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5. And now farewell! 'tis hard to give thee up,

With death so like a gentle slumber on thee,
And thy dark sin-oh! I would drink the cup,
If from this wo, its bitterness had spar'd thee;-
May God have call'd thee like a wanderer home,

My erring Absalom.”
6. He cover'd up his face, and bow'd himself

A moment on his child;—then, giving him
A look of melting tenderness, he clasp'd
His hands, convulsively, as if in prayer;
And, as though strength were given him of God,
He rose up calmly, and compos'd the pall
About him decently, and left him there,
As if his rest had been a breathing sleep.


Practical Exercises, 15. The mean diameter of the earth is 7912 miles; what is its circumference, its surface, and its solidity?

Ans. 24856.28; 196662895.86; 259332805349.9. 16. The mean diameter of the earth is 7912 and that of Jupiter is 93270; how many times is the bulk of the earth contained in that of Jupiter?

Ans. 1638. 17. The mean diameter of the sun is 883246 miles, and the earth's as above; how many bodies of the earth’s magnitude will equal one body of the sun's magnitude?

Ans. 1391189.214. 18. The rays of light are known to move at the astonishing rate of 200000 (192456) miles in a second, and the mean distance of the sun from the earth is nearly 95000000 miles; how long is a ray passing from the sun to the earth?

Ans. 8 minutes 13 seconds. 19. It is supposed the earth is 5832 years old; had fifty thousand cubic' miles been taken from it each day; what portion would there be now remaining?

Ans. 152898805349.9 something more than half. 20. B married his daughter at 20, on the first day of the year, and gave her a dollar towards her portion; he also promised to treble it on the first day of each month through the year; what did she receive?

Ans. $265720. 21. A gave his son 2 cents for the first month of his labour, 8 for the second, and 32 for the third, and on in a quadruple ratio through the year; what was the boy's wages?

Ans. 111848.12.

22. D has a wife and 7 children, and they agree to change their position at the dinner table once in each day as it occurs; how long must they all live to go through the changes that may he made of their family? Ans. 994 years 80 days.

23. C purchased $2450 worth of the United States bank stock at 105 3-5 per ct. 5-8 pr. ct. commission; to what did his purchase amount?

Ans. $2603.37. 24. B's house lot is a perfect square, and each side measures 50 rods; what is its contents; provided 160 rods make an acre?

Ans. 1.5625 acre. 25. A had 2-5 of a ship and cargo, and sold 5-8 of his share for a bill on London at par, of £375 sterling; what was the ship and cargo worth at the same rate?

Ans. $66660. 26. Suppose the bank of Utica employ half a million of dollars in loans, and 3 clerks to do the business; provided they accept for their services the difference between the int. on the above amount at 9 pr. ct. a year, and the discount on the same at that rate and time; what do the clerks get for their services?

Ans. $3715.60. 27. B takes a semi weekly paper from the city for which, if paid in advance, he gives $4 a year, otherwise the price is $5 a year; at what rate per cent. per ann. is the difference?


Faulty Composition.

He lives for himself only. An author's production or writings or works are his intellectual progeny or family and if he works or labours for the perfection perpetuity or fame of his mental offspring he is more honourably and nobly employed than he whose industry has no other object in view than hoarding an estate for the perishing children of his decaying body this fact is a full answer to the question so frequently put by the mere money worm what has posterity done for us it may be observed that he who submits or puts the question or inquiry is one who sold to gain would betray his master with a kiss for less than thirty pieces of silver if it could be added to his present stock and multiply the items in his will to this man posterity has never existed even in idea he hardly knows his own descent back to his immediate fathers unless he traces it in the solid line of the estate be inherited tell this man that the labours and productions of posterity is a vast machinery put in motion or acrion by disinterested patriotism or christian philanthropy to in

crease and multiply the energies and influence of virtue and diminish or lessen the powers and excesses of vice to make the best of men still better and the worst of them less profligate to purify and exalt human nature and ameliorate the condition of the whole human family and your language to him is as- Chinese hieroglyphics the import object design end and conclusion of which has nothing to do with the purpose and designs of his being and existence brings no ready money to his hands and consequently totally unworthy of his attention

The man who lives for self alone

Basely betrays dame natures boon
Then let him for this crime atone

Or she will reclaim her gifts before noon

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The first is designed for the Farmer. The second and third (both of which are in common use,) are furnished

for the Mechanic and Merchant


Forms of Promisory Notes, Bonds, &c. illustrated by remarks.





With Critical Questions.

BOOK KEEPING. Book-keeping is the art of recording accounts, whether general or particular. The order which this art introduces into business by a fair and regular arrangement of the various transactions which occur between man and man in the management of property and the concerns of life, contributes to lighten the burden of business and secure success in almost all kinds of professions.

The first method here introduced is designed for farmers and others whose business does not require many entries. It is by far the most simple and least laborious mode in use, and yet it is abundantly sufficient for very extensive operations. This mode requires but one book, though a memorandum book might be conveniently associated with it.

It may not be improper to observe here that entries of all kinds should be made in regular order, under their appropriate dates, and in a fair and legible hand; and that all acc'ts should be settled and the book balanced once at least in each year.

It will be seen by the subjoined examples, that a page or a part of one, at least, is selected for each man's acc't; that on the left it has a margin for dates, and on the right two sets of columns, the interior for debis, and the exterior for credits.An alphabet for the entry of the respective names will be found convenient.


TO A B's book of acc'ts.
Abbot Henry 10


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