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Halaman 229 - State ; to prevent unjust discrimination and extortion in the rates charged for transportation of passengers and freights, and to prohibit railroad companies, corporations, and lessees in this State from charging other than just and reasonable rates, and to punish the same, and prescribe a mode of procedure and rules of evidence in relation thereto ; and to appoint commissioners, and to prescribe their powers and duties in relation to the same.
Halaman 238 - Act, shall have power to issue subpoenas for the attendance of witnesses, by such rules as they may prescribe. And said witnesses shall receive for such attendance two dollars per day, and five cents per mile, traveled by the nearest practicable...
Halaman 216 - Every railroad company shall have the right, with its road, to intersect, connect with, or cross any other railroad ; and shall receive and transport each the other's passengers, tonnage, and cars, loaded or empty, without delay or discrimination, under such regulations as shall be prescribed by law.
Halaman 233 - ... being treated as one continuous carriage from the place of shipment to the place of destination...
Halaman 221 - Whenever the weather during the period of free time is so severe, inclement or rainy that it is impracticable to secure means of removal, or where, from the nature of the goods, removal would cause injury or damage, such time shall be added to the free period and no demurrage charges shall be allowed for such additional time.
Halaman 215 - That when a car is loaded over its marked capacity by the shipper at a flag station, the railroad companies are left free to charge for the excess at a rate that will effectually stop a practice fraught with so much danger to life and property.
Halaman 220 - ... for the reshipment or unloading of such goods, he shall thenceforth become liable to such carrier for demurrage upon the car or cars in which they are stored, to the same extent...
Halaman 283 - For mileage operated by road making this report (trackage rights excluded), the operations of which are included in the Income Account (p.
Halaman 234 - That in case any common carrier subject to the provisions of this Act shall do, cause to be done, or permit to be done, any act, matter, or thing in this Act prohibited or declared to be unlawful...
Halaman 158 - ... for the shipment of said car, shall pass the shipper or his employee to and from the point designated in the contract or bill of lading, without further expense to the shipper in the way of fare; provided...

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