Census of manufactures (1992).

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DIANE Publishing, 1995
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Halaman 1 - P 4) are defined as workers (up through the working foreman level) engaged in fabricating, processing, assembling, inspection, receiving, storage, handling, packing, warehousing, shipping (but not delivering), maintenance, repair, janitorial, watchman services, product development, auxiliary production for plant's own use (eg, power plant), recordkeeping, and other services closely associated with these production operations at the establishment covered by the report.
Halaman 8 - ... result would be within the indicated ranges would be correct in approximately the relative frequencies shown. Those proportions, therefore, may be interpreted as defining the confidence that the estimates from a particular sample would differ from complete-coverage results by as much as one, two, or three standard errors, respectively.
Halaman 8 - These operational errors would also occur if a complete canvass were to be conducted under the same conditions as the survey. Explicit measures of their effects generally are not available. However, it is believed that most of the important operational errors were detected and corrected in the course of the Bureau's review of the data for reasonableness and consistency.
Halaman 2 - Included are all items made by or for the establishment from materials owned by it whether sold, transferred to other plants of the same company, or shipped on consignment. The net selling value of products made in one plant on a contract basis from materials owned by another was reported by the plant providing the materials. In the case of multiunit companies, the manufacturer was requested to report the value of products transferred to other establishments of the same company at full economic or...
Halaman xiii - Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing heating equipment, except electric and warm air furnaces, including gas, oil, and stoker coal fired equipment for the automatic utilization of gaseous, liquid, and solid fuels. Establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing...
Halaman 8 - The complete-coverage value would be included in the range: 1. From one standard error below to one standard error above the derived estimate for about two-thirds of all possible samples.
Halaman 3 - Consequently, it is considered to be the best value measure available for comparing the relative economic importance of manufacturing among industries and geographic areas.
Halaman 1 - ... sales delivery (highway truck drivers and their helpers), advertising, credit, collection, installation and servicing of own products, clerical and routine office functions, executive, purchasing, financing, legal, personnel (including cafeteria, medical, etc.), professional, and technical. Also included are employees on the payroll of the manufacturing establishment engaged in the construction of major additions or alterations to the plant and who are utilized as a separate work force.
Halaman 3 - By manufacture, derived by subtracting the cost of materials, supplies, containers, fuel, purchased electricity, and contract work from the value of shipments.
Halaman 3 - ... products manufactured plus receipts for services rendered. The result of this calculation is then adjusted by the addition of value added by merchandising operations...

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