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a chief

preceding election and returned to and filed by him in his office. $ 10, ch. 675, 1872.

To appoint a chief clerk. To appoint SEC. 440. The chief of the bureau of elections shall clerk.

have the right, subject to the approval of the board of police, to appoint a chief clerk, who shall receive a salary not exceeding two thousand dollars per annum. Such other clerical assistance as, in the judgment of said board, shall be necessary and proper for the faithful performance by the bureau of elections of the duties in this act imposed, shall be furnished by said board by detail from among the patrolmen under its command. $ 11, same ch.

Former bureau of


pers, etc.

Former bureau of elections to deliver to this bureau all documents, books, papers, etc.

Sec. 441. On the organization of the bureau of elecelections tions, as hereinafter provided, all documents, returns, bureau all maps, books, accounts, forms, papers and records of every docu

description filed in, or belonging to, the bureau of elecbooks, pa- tions heretofore established, shall be transferred to the

custody of the bureau in this act contemplated, and filed therein ; and on such organization the said bureau of elections, heretofore established by authority of section seventeen of the act chapter one hundred and thirtyeight of the laws of eighteen hundred and seventy, entitled “ An act in relation to elections in the city and county of New York,” and the act or acts amendatory thereof, shall be and the same hereby is abolished. § 12, same ch.

Inspectors of election and poll-clerks – how and by

whom appointed and when to be appointed, and quali

fications, oath of office and term. Inspectors

SEC. 442. All inspectors of election and poll-clerks in of election and roll the city and county of New York shall bereafter be bow and selected and appointed by the board of police, who shall ana when also have power to make all necessary removals and transto be ap: fers, and fill all vacancies which may, from any cause, and qualia arise. It shall be the duty of the said board of police, office and in the months of August and September, in the year one

thousand eight hundred and seventy-two, and annually

oath of


in the months of August and September in each succeeding year for each election district, in said city and county, to select to serve as inspectors of election four persons (two of whom, on State issues, shall be of different political faith and opinions from their associates, and those appointed to represent the party in political minority on State issues in the said city and county, to be named solely by such commissioner, or such of the commissioners of police in said board as are the representatives of such political minority), who shall be citizens of the United States and of the State of New York, of good character, and able to read, write and speak the English language understandingly, qualified voters in said city and county, and not candidates for any office to be voted for by the electors of the district for which they shall be selected; but no person shall be required to be a resident or voter in the election district for which he shall be appointed an inspector. The persons so selected shall be notified, examined as to their qualifications, and, if approved, shall each take and subscribe before the chief of the bureau of elections or the chief clerk thereof, within twenty days from the date of notice of appointment, the following oath of office:

“I residing at No.

in the city of New York, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the constitution of the United States and of the State of New York; and that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of inspector of elections for the

election district of the assembly district of the city of New York according to the best of my ability; and that I am a citizen of the United States and of the State of New York, a qualified voter in the city and county of New York and not a candidate for any office to be voted for by the electors of the district for which I am appointed an inspector.”

Whoever shall be nominated, approved and sworn into office as an inspector of election shall receive a certifi. cate of appointment from the board of police, said certificate to be in such form as shall be prescribed by the said

board, and to specify the assembly and election districts in and for which the person to whom the same is issued is appointed to serve, and the date of expiration of his term of office. The inspectors of election, appointed under the provisions of this act, shall hold office for one year, unless sooner removed for want of the requisite qualifications, or for cause, in either of which cases such removal, unless made while the inspector is actually on duty on a day of registration, revision of registration or election, and for improper conduct as an election officer, shall only be made after notice, in writing, to the officer sought to be removed, which notice shall set forth clearly and distinctly the reasons for his removal. Provided, that any inspectors of election who shall at any time be appointed to fill a vacancy, which fact shall be stated in his certificate of appointment, shall hold office only during the unexpired term of his predecessor, and that no inspector of election or poll-clerk shall be transferred from one election district to another after he has entered upon the performance of his duties. $ 13, ch. 675, 1872.

for registration

may be


Applicant for registration may be challenged. Applicant SEC. 443. Any person applying to register or offering

to vote, or who is registered, may, on any day of any challeng. general registration, revision of registration or of election,

be challenged by any qualified voter in the city and county of New York, and either of the inspectors of election, in any election district in said city and county, may, at any authorized meeting of the board, and one of them shall administer to any person so challenged the oath or oaths provided by law to test the qualification of challenged electors; and either of said inspectors 'may, at any such meeting, administer to any applicant for registration the oath or oaths provided in this act to be administered to and taken by any such applicant, and may also administer to any elector of the election district who may be offered as a witness to prove the qualification of any person claiming the right to be registered, or to vote, the following oath :

“You do swear or affirm that you are an elector of this election district; that you will fully and truly answer all such questions as shall be put to you touching the place of residence and other qualifications as an elector of the person (name to be given) now claiming the right to be registered as a voter in this district." $ 14, ch. 675, 1872.

Poll-clerks. How appointed. Qualifications. Term of office of. See sections 220 and 221, ante.

SEC. 444. Two persons of different political faith and Pollopinions, on State issues, and possessing the other qual. How apifications required by this act of inspectors of election, qualificashall be, in all respects, similarly named, selected, notified, of office of. examined, appointed, commissioned and sworn as poll clerks in and for each election district in the city and county of New York. They shall hold office for the same period of time, and upon the same conditions as are above prescribed for inspectors of election, and shall receive a like certificate of appointment. § 15, same ch.

Vacancies in office of inspectors and poll-clerks, how filled.

SEO. 445. Whenever, from any cause, there shall exist Vacancies a vacancy in the office of inspector of election or poll- inspectors

and pollclerk, the person appointed to fill such vacancy shall be clerks,

how filled. named by such commissioner, or such of the commissioners of said board of police, or his successors or their successors, as named, the inspector or poll-clerk in whose place any such person is designated. $ 16, same ch. Inspectors and poll-clerks, compensation of.

SEC. 446. Inspectors of election and poll-clerks ap- Inspectors pointed in pursuance of the provisions of this act shall clerks, each be entitled to receive seven dollars and fifty cents tion of. per day for each day's service at any registration, revision of registration or election, which compensation shall be paid on the certificate of the chief of the bureau of elections as to the period of service; but no payment shall be made to any person as an inspector of election or poll-clerk who shall not have taken, subscribed and filed the oath or affirmation required herein, and who shall not, during the period of his service, have fully complied.


with all the requirements of law in any wise relating to his duties, and the acting of any such person, in either of said capacities, without having taken, subscribed and filed the said oath or affirmation, shall be deemed to be and punished as a misdemeanor. Inspectors of election and poll-clerks, during the time they shall hold such office, shall be exempt from the performance of military and jury duty. $ 17, ch. 675, 1872, as amended by $ 3, ch. 823, 1873.

Inspectors and poll-clerks to be notified of appointment. Inspectors Sec. 447. Each and every person selected and notified and pollClerkstitied by the board of police, as its choice for the office of inof appoint-spector of election, shall, on the receipt of notice thereof,

appear, within ten days thereafter, before the chief of the bureau of elections, for the purpose of examination, and if found qualified, shall, unless excused by said board, by reason of ill health or other good and sufficient cause, be bound to serve as such officer at every election for the term of one year from the date of his appointment, and in case of neglect or refusal to comply with the above requirements, or to serve or act, shall be liable to a penalty of $100, recoverable by the said board by civil action, in any court of record, in the name of the treasurer of the board, and for the use and benefit of the police fund. And a failure on the part of any such person to present himself for examination, or to comply with any of the requirements of this act preliminary to receiving his certificate of appointment within the time prescribed, or to attend on the day of any registration or revision of registration, or the day of any election during said term, unless prevented by sickness or other sufficient cause — the burden of proof of which shall be upon the delinquent — shall be deemed a refusal within the meaning of this section. § 18, ch. 675, 1872.

Inspectors to preserve order at and around places of

registration and polls of election. Inspectors SEC. 448. The inspectors of election in each election to preserve

district in the city and county of New York, while dis

order at

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