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Ward, when to be divided into election districts. Ward,

Sec. 138. Every ward in the city, containing not more be divided into elec- than five hundred voters, shall be an election district; tricts. every ward in a city containing more than five hundred

voters and not more than eight hundred voters, may, on or before the first Monday of October next, or in any year thereafter, be divided by the common council of such city, if they shall deem expedient, into two districts, to contain, as near as may be, an equal number of voters; and every ward of a city containing more than eight hundred voters shall, on or before the first Monday of October next, and as often annually thereafter as may be necessary or expedient, be divided by the common council of such city into two or more districts, in such man

er as shall be entire within one ward, and shall contain, as near as may be, an equal number of voters; and no · district shall contain more than eight hundred voters. $ 9, tit. 3, ch. 130, 1842. Ward, when divided, map to be made and posted.

Sec. 139. Whenever a ward shall be divided into two or

more districts, the common council shall immediately and post- publish the same, by making a map or description of such

division, defining it by known boundaries, and keeping such map or description open for public inspection in the office of the clerk of such city, and also by posting up copies of such map in at least ten of the most public places in each district of such ward; and the cominon council shall, also, prior to every election, furnish copies of such map and description to the inspectors of election in each district of such ward. § 10, same tit.

Ward when divided, map, to be made

Inspectors of election, how appointed. Inspectors Sec. 140. Until inspectors of election shall, by law, be of election, how chosen and appointed at the charter election of any city appointed.

the common council of such city shall, at least ten days before every general election, appoint three inspectors of election for each election district in said city. $ 11, same tit.

Inspectors of election, qualifications of Inspectors Sec. 141. The inspectors so appointed shall be qualified

of elec

voters and residents in such districts, and shall be inspect- tion, quali. ors, also, of all special elections held in such city during of. the ensuing year. $ 12, tit. 3, ch. 130, 1842.

Inspectors, when two may act.

SEC. 142. Any two of such inspectors may act, and in Inspectors, case of the death or inability of either of them, the may act. common council may thereafter appoint another in his place. § 13, same tit.

Election notice in New York city, publication of.

SEC. 143. The sheriff or clerk of the county of New Election York, who shall receive a notice of an election, shall New York without delay deliver a copy of such notice to the board lication of. of supervisors of said county, and each supervisor of said county; he shall also cause a copy

of such notice to be published once in each week until the election therein specified in such newspapers in said county, not exceeding fifteen in number, having the largest circulation in the city and county. $ 14, art. 3, tit. 3, ch. 130, 1842, as amended by ch. 240, 1847, and by ch. 480, 1860. (See also, S 430, post.) )

notice in

tion of.

Election notice in Erie county, publication of.

SEC. 144. The board of supervisors of the county of Election Erie shall, at each annual meeting thereof, designate, by Erie

county, ballot, four public newspapers printed and published publicawithin the said county of Erie, from the two political parties, one English and one German of each party, in which shall be published the several election notices, required by law to be published, of elections hereafter to be held within the said county of Erie, and no other or greater number of newspapers shall be designated or employed by said board of supervisors, wherein to publish such election notices. $ 1, ch. 154, 1874.

Election notice in Erie county, claims for publishing.

Sec, 145. No claim for publishing election notices shall Election hereafter be audited or allowed by said board of super- Erie visors, other than such as shall have accrued for the pub-claims for

notice in

publishlication of such notices in the several newspapers so to ing.


be designated by said board, under the provisions of this act. § 2, ch. 454, 1874.

By section three of said chapter four hundred and fifty-four of eighteen hundred and seventy-four, all acts and parts of acts inconsistent with the provisions of that chapter are repealed.


Supervisors' further powers of local legislation. Supervi- Sec. 146. Further powers of local legislation and adther pow., ministration are hereby conferred on the boards of superlegislation. visors in the several counties of this State, except in cities

whose boundaries are the same as those of the county, to
make and administer, within their respective counties,
laws and regulations as follows:
Part of g 1, ch. 482, 1875.



Board of supervilect papers to publish election notices.

Board of supervisors to select papers to publish election notices.

Sec. 147. County boards of supervisors shall also have sors to se authority, by resolution, to be duly entered in their min

utes of proceedings, and to be published therewith : * *

3. To determine, after the fifteenth day of November, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, except in the county of Kings, in what newspapers, not to exceed two, the election notices issued by the secretary of State, and the official canvass shall be published, and to fix the compensation for such publication. But in cases where such publication shall be ordered to be made in two newspapers, such papers shall be of opposite political character. Subd. 3, 87, ch. 482, 1875.



Election districts in towns.

Sec. 148. The supervisor, assessors and town clerk of each districts in

town shall meet at the town clerk's office in such town on the first Tuesday in September next at ten o'clock in the forenoon, and form themselves into a board. And in case a majority of said officers, for any cause, do not attend on that day, it shall be the duty of those who do attend, to adjourn to some future day, not exceeding five days, and shall immediately thereupon give notice to those officers who do not attend, of the time of such

adjournment; and it shall be the duty of all said officers
to attend on such adjourned day, and to proceed in the
same manner as though a majority had attended on the
day appointed by law; and adjournments from time to

be had by said officers, as occasion may require;
but no such adjournment shall extend beyond the first
day of October in said year. They shall, in all cases
where any town shall contain more than five hundred
electors, divide the same into a convenient number of
election districts, so that each district shall be in a com-
pact form within their town, and shall contain not more
than five hundred electors, as far as the number can be
ascertained. But where any town shall contain less than
five hundred electors, the board may, in their discretion,
divide the same into districts. They shall make a certi-
ficate of such division, under their hands, in which such
districts shall be numbered and described by known
boundaries, which shall be immediately filed in the office
of the town clerk. The town clerk shall, at least two
weeks before the day of election, put up copies of the
said certificates in at least four public places in each of
the said districts, within ten days after such meeting;
and he shall deliver a copy thereof to an inspector in each
district before the day of election. S 15, tit. 3, ch. 130,
Election districts in towns, alteration of.

Sec. 149. In every succeeding year the same officers shall Election meet at the town clerk's office, on the first Monday of in towns, October, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, and form a board. of. They shall determine whether any alteration in the existing election districts be necessary or expedient, and shall have power to make the same, subject to the same restrictions and limitations contained in the last preceding section; and shall, in like manner, make a certificate of such alterations, exhibiting the districts as altered, and their numbers respectively; which certificate shall be filed in the town clerk's office. Such alteration shall not take effect until after the then next general election, except in case of the alteration, erection or division of a town, or except such alteration of districts shall not affect any inhab

ited territory in a town, in which cases it shall take effect immediately. $ 16, art. 3, tit. 3, ch. 130, 1842, as amended by ch. 437, 1880, entitled "An act to amend section sixteen of article third, chapter six, part first of the Revised Statutes."

New towns, election districts in.

New towns, election districts in.

SEC. 150. When any new town shall be formed, the supervisor, town clerk and assessors therein shall meet at the town clerk's office, on or before the first Tuesday in September preceding the first general election to be held in such town, and divide the same into districts as here prescribed, and the same proceedings, in all respects, shall be had as herein provided in respect to towns now existing. $ 17, tit. 3, ch. 130, 1842.

Polling places and inspectors of election, Polling

SEC. 151. The common council of each ciiy, and the places and inspectors said town officers of each town, on the first Tuesday of tion.

September next, and on the first Monday in October in each year thereafter, shall designate the place in each election district in such city or town at which elections shall be held during the year; and they shall thereupon give notice, written or printed, to be posted in at least eight public places in each district, containing a description of such place so designated, and of the time of opening and closing the poll. The said town officers shall at their meeting, on the first Tuesday of September next, assign at least three of their number to hold the election in each district, and if there be not a sufficient number for that purpose, they shall assign one or more of their number to each district, and shall select from among the justices of the peace and the commissioners of highways of such town, as many as shall be necessary, in addition to those previously assigned, to constitute at least three inspectors of election for each district; and such inspectors shall be allowed to vote in the district where they shall be respectively assigned. The selections shall be made from the officers aforesaid, in the order herein named, residing in the district to which they shall be assigned, if there be sufficient for the purpose. il

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