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for which the officers are to be elected and the name or
names of the person or persons to be voted for, or such
of them as any voter may desire to vote for, and which,
when folded, shall be indorsed, or show upon the outside
thereof, the words “ Justices, number seven," and to be
deposited in box nuinber seven. § 4, ch. 675, 1872, as
amended by $ 2, ch. 823, 1873. This section is modified
by SS 250, 268.
Time for opening and closing polls in New York.

Sec. 434. At all elections hereafter held in the city and Time for county of New York, the polls shall be open at six o'clock and clos

ing polls in the morning, and close at four o'clock in the afternoon. in New $ 5, ch. 675, 1872.

Elections and canvass in the city to be conducted in

conformity with general election laws as herein provided.

SEC. 435. At every election hereafter held in the city Elections and county of New York, the election and canvass of vass in the the votes cast thereat shall be in all respects conducted in conducted conformity to the provisions of the general election laws mity with of this State, except as in this act otherwise provided. election § 6, same ch.

laws as herein provided.

bureau of

Board of police to establish bureau of elections.

SEC. 436. It is hereby made the duty of the “board Board of of police” of the city of New York, on or before the establish first day of August, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, elections. to establish a bureau in the office of the department of police, in the city and county of New York, to be known and designated as the bureau of elections. The affairs of said bureau shall, under and subject to such rules, regulations and orders as may from time to time be made and adopted by said board of police, be managed, conducted and carried on by a suitable and proper person, to be chosen and selected by said board, who shall be known as the chief of the bureau of elections, shall hold office for the period of three years, and whose salary shall be fixed and paid by said board, at such sum as they shall deem proper, not exceeding five thousand dollars, and shall be removable by the board of police for cause. § 7, same ch.

board of


Registers, board of police to furnish; form of and what

to contain. Registers,

SEC. 437. It shall also be the duty of the “board of police to

police” to at once cause to be prepared, books for the and what registration of names and facts required by this act. to contain. Said books to be known by the general name of regis

ters, and to be so arranged as to admit of the entering, under the name of each street or avenue in each election district, and the number of each dwelling in any such street or avenue, if there be a number thereto, and if there be no number, under such other definite description of the location of the dwelling-place as shall enable it to be readily ascertained, found and located, of the names of all male persons resident in each dwelling in each of said districts who shall apply for registration. Said register shall be ruled in parallel columns, in which, opposite to and against the name of every applicant, shall be entered the words and figures hereinafter provided in this act, and shall be of such size as to contain not less than seven hundred names, and so prepared as that they may be used at each election in the city and county of New York, until such time as is in this act provided for the succeeding general registration, and shall, on the inside, be in appearance and form as follows, to wit:





Date of


Room Number.

Date of

Qualified Voter.

Why Disqualified.
Date of erasing name
Voted November

Voted April-
| Challenged.








141 East 32d St

Hill, John H

Yes England. White 6 months. 15 months 6 years. Yes May 17,1871 Superior, N.Y. Yes March 16,1872.
Stevenson, Benjamin. Yes Georgia . Colored. 1 year.

1 year.
2 years. Native.

Yes March 15, 1872,
Dennison, William M. Yes Canada White .. 22 months 4 years. 10 years Yes Oct. 30,1868 Supremne, N.Y. Yes March 30,1872.

143 East 32d St

350 Third ave.

352 Third ave.

[These spaces to be filled up after the manner of the above.]

Section 8, ch. 675, 1872.

districts to

when may


Assembly districts to be divided into election districts

by board of police, size of and when may be changed. Assembly SEC. 438. It shall be the duty of the board of police on be divided or before the fifteenth day of August, in the year one triots is thousand eight hundred and seventy-four, to divide the board of police,

seventeenth and twentieth assembly districts in the city size of and

and county of New York into election districts, so as be ehang

each election district shall contain as near as practicable two hundred and fifty voters, the registration for the year eighteen hundred and seventy-two being taken as the basis on which such division shall be made. As far as possible the board of police shall preserve, in the new districts, the numerical numbers existing in the present election districts in each of said assembly districts; and no election district shall be in part within two congressional districts. And it shall not be lawful for the said board, prior to or on the said fifteenth day of August, to alter or change either the number or boundaries of any election district, in any other assembly district, in the city and county of New York, or to thereafter alter or change either the number or boundaries of any election district, save in such years as by law the said city and county is redistricted by assembly districts, and in such years as the usual and customary enumeration of citizens in the city and county of New York is had and taken, when, as early as the first day of September, in any such year, a general redistricting of the said city and county of New York, upon the same numerical basis as to voters as in this section above provided, shall be made by assembly districts, upon the basis of the registration of voters for that year last preceding the time of such redistricting, in which members of congress shall have been chosen. On or before the fifteenth day of August, in the year one thousand and eight hundred and seventy-four, the said board of police shall also divide the twenty-third and twenty-fourth wards of said city, formed out of the territory lately annexed to the city of New York, into election districts, so that each of such districts shall contain as near as practicable two hundred and fifty voters, the number of votes cast in the several election districts in said territory at the general election held for the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-two being taken as the basis on which such division shall be made; but at any subsequent redistricting of said territory, all the provisions of this act for the city and county of New York shall be observed and performed in relation thereto; provided, however, that the said board of police may, on or before the fifteenth day of August in the year onę thousand eight hundred and seventy-four, and in each second year thereafter, divide such election districts, and such only as by the registration of voters of the two precediug years shall be found to have had an average registration of more than four hundred voters. But in any such division of any such district, one portion of the district shall retain the original numerical designation, and the other portion shall take the number immediately following the highest numbered district in the assembly district of which it forms a part. $ 9, ch. 675, 1872, as amended by ch. 621, 1874.

Duties of the chief of bureau of elections.

SEC. 439. It shall be the duty of the chief of the bureau Duties of of elections to receive, file and preserve in his office all of bureau resolutions, orders, rules and regulations of said board of tions. police, pertaining to or in anywise affecting the conduct of the affairs of his bureau; to prepare and furnish all necessary registers, books, maps, forms, oaths, certificates, blanks and instructions for the use of the inspectors of election and the board of county canvassers; to provide for the furnishing of such officers therewith and with all necessary supplies; to have and retain the custody of all registers and copies thereof provided for in this act, all oaths of office and of removal, and all records, papers and certificates of every kind and nature pertaining to the affairs of his bureau, the conduct of any registration of electors, revision thereof, or of any election; and to have charge of the fitting up of all polling-places. The said chief shall, for any revision of any general registration, issue to each of the inspectors of election, in each election district in the city and county of New York, one of the registers of said district in use therein at the

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