

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