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provided in this act to be present at the canvass of any eering and ballots in any district, during the election or canvass of ing tickballots, to have or keep any ballots behind the boxes or ing places, within the polling-place, or for them or any person or misder persons within the polling-place, to electioneer, distribute tickets or ballots, or engage in any political discussion. Any violation of this section shall be a misdemeanor, and shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail for not less than ten nor more than ninety days, or by a fine of not less one hundred nor more than one thousand dollars, or both. $ 84, ch. 675, 1872.

Having distilled or spirituous liquors in polling-places, declared a misdemeanor.

Sec. 515. Whoever, during the sitting of any board of Having inspectors of election in any election district in the city spirituous and county of New York, whether held for the purposes pollingof registration, revision of registration, reception or can- declared a vass of votes, or of making return thereof, shall bring, meanor. take, order, or send into, or shall cause to be taken, brought, ordered, or sent into, or shall attempt to bring, take, or send into any place of registration or revision of registration or of election, any distilled or spirituous liquors whatever, or shall at any such time and place drivk or partake of any such liquor, shall be deemed and held to be guilty of a misdemeanor. $ 85, same ch.

Irregularities in holding elections no defense.

SEC. 516. Irregularities or defects in the mode of notic- Irregularing, convening, holding or conducting an election author- holding ized by law shall constitute no defense to a prosecution no defense. for a violation of the provisions of this act. $ 86, same ch.

Criminal provisions of this act and of general election laws to cover any question submitted to electors.

SEC. 517. Every act which, by the provisions of this Criminai act, or the general election laws, is made criminal when of this act committed with reference to the election of a candidate general is equally criminal when committed with reference to the laws to determination of a question submitted to electors, to be question decided by votes cast at an election. $ 87, same ch.

and of


submitted to electors.

New rule of evidence.

New rule of evidence.

Sec. 518. Upon any prosecution for procuring, offering, or casting an illegal vote, the accused may give in evidence any fact tending to show that he honestly believed, upon good reason, that the vote complained of was a lawful one, and the jury may take such facts into consideration in determining whether the acts complained of were willfully done or not. $ 88, ch. 675, 1872.


Meaning of word “election " as used in this act. Meaning of Sec. 519. The word "election," as used in this act, shall election." be construed to designate only elections had within the this act. city and county of New York, for the purposes of en

abling electors to choose some public officer or officers, under the laws of this State or the United States, or to pass upon any amendment, law, or other public act or proposition submitted to vote by law. $ 89, same ch.

Boundar. ies of election districts to

Boundaries of election districts to be advertised.

SEO. 520. The boundaries of all election districts, and

the location of all places of registration, revision of regbised. ver- istration, or polling-places, shall be publicly advertised on

the day preceding the first day of any general registration or revision of registration, and on each day of registration, revision of registration or day of election, and on such day or days only. The official canvass, immediately upon its completion and declaration by the board of county canvass, shall be publicly advertised for one day only. All advertising provided for in this section shall be done in two daily newspapers only, published in the city of New York, to be designated by the board of police, and all matter advertised shall be prepared and furnished the journals in which it is to be inserted, free from unnecessary verbiage or repetition ; and in the publication of any official canvass, all numbers shall be printed in numerals only, and the statement or declaration shall be put in tabular form. $ 90, ch. 675, 1872, as amended by $ 4, ch, 823, 1873.

Expenses of election to be a county charge, paid in same

manner as other expenses of county. Expenses Sec. 521. The legal compensation of all inspectors of of election

ner as

election and poll-clerks and other officers of election, the to be a cost and expenses of all necessary election notices, post-charge ers, maps, advertisements, registers, books, blanks and same manstationery, the rent and cost of fitting up, warming, other lighting, cleaning, and safe-keeping of all places of regis- of county. tration, revision of registration and polling-places, of furnishing, repairing and carting ballot-boxes, and of all supplies of every kind and nature for all elections in the city and county of New York shall be a county charge, and shall, upon proper certificates and vouchers, be paid in the same manner as by law provided for the payment of other expenses of the said county of New York.

The board of supervisors of the said county of New York shall, yearly, levy upon the estates, real and personal, of the said city and county of New York, the amounts estimated to be required to pay the expenses of the registration or revision of registration, and of all elections which may be held in said city and county during the year. $91, ch. 675, 1872. Repealing clause.

Sec. 522. The act entitled “ An act to ascertain by Repealing proper proofs the citizens who shall be entitled to the rights of suffrage,” passed May 13, 1865; and the act entitled "An act amendatory of and supplementary to chapter seven hundred and forty of the laws of eighteen hundred and sixty-five, entitled 'An act to ascertain by proper proofs, the citizens who shall be entitled to the rights of suffrage,' passed May 13, 1865;” passed April 25, 1866, and the act entitled “ An act in relation to elections in the city and county of New York,” passed April 5, 1870; and the act entitled “An act to amend an act entitled 'An act in relation to elections in the city and county of New York,' passed April 5, 1870," passed April 18, 1871, are hereby repealed, and all other acts, or parts of acts, so far as the same are inconsistent with the provisions of this act, are hereby repealed, so far as they apply to the city or county of New York, but such repeal shall not revive any act or part of any act repealed by either of such laws. Nothing in this act contained shall be construed to in any manner affect


any complaint, prosecution, indictment or other criminal proceeding now pending, or that may hereafter be made,had or found under the provisions of said acts or either of them, for any violation thereof which occurred before the passage of this act, but every such violation shall be punishable under the provisions of said acts or either of them, as though said acts were not repealed but still in force. $ 92, ch. 675, 1872.

Act to take effect, when.

Act to take effect, when.

Sec. 523. This act shall take effect as follows: Sections one to six (SS 430-435, ante), both inclusive; section thirtyfour (S 463, ante), sections thirty-six to thirty-nine (SS 465–468, ante), both inclusive; section forty-one (8 470, ante), sections forty-seven to fifty-five (SS 476–484, ante), both inclusive, sections sixty-three to eighty-seven (SS 493– 517, ante), both inclusive, and section ninety (8 520, ante), shall take effect immediately ; and section ninety-two ($ 522, ante), so far as anything contained therein repeals acts or parts of acts inconsistent with the provisions of the above-named sections, shall take effect immediately. Each and every section not hereinabove specified and section ninety-two ($ 522, ante), where not hereinbefore otherwise provided, shall take effect on the first day of June in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventytwo. $ 93, same ch.




Election districts, city to be divided into.

Election districts, city to be divided into.

Sec. 524. On or before the first day of August in each year, the board of elections (hereinafter provided for) of the city of Brooklyn shall divide said city into convenient election districts for the holding of all general and special elections, and all elections of the officers of said city who are elected by the people. § 1, ch. 575, 1872,

entitled An act to regulate elections in the city of Brooklyn.Passed May 7, 1872, as amended by $ 1, ch. 365, 1873.

Election district, size of.

Sec. 525. Each election district of said city shall con- Election tain, as near as practicable, five hundred voters, and each sizo of. district shall be entire within one ward. $ 2, ch. 575, 1872, as amended by § 2, ch. 365, 1873, and § 1, ch. 633, 1874.

be made.

Map of election districts to be made.

Sec. 526. As soon as the wards in said city shall be Map of divided into districts, the said board of elections shall districts to immediately publish the same, by making a map or description of such division, defining it by known boundaries, and keep such map or description open for public inspection in the office of the clerk of such city; and also by posting up copies of such map in at least ten of the most public places in each district of such ward; and the said board of elections shall also, prior to every election, furnish copies of such map and description to the registers and inspectors of election in each district in such ward. S3, ch. 575, 1872, as amended by $ 3, ch. 365, 1873.


Board of elections, how appointed. Qualifications and powers. Sec. 527. The mayor, comptroller and auditor of the Board of

elections, city of Brooklyn are hereby empowered and directed to how meet in the mayor's office of said city of Brooklyn, qualificawithin thirty days after the passage of this act, at twelve powers. o'clock noon, and proceed to designate and appoint three proper and suitable persons, not more than two of whom shall be of the same political party, who shall constitute the board of elections for the city of Brooklyn; provided that the mayor shall designate and appoint one member of said board, and the comptroller and auditor shall designate and appoint two members of said board. No person holding any public office of any kind under either the United States, State, county or municipal government nor any employee of any bureau or department,shall

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