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80th Congress, 2d Session

(January 6-December 31, 1948)


VOL. 2






1511. Relief of Amin B. Rejab.

1512. Legalizing admission to U. S. of Sarah J. 8. Pansa.

1513. Relief of Paul Boulanger.

1514. Relief of Cristeta L. Angeles.

1515. Relief of Charlotte D. Wang, Harvey S. P. Wang, and Arthur Y. P. Wang.

1516. Relief of Mrs. Cletus E. Todd, formerly Laura E. Ritter.

1517. Relief of Dennis (Dionesio) Fernandez.

1518. Relief of John C. Nunes.

1519. Labor Department, Federal Security Agency, and related independent

offices appropriation bill, 1949.
1520. Conference report on bill to increase rate of allowance and compensation

for veterans training on job.
1521. Confirming title in fee simple in Joshua Britton to lands in Jefferson

County, Iul.

1522. Relief of Luz Martin.

1523. Extension of admiralty jurisdiction.

1524. Relief of estate of Anthony D. Chamberlain.

1525. Relief of Effie S. Campbell.

1526. Relief of H. C. Biering.

1527. Relief of Frank E. Blanchard.

1528. Relief of Bessie B. Blacknall.

1529. Relief of Thomas A. W. Elder.

1530. Relief of William Price.

1531. Relief of Dimple Benoit.

1532. Treasury and Post Office Departments appropriation bill, 1949.

1533. Expenses of Un-American Activities Committee.
1534. Expenses of Armed Services Committee in continuing to investigate

matters within its jurisdiction.
1535. Expenses of investigations of procurement and buildings under Expendi-

tures in Executive Departments Committee.

1536. Expenses of investigations of surplus property under Expenditures in

Executive Departments Committee.

1537. Printing additional copies of report on Revenue act of 1948.

1538. Conference report on bill increasing equipment maintenance of rural


1539. Prohibiting temporarily exportation of certain petroleum products.

1540. Tax free admissions for hospitalized service personnel and veterans.

1541. Amend Mineral leasing act and Potassium act to promote development of

certain minerals on public domain.

1542. Transfer of land in Fairbanks, Alaska, to Fairbanks.

1543. Repealing law authorizing use of price criteria in licensing of exports.

1344. Printing additional copies of report and appendix on United States informa-

tion service in Europe.

1545. Printing additional copies of hearings on Revenue act of 1948 held before

Ways and Means Committee.

1546. Printing additional copies of pts. 4 and 5 of hearings relative to revenue

revisions, 1947–48.

1547. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.


1548. Relating to construction of aqueduct near San Diego, Calif.

1549. Consideration of bill repealing law authorizing use of price criteria in

licensing of exports.

1550. Continuing Housing Joint Committee beyond Mar. 15, 1948.

1551. Amending tax provisions of Organic act of Alaska.

1552. Relief of Leon N. Volkov.

1553. Relief of Thomas Camarda.

1554. Relief of Samuel Fadem.

1555. Relief of Antonio Villani.

1556. Transportation of iron ore on Great Lakes by Canadian vessels.

1557. Transportation of iron ore on Great Lakes by Canadian vessels.

1558. Relief of Gabel Construction Co.

1559. Consideration of Housing and rent act of 1948.

1560. Housing and rent act of 1948.

1561. Fixing Monday, May 17, 1948, for holding memorial services of the House.*

1562. Payment to Jessie J. Tibbits for funeral expenses, etc., of Jessie M. Toole.

1563. (Blank.)

1564. Housing study and investigation. 2 pts.

1565. Relief of Anthony Arancio.

1566. Relief of Pacific Fire Insurance Co. and American Orchestra Co., Inc.

1567. Relief of Robert E. Graham.

1568. Relief of Aubrey F. Houston.

1569. Giving consent of Congress to compact on regional education entered into

between Southern States.

1570. Extend provisions of Federal airport act to Virgin Islands.

1571. Agriculture Department appropriation bill, 1949.

1572. Exempting members of Permanent Joint Board on Defense, United States-

Canada, from certain statutory restrictions.

1573. Relief of Louise P. Lewis.

1574. Amend Immigration act of 1924 rel. to quota status of alien husband of


1575. Amending Nationality act of 1940.

1576. Increase limit on amount of property which Imperial Palace, Dramatic

Order Knights of Khorassan, may nold.

1577. Fixing compensation of members of Alcoholic Beverage Control Board of

District of Columbia.

1578. Amending Federal crop insurance act.

1579. Disposing of irrigation experiment station at Bard, Calif., and establishing

station at Brawley, Calif.
1580. Amending D. C. traffic act relative to learners' permits.
1581. Licensing of persons to practice healing art in D. C. without examination

under certain conditions.

1582. Commitment of delinquent children in D. C.

1583. Extending for temporary period provisions of D. C. emergency rent act.

1584. Establishing District of Columbia Armory Board.

1585. Foreign assistance act of 1948.

1586. Appropriations for foreign aid, welfare of Indians, and refunding internal.

revenue collections.

1587. Consideration of Foreign assistance act of 1948.

1588. Assisting States in collecting sales and use taxes on cigarettes.

1589. Making Dec. 24, 1948, holiday for all Federal officers and employees.

1590. Free entry of standard newsprint paper.

*Corrected print.


i591. Construction, extension, and improvement of high-school building near

Roosevelt, Utah.

1592. Amending title 6 of National housing act relative to mortgage insurance.

1593. Study of personnel offices in executive departments and agencies of Govern-


1594. Federal-aid highway act of 1948.

1595. Executive departments and agencies to make information available to

congressional committees. 2 pts.

1596. Printing additional copies of report on Foreign assistance act of 1948.

1597. Protection from mob violence and lynching.

1598. Houston Council, Navy League of United States, to construct reflecting

pool at Naval hospital, Houston, Tex.

1599. Preventing retroactive checkage of retired pay in cases of certain enlisted

men and warrant officers. *

1600. Extending time for application for benefits of Mustering-out payment act

of 1944.

1601, Providing increased allowances for escorts of repatriated war dead.

1602. Consideration of Revenue act of 1948.

1603. Conference report on bill providing for modification of railroad financial


1604. Issuance of stamps commemorative of 100th anniversary of founding of

Fort Kearney, Nebr.

1605. Authorizing Secretary of Navy to provide salvage facilities.
1606. Disposition of papers by sundry Government offices.
1607. Additional time to Newark, N. J., for paying certain installments on

purchase price of Port Newark Army Base.
1608. Extending application of law prohibiting wearing of uniform by unauthor-

ized persons.
1609. Houston Council, Navy League of United States, to construct reflecting

pool at Naval Hospital, Houston, Tex.

1610. Issuance of special postage stamp series in honor of volunteer firemen.

1611. Conference report on Housing and rent control act of 1948.

1612. National transportation inquiry, public aid to air transportation.

1613. Amending Interstate commerce act relative to carriers.

1614. Issuance of stamps commemorative of 100th anniversary of founding of

American Turners Society.

1615. Proposing amendment to Constitution of U. S. providing for election of

President and Vice President.

1616. Authorizing enlistment and appointment of women in reserve components

of Army, Navy, etc.

1617. Authorizing construction of courthouse in D. C.

1618. First deficiency appropriation bill, 1948.

1619. Review of certain orders of Interstate Commerce Commission and Maritime


1620. Review of orders of Federal Communications Commission and of certain

orders of Secretary of Agriculture.

1621. Incorporating into judicial code provisions of certain statutes relating to

3-judge district courts.

1622. Conference report on Rubber act of 1948.

1623. Relief of Merchants Motor Freight.

1624. Relief of Edward T. Rogers.

1625. Relief of Jeanette C. Jones and minor children.

1626. Relief of Jenness C. Thomas.

1627. Relief of Sarah L. Cregg.

*Corrected print.

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