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Ballot-box, how placed.
SEC. 227. Every ballot-box shall be so placed, at a win- Ballot-box,

how plac. dow or elsewhere, that the voter depositing any ballot ed. and each watcher may conveniently see every ballot received by the inspectors and deposited in the ballot-box. $ 8, ch, 56, 1880.

No screen allowed.

SEC. 228. No screen or other obstruction to such view No screen of any ballot-box by the voter or any watcher shall be allowed. $ 9, same ch.


Inspectors must exhibit ballot if requested.

SEC. 229. If requested by any watcher or any elector Inspectors present at any canvass, it shall be the duty of the inspect- hibit balors of election, and cach of them, to exhibit any and all quested. ballots cast at such election to such watcher or elector fully opened, and in such a condition and manner that he may fully and carefully read and examine the same, though said inspector shall not allow any such ballot to be taken from his hand. $ 10, same ch.


Return of canvass, how made.

SEC. 230. Every return or statement of the result of Return of the canvass of any election shall be made upon a single how made. sheet of paper, or if not, each half-sheet shall be signed at the end thereof by the inspectors. $ 11, same ch.


Rooms for balloting.

SEC. 231. The room used for the reception of ballots Rooms for shall be of a reasonable size, so as to admit at all times at least twelve electors, including the watchers, exclusive of the inspectors of election and clerks of the poll. $ 12, same ch.

Challenger's name not to be divulged.

Sec. 232. Any watcher or other elector may challenge Challenthe right of any person offering to vote at any election, ger's name and the name of the person so challenging shall not be divulged. disclosed by any inspector of election or clerk of poll, unless required so to do by a court of justice or magistrate in some legal proceeding. $ 13, same ch.

Inspectors' duty to make and file duplicate return of

canvass. Inspectors' SEC. 233. The inspectors of election of each election duty to make and district shall, within twenty-four hours after the complecate return tion of the canvass, in addition to the making and filing

of the returns and statements thereof, now directed and required by law, cause a duplicate of such return or statement to be filed in the office of the clerk of the county. One of their number may be deputed by them to, and may file the same, and he shall be paid for so doing, except in cities and towns where the county clerk's office is situated, the sum of five dollars, and, also, four cents a mile for each mile actually and necessarily traveled by the usual route in going to and returning from the said county clerk's office, to be audited, allowed and paid in the same manner as for other services of said inspectors. $ 14, ch. 56, 1880.


Public records, returns, etc., to be.

SEC. 234. The returns or statements of election on records, returns, etc. file in county, town and city clerk's offices shall be pub

lic records and open to inspection and examination by any elector of the State. 15, same ch.

not to be

Tickets not to be peddled by election officers. Tickets SEC. 235. No inspector of election or clerk of the poll, peddled by who shall act as such during any portion of any election,

shall peddle, distribute or give tickets to electors, during any part of the day of such election. $ 16, same ch.


Beer and liquors.

Beer and liquors.

SEO. 236. No lager beer, ale, wine or spirituous liquors shall be allowed on any election day in any room used for election purposes. $ 17, same ch.

vass, mak

False canvass, making or attempting to make, is felony. False can

Sec 237. Every inspector of election or clerk of the tempting, poil who shall intentionally make, or attempt to make, to make, is felony. any false canvass of the ballots cast at an election, or

shall intentionally make, or attempt to make, any false statement of the result of any canvass, though not signed by a majority of the inspectors of election, shall be guilty of a felony, and be punished by imprisonment in the county jail or a penitentiary, not exceeding one year, or in the State prison, not exceeding five years. $ 18, ch. 56, 1880.

False canvass, inducing or attempting to induce.

SEC. 238. Any person who shall induce, or attempt to False caninduce, any inspector of election, or clerk of the poll, to ducing or do any act forbidden by the last section shall be guilty of ing to ina felony, and be punished in the same manner and to the same extent. $ 19, same ch.


Penalty on inspector, clerk and others for neglecting or refusing to comply.

Sec. 239. Every inspector of election, or clerk of the Penalty on poll, who shall intentionally omit, neglect or refuse to do clerk and any act required by this act, and every inspector of elec- neglecting tion, clerk of the poll, policeman, member of any police to comply. force or other person who shall intentionally refuse to permit the doing of any act hereby allowed to be done by any watcher or elector, or shall intentionally prevent, or attempt to prevent, the doing thereof, or shall intentionally do any act forbidden by this act, except in sections eighteen and nineteen thereof, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and be punished by imprisonment in the county jail or penitentiary for not exceeding one year, or by a fine of not exceeding two hundred and fifty dollars, or by both such fine and imprisonment. $20, same ch.

all elec


This act (sections 220 to 242) applicable to all elections.
Inspectors ex-officio.

SEC. 210. This act shall apply to all elections, general This act, 88 or special, including town elections in all towns and char- 220-242 ap

plicable to ter elections in all of the cities and incorporated villages tions. of this state. Where the charter of any village shall pro- ex officio. vide that the trustees, or any officer or officers thereof, may or shall, ex officio, be inspectors of any charter election therein or therefor, said trustees or officers may so act notwithstanding they do not possess the qualifications required by section one hereof, and section two shall not apply to their so acting. $ 21, same ch.

who are.

Inspectors who are. Inspectors SEC. 241. Wherever the word 66 inspector” appears in

this act it shail be taken to include and mean all officers who, under any law of this State, shall be required to canvass votes. $ 22, ch. 56, 1880.

Honest election


Honest election act, when to take effect.

SEC. 242. This act, so far as the same refers to the act, when qualifications of “inspectors of elections” and “clerks of

the poll,” shall take effect so as to apply to those hereafter to be appointed or elected as such inspectors and clerks, and in all other respects, shall take effect immediately. $ 23, same ch.

Ballots to


Ballots to be on plain white paper.

SEC. 213. At all elections hereafter held within the be on plain white limits of this State for the purpose of enabling elect

ors to choose by ballot any officer or officers under the laws of this State, or of the United States, or to pass upon any amendment, law or public act or proposition submitted to the electors to vote by ballot under any law, each and all ballots used at any such election shall be upon plain white printing paper, and without any impression, device, mark or other peculiarity whatsoever upon or about them to distinguish one ballot from another in appearance, except the names of the several candidates, and they shall be printed with plain black ink. § 1, ch. 366, 1880, entitled An act to secure uniform ballots and preserve the purity of elections.Passed May 24, 1880; three-fifths being present. See § 247, post, as to written ballots.


Caption of ballots. Caption of Sec. 244. Every ballot shall have a caption (as provi

ded by law), but such caption shall be printed in one straight line in black ink, with plain type of the size now generally known and designated as “Great Primer Roman Condensed Capitals," and the names of all candidates shall be printed in plain type, with letters of a uniform size. § 2, same ch.

Unlawful to mark ballots.

SEC. 245. It shall be unlawful for any person to print Unlawful or distribute, or to cast any ballot printed or partly ballots. printed contrary to the provisions of this act, or to mark the ballot of any voter, or to deliver to any voter such marked ballot for the purpose of ascertaining how he shall vote at any election. $ 3, ch. 366, 1880.

Misdemeanor, what is.

SEC. 246. Any person or persons who shall knowingly Misdeor willfully violate, or attempt to violate any of the pro-what is! visions of this act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and be punished by imprisonment in a county jail or penitentiary for not exceeding one year, or by a fine of not exceeding two hundred and fifty dollars, or by both such fine and imprisonment. § 4, same ch.

Inconsistent acts. Writing on ballots when not prohibited.

SEC. 247. All acts or parts of acts inconsistent with the Inconsistprovisions of this act are hereby repealed, provided that Writing on nothing in this act contained shall be construed to pro- when not

. hibit any elector from voting any ballot entirely written or from voting any printed ballot, which in outward appearance complies with all the requirements of this act upon the face of which he has personally made or caused to be made erasure, correction or insertion of any name by pencil mark or otherwise. $5, same ch. See § 243, ante. Ballot, vote by, to be folded. Sec. 248. The electors shall vote by ballot; and each Ballot, vote

by, to be person offering to vote shall deliver his ballot, so folded folded. as to conceal the contents, to one of the inspectors, in the presence of the board. 87, tit. 4, ch. 130, 1842. Ballot, form and contents.

SEC. 249. The ballot shall be a paper ticket, which Ballot. shall contain written or printed, or partly written and contents. partly printed, the names of the persons for whom the elector intends to vote, and shall designate the office to which each person, so named, is intended by him to be chosen ; but no ballot shall contain a greater number of

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