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District of Pennsyloania, to wit: BE it remembered, that on the 12th day of August, in the thirtieth year of the Independence of the United States of America, A. D. 1805, William Hamilton, of the said district, hath deposited in this office, the ti tle of a book, the right whereof he claims as author, in the words following, to wit: & Report of the Trial and Acquittal, of Edward Shippen, Esquire,

“ Chief Justice, and Jasper Yeates and Thomas Smith, Esquires, “ Assistant Justices, of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, on an « Impeachment, before the Senate of the Commonwealth. Janua“ ry, 1805. By William Hamilton, Editor of the Lancaster Journal."

In conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, intituled, “ An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the times therein mentioned;" and also to the act, entitled 4 An act supplementary to an act, entitled. “ An act for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the times therein mentioned,” and extending thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, and 'etching historical and other prints.”

D. CALDWELL, Clerk of the

District of Pennsylvania.


The roader will observe in page 327, that Mr. Boileau refers to the ofiinion of Mr. Lewis, as contained in a letter from that gentleman to Mr. Passmore. The reporter had not a copy of this letter at the time when Mr. Boileau's speech was put to prese. It was afterwards procured, and will be found as read by Mr, Ingersoll in pages 391, 2, 3,

ог EDWARD SHIPPEN, Esq. Chief Justice,


JASPER YEATES, & THOMAS SMITH, • EsQr's. Assistant Justices of the Supreme

Court of Pennsylvania,


JANUARY, 1805.


N the 28th of February, 1803, in the House of Re.

presentatives of the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Mr. Ferguson presented the following memorial, signed by Thomas Pallmore, of the city of Philadelphia..

ty of Ph:


the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Moon, a The memorial of Thomas Passmore, of the city of Phisi ladelphia,

RESPECTFULLY SHEWETY, That your memorialist conceives it to be the undoubted and most invaluable right of every free citizen of this Commonwealth, to address your honorable body, when he has unfortunately sustained injuries of such a defcriptior... as you, and you only, are properly authorized to redress ; and that it is more especially the bounden duty of any indi. vidual, who seriously apprehends the constitutional and legal exercise of Judicial authority towards himself, to have been manifestly exceeded, to present for your confim deration a case, pregnant with so many alarming confen quences to the rights and liberties of the people : Under these impressions, your memorialist respectfully folicits your attention to a recent decision of the honorable Ede ward Shippen, Chief Justice, and Jasper Yeats and Tbo. mas Smith, Esquires, Judges of the Supreme Court of this, ftate, in which, without the opportunity of defending him,

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