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Grunts by the king after a certain period to be void. Sec. 14. All grants of land within this state, made by the king of Great Britain, or persons acting under his authority, after the fourteenth day of October, one thousand seven hundred and seventy-five, shall be null and void: but nothing contained in this constitution, shall affect any qrants of land within this state, made by the authority of the said king or his predecessors, or shall annul' any.charters to bodies politic and corporate, by him or them made, before that day; or shall affect any such grants or charters since made by this state, or by persons acting under its authority; or shall impair the obligation of any debts contracted by the state, or individuals, or bodies corporate, or any other rights of property, or any suits, actions, rights of action, or other proceedings in courts of justice.


Ilow this constitution may be amended. Sec. 1. Any amendment, or amendments, to this constitution, may be proposed in the senate or assembly, and if the same shall be agreed to by a majority of the members elected to each of the two houses, such proposed amendment, or amendments, shall be entered on their journals, with the yeas and nays taken thereon; and referred to the legislature then next to be chosen; and shall be published, for three months previous to the time of inaking such choice; and if, in the legislature next chosen as aforesaid, such proposed amendment, or amendments, shall be agreed to ly two thirds of all the members elected to each house, then it shall be the duty of the legislature to submit to such proposed amendment or amendments to the people, in such manner, and at such time, as the legislature shall prescribe; and if the people shall approve and ratify such amendment, or amendments, by a majority of the electors qualified to vote for members of the legislature, voting thereon, such amendment or amendments, shall become part of the constitution,


When this constitution to take effect.. Sec. I. This constitution shall be in force from the last day of Decem. ker, in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-two. But all those parts of the same, which relate to the right of suffrage; the division of the state into senate districts; the number of members of the assembly to be elected in pursuance of this constitution; the apportionment of menbers of assembly; the elections hereby directed to commence on the first Monday of November, in the year one thousand eight hundred and twentytwo; the continuance of the members of the present legislature in office, until the first day of January, in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-three; and the prohibition against authorizing lotteries; the prohibition against appropriating the public monies or property for local or private purposes, or creating, continuing, altering, or renewing, any body politic, or corporate, without the assent of two thirds of the members elected to each branch of the legislature, shall be in force, and take effect from the last day of February next. The members of the present legislature, shall, on the first Monday of March next, take and subscribe an oath, or affirmation, to support the constitution, so far as the same shall then be in force. Sheriffs, clerks of counties, and coroners, shall be electcd at the election hereby directed to commence on the first Monday of November, in the year one thousand eight bundred and twenty-two; but

they shall not enter on the duties of their offices, before the first day of January then next following. The commissions of all persons holding civil offices on the last day of December, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-two, shall expire on that day; but the officers then in commission, may respectively continue to hold their said offices until new appointments or elections shall take place under this constitution.

Sec. 2. The existing laws, relative to the manner of notifying, holding, and conducting elections, making returns, and canvassing votes, shall be in force, and observed, in respect to the elections hereby directed to commence on the first Monday of November, in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-two, so far as the same are applicable. And the present legislature shall pass such other and further laws, as may be requisite for the execution of the provisions of this constitution, in respect to elections. Done in convention, at the capitol, in the city of Albany, the tenth day of No

vember, in the year one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one, and of the In:dependence of the United States of America, the forty-sixth.

DANIEL D. TOMPKINS, President. State of , }

Albany, November 10, 1821. 1, JOHN V. N. Yates, Secretary of the state of New-York, do hereby tertify, that the foregoing is a true copy of the engrossed Constitution of the said State, as adopted in Convention this day, and deposited 0: record in this office.

J. V. N. YATES, Secretary of State.

Note. In 1826 the 7th section of the 4th article of this constitution was amended; the appointment of Justices of the peace given to the people, and the elective franchise extended. QUESTIONS ON THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF

NEW-YORK. PREAMBLE. By whom was the state constitution Sec. 6. How often is the census to framed, and what is its preamble?

be taken, and for what objects? ARTICLE 1.

Sec. 7. How are the members of Sec. 1. To what does the first sec. the assembly appointed?

of the first article refer, and what What modifications? are its provisions?

Sec. 8. What of the origin of bills? Sec. 2. Of what does the senate

Sec. 9. What of the compensation consist?

of members? What their term of office?

Sec. 10. What of the appointment Of what does the assembly consist,

of members? and how often elected?

Sec. 11. Who are ineligible, and Sec. 3. What forms a quorum for

how may a seat be vacated? business?

Sec. 12. Under what modifications What are the powers of each house

are bills to become laws? in relation to its officers?

Sec. 13. Relate the mode of removSec. 4. What are the provisions of

ing officers holding their trust this section?

during good behaviour? Sec. 5. How many senatorial dis

Sec. 14. What of the political year? tricts have we?

Sec. 15. To what does this section How are the senators classed?



Sec. 16. To what does this section How are justices of the peace chorelate?

sen? (see note at the end of the ARTICLE 2.

constitution.) Sec. 1. Who may vote at elections? || Sec. 8. How are sheriffs and counWho of colour may vote?

ty clerks appointed? Sec. 2. To what does this sec. refer? How long do they hold their office? Sec. 3. To what does this sec. refer? What are the restrictions to the Sec. 4. To what does this sec. refer? sheriff's office? ARTICLE 3.

How may these officers be removed? Sec. 1. With whom is the execu- Sec. 9. To what does this sec.

tive power lodged, and what is late, and what are its provisions? the term of his office?

Sec. 10. By what power are the Sec. 2. Who is eligible to the office mayors of cities in this state apof governor?

pointed? Sec. 3. When and by whom are the Sec. 11. How many coroners for

governor and lieutenant governor each county? How appointed ? chosen, and under what modifi- || What the term of their office? cations?

Sec. 12. To what does this section Sec. 4. What are the governor's refer, and what are its provispowers and duties?

ions? Sec. 5. What of his powers to par- Sec. 13. How are the justices and don, &c.?

clerks appointed for the city and Sec. 6. When may the lieutenant county of New-York?

governor act as governor? Sec. 14 How are the special justiSec. 7. Relate the powers of the ces, &c. appointed? lieutenant governor.

Sec. 15. To what does this sec. reWhat modifications?

fer, and what are its provisions? ARTICLE 4.

Sec. 16. To what does this sec. reSec. 1. How are captains, and infe- fer, and what are its provisions? rior officers of the militia chosen?

ARTICLE 5. How are field officers closen? Sec. 1. What composes the court How are the staff officers, &c. cho- of errors, &c.? sen?

What in case of impeachment? How are the staff officers appoint- What in case of an appeal from ed?

chancery? Sec. 2. What military officers does What in a writ of error from the the government appoint?

supreme court? See. 3. What power directs the Sec. 2. What of the power of im

manner of choosing militia offi- peachment? cers?

What of the oath of the court? Sec. 4. By whom are the officers How far may judgment extend? commissioned?

What further liability? By what power removed?

Sec. 3. What the chancellor's term Sec. 5. How may the above be abol- of office? ished?

Sec. 4. How is the supreme court Sec. 6. How are the secretary of constituted?

state and other officers, named | Sec. 5. Relate the provisions made in this section, chosen?

for the circuit courts of the state? How long does the treasurer hold What of their equity powers, &c.? his trust?

Sec. 6. What the term of office of For what time do the other officers judges and recorders of cities? hold their appointment?

Sec. 7. What of the chancellor and Sec. 7. How are the judicial officers judges office, and the votes they of the state appointed?


Sec. 1. What of the oath of office? What is the monarchiai form?

What if arbitrary? Sec. 1. what rights does this sec. se What if oppressive? cure?

By what may a monarch's power Sec. 2. What of the trial by jury?

be limited? Sec. 3. The exercise of religion?

What is an aristocratical governSec. 4. The regulation respecting ment? ministers?

What a democracy? Sec. 5. Of the militia, being armed, How made a republic? &c.?

Whence comes the supreme poweț:. Equivalent paid for refusing to train? How is the sum total formed? Sec. 6. The writ of Habeas Corpus? How much does man give up? Sec. 7. Trial by jury, and other What is the form of government of rights?

the United States, and why? Sec. 8. Freedom of speech and Why is it a federal government? press?

What is the bond of union? What of libels, &c.?

What is remarked of the construcSec. 9. What of the vote for appro tion of the constitution? (See priation?

page 640.) Sec. 10. Lands pledged for common What is meant by constitution? schools?

For what does it provide? The school fund?

How does it dispose of the delegaThe interest arising from it?

ted power? What of the tolls, &c.

By whom is the supreme power exWhat of the duty on salt?

ercised? What of the salt springs?

What limits his powers, and how Sec. 11. What of lotteries, &c.? long does ho hold his office? Sec. 12. What of Indian lands, &c.? How is the executive branch of govSec. 13. What constitutes the law ernment divided? of the state?

What are the heads of these departWhat laws are abrogated?

ments styled? Sec. 14. What of the lands granted What composes the legislative by the king?

branch? What are its powers ARTICLE 8,

and duties? Sec. 1. Relate the mode of effecting When recorded?

an amendment of this constitu Whence comes our revenue? tion.

What the annual expense of govARTICLE 9.

ernment? Sec. 1. Relate the manner in which What is said of the judicial branch

this constitution is to take effect? of government? Sec. 2. To what does this section What is it styled?

refer, and what are its provisions? Where does it meet? Where was this constitution fram Where is the impeaching power? ed? When was it framed?

Where the power to try impeachWho presided?

ments? Who certifies to its identity? What is the government of the stats What part of it has already been a of New-York? mended?

Who holds the executive power?

Who the legislative power? Questions on Conversation, page 580, Who the judicial power? ant page 640, Governments, foc.

What determines the duties aná What is the meaning of govern

powers of all the state officers? ment? How distinguished? When shall we cease to be a prosHow many kinds are there, and

perous and happy people? what?



1 bill of Sheriff's fees in the Supreme Court, state of New

York, For serving a writ,

$0.50 Travelling fees, per mile, (charged one way only, from a given place,)

0.06 Bail bond, or appearance endorsed,

0.375 Returning a writ when served,

0.125 Summoning a jury,

1.00 A copy of the panel of the jurors,

0.12 Serving execution for, or under, $250, for each dollar, 0.024 Do. do.

over $250, for each dollar, 0.014 Advertising property for sale on execution, 6 weeks, 1.875 Execution stayed or settled after advertising and before sale,

0.938 Serving a writ of possession or restoration (no posse comitatues,

1.25 Do.

do. do. (with do.), 3.75 Milage one way only,

0.06 Committing to prison,

0.375 Discharge from prison,

0.375 Writ of inquiry, and summoning a jury for same, 1,50 Serving a writ of Habeas Corpus,

1.50 Milage from jail,

0.126 Attending a view, per day,

1.875 Summoning a jury to inquire of forcible entry, &c. 2 50 Attending and receiving a prisoner into custody, surrendered by bail,

1.00 Copy of a writ when demanded,

0.19 Bill of Sheriff's fees in the Common Pleas of the state of New

York, Serving a writ,

$0.375 Milage computed as above,

0.06 Bail Bond,

0.375 Returning when served,

0.09 Summoning a jury,

0.75 Copy of the penal,

0.12 Attending a view, per day,

1.25 Going and returning, per day,

*1.00 Serving an execution for, or under $250, per dollar,

0.06 And for every $2.50 more than $250


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