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such registration and the day of election, and on two days Rquors to prior to each of such days, not including Sunday, the registry or boundaries of each election district and the places for hold-place. ing the polls in said city, and for the meeting of the said boards of registers and inspectors; but no building, or part of a building, shall be designated as such place of registry or polling-place, in any part of which wine, beer or intoxicating liquor is sold, or has been sold within thirty days next preceding the time of so designating the same, and one copy of the registry shall be posted immediately after its completion in some conspicuous place in the room where such meeting shall be held, and any person who may so desire may examine and make a transcript thereof; and said copies deposited in such public offices shall be open at all times to public inspection without charge. No election district in the city of Brooklyn shall be altered, nor any new district created, after the last Monday in August in any year. $ 20, ch. 575, 1872, as amended by $ 14, ch. 365, 1873, and by s 11, ch. 633, 1874.


Penalty for obstructing the canvass.

SEC. 548. Any person who shall mingle, or attempt to Penalty for mingle any ballot or ballots that have not been voted, ing the with any ballots that have been voted, with intent to prevent a correct canvass ; or who shall destroy or remove any ballot that has been voted with like intention; or who shall abstract, or in any respect forge, alter, destroy, or make away with any registry, certificate, count, tally, statement or return, or any writing required to be kept by this act, or by any of the laws of this State relating to elections ; or any officer of election, or person acting as such, who shall willfully refuse or neglect to deposit in the proper ballot-box, any ballot offered to him by any person for that purpose, unless for just cause he immediately return it to such person ; or shall falsely count, read or tally any name or names on any ticket that has been voted ; or falsely announce the number of tickets or ballots any person has voted, or the result of any canvass; or shall knowingly deposit in the boxes ballots

tions of.

offered by persons who are not registered, or shall make any return or statement required by this act, or by any of the laws of this State relating to elections, knowing the same to be untrue, or shall be guilty of any fraud in the execution of the duties of such office, shall on conviction be punished by imprisonment in a State prison, for not less than one, nor more than three years.

The term, “ officers of election," used in this section, shall apply to and embrace registers and inspectors and canvassers, and the clerks appointed by them, or each of them respectively. $ 21, ch. 575, 1872.

The following section 549 supersedes and takes the place of $ 22, ch. 575, 1872, as said section has been subsequently amended. Registers, inspectors, canvassers and poll-clerks, qualifi

cations of. Registers, Sec. 549. No person shall be appointed as register, ininspectors, canvassers spector, poll-clerk or canvasser of elections unless he shall and pollclerks, be, at the time of his appointment, a qualified voter of qualifica

and resident of the ward containing the election district for which he may be appointed nor unless he shall be able to read, write and speak the English language. No person shall be appointed as register, inspector or canvasser of elections or poll-clerk, who shall hold, at the time of appointment, or who shall have held at any time during the period of six months last prior thereto, any public office or place of public trust (except that of notary public or commissioner of deeds), whether elected or appointed thereto, or who shall have been, during such time, employed in any public office, or by any public officer whose services are paid for out of the public moneys, or who shall be a candidate for any office at the election for which he is to serve. And any person appointed as such register, inspector, poll-clerk or can vasser who shall be appointed or elected to, or accept or become a candidate for such public office or such employment therein, or by any public officer as aforesaid, shall, immediately therenpon, cease to be such register, inspector, poll-clerk or canvasser, and the place of such poll-clerk or canvasser shall, thereupon, be filled by the said members of the

board of elections, as herein before provided for the filling of vacancies by the said members of the board of elections, respectively. $ 10, ch. 528, 1880.


Registers, inspectors, canvassers and poll-clerks not to distribute ballots. Ballot-boxes where to be placed.

SEC. 550. It shall be unlawful for any register, in- Registers, spector, canvasser or poll-clerk to distribute, or offer to canvassers distribute, or give out any ballot, ticket or vote to any clerks not person during the time the polls shall be open, with the ute bal intent or for the purpose that the same shall or may be lot brokes voted; or to have in his possession or within his control be placed. any ballot or ballots, ticket or tickets, vote or votes, except in the lawful discharge of his duty as prescribed by this act; provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be deemed to prohibit such officer from lawfully exercising his individual right to vote. No canvasser shall, during any portion of the canvass of the votes, have in his possession or within his control any ballot, ticket or vote, except in the lawful discharge of his duty as prescribed in this act. Each voter shall be admitted into the room where the votes are received when he deposits his ballot, and all the ballot-boxes shall be 80 placed that each of them and their contents shall be visible at all times during the day, and until the counting of the ballots shall be completed, to any persons who are voting, and to those who are watching the voting and the counting of the ballots. Any person convicted of a violation of any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for not less than three nor more than twelve months. $ 23, ch. 575, 1872, as amended by $ 16, ch. 365, 1873.

Canvassers to immediately announce the result.

Sec. 551. The canvassers, when they shall have can- Canvassers vassed all the ballots in any box, shall immediately an- iately announce the result, and send a written statement thereof, the result. subscribed with their names, to the officer in charge of the police precinct in which the election district is located; and that officer shall immediately transmit by tele

graph the result of such statement to the head of the police department. Such statement shall contain the total number of votes in such ballot-box, and the number of votes found therein for each and every candidate. The officer receiving such statement shall file it in his office, and it shall be regarded as presumptive evidence for the space of one year, of the facts therein stated in any court in this State in any action or proceeding, $ 24, ch. 575, 1872.

tion of

and pollclerks.

Compensation of registers, inspectors and poll-clerks. Compensa

Sec. 552. The compensation of the registers shall be registerss five dollars each per day for five days only, and the com

pensation of each inspector shall be five dollars, and that of the poll-clerks shall be five dollars for the election and five dollars for the canvass, and said registers, inspectors and poll-clerks shall not be exempt from jury duty by reason of having served as such, and the said canvassers shall receive no compensation, but the said canvassers shall be exempt from jury duty for one year from the date of their respective appointments; the said poll-clerks shall perform such duties as are imposed by law upon poll-clerks in the city of Brooklyn. $ 6, ch. 528, 1880.

The above section 552 modifies the following section 553 by providing that canvassers shall receive no compensation.

Election expenses.

Election expenses.

SEC. 553. The salaries of said board of elections and their clerk, and the necessary expenses of said board and the legal compensation of all registers and inspectors and canvassers of election and poll-clerks, the cost and expenses of all necessary election notices, posters, maps, advertisements, registers, books, pamphlets, blanks and stationery, the rent and cost of fitting up, warming, lighting, cleaning and safe-keeping of all places of registration, revision of registration and polling-places, of furnishing, repairing and carting ballot-boxes, and of all supplies of every kind and nature for all elections in the city of Brooklyn, shall be a city charge, and shall upon proper certificates and vouchers, after being audited by the andi

tor of the city of Brooklyn, be paid by the comptroller
of said city. Said board of elections may make requisi-
tion on the comptroller for such sums as shall be neces-
sary for such payments. $ 25, ch. 575, 1872, as amended
by $ 17, ch. 365, 1873.
Penalty for taking liquors in place of registration, etc.

Sec. 554. Whoever, during the sitting of any board of Penalty for registers, inspectors or canvassers of election in any elec- liquors in tion district in the city of Brooklyn, whether held for the registra purpose of registration, revision of registration, reception or canvass of votes, or of making return thereof, shall bring, take, order or send into, or shall cause to be taken, brought, ordered or sent into, or shall attempt to bring, take or send into any place of registration, or revision of registration or of election, any distilled or spirituous liquors whatever, or shall at any such time and plače drink or partake of any such liquor, shall be deemed to be guilty of a misdemeanor. $ 26, ch. 575, 1872. Repeal.

Sec. 555. All laws and provisions of existing laws inconsistent with this act are hereby repealed so far as regards the city of Brooklyn. $ 27, same ch. Registration of naturalized citizens.

SEC. 556. And it is further provided that it shall be Registrathe duty of every naturalized citizen, before being regis- uralized tered [in the city of Brooklyn], to produce to the registers and inspectors, if any inspector shall require, his naturalization papers for their inspection, and to make oath before them that he is the person purporting to have been naturalized by the papers so produced, unless such citizen was naturalized previous to eighteen hundred and sixty-seven. $18, ch. 365, 1873. Oath.

SEC. 557. The members of the board of elections shall Oath, take the oath of office before the city clerk of the city of Brooklyn, before entering on the duties of their office. $ 19, same ch.


Registry of naturalized citizens after last registry day.

Registry of SEC. 558. Any naturalized citizen who shall be natural- natural

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