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VOL. 31


V. CLARA GUILLEBEAUX, Exrx., etc., of Alex Guillebeaux, Deceased,

et al., Respts.

South Carolina Supreme Court - March 27, 1923.

(- S. C. —, 116 S. E. 443.) Defense - right to rent.

1. Rent falling due after the death of the landlord belongs to the heir, in the absence of a will; otherwise to the devisee.

[See note on this question beginning on page 4.] Executors and administrators dis- the landlord's will, may collect the

tress for rent – right to maintain. rent as an asset of the estate, and

2. The personal representatives of a apply it on the legacy. deceased landlord cannot enforce the Landlord and tenant distress remedy of distress for rent falling due right of assignee. after the landlord's death.

4. Mere assignment of unpaid rent - right to collect rent.

does not carry the right to distrain 3. A devisee of rent accruing from a for it. leasehold, who is made executor of [See 16 R. C. L. 1008.]

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APPEAL by plaintiff from a judgment of the Common Pleas Circuit Court for McCormick County (Sease, J.) refusing a motion for direction of a verdict in his favor, and directing a verdict for defendants, in an action brought to recover possession of certain cotton taken under a distress warrant issued by defendant. Reversed.

The facts are stated in the opinion of the court.
Mr. F. A. Wise, for appellant:

Marion, J., delivered the opinion Executors and administrators can- of the court: not distrain for rent due at the death

Action in claim and delivery by of testator or intestate. Bagwell v. Jamison, 25 S. C. L.

Sim Stanton against Clara Guille(Cheves) 250; Salvo v. Schmidt, 29 S.

beaux and E. B. Sharpton, for the C. L. (2 Speers) 512.

recovery of 1,700 pounds of lint cotMr. Joseph Murray for respondents. ton. The defendant seized the cot

31 A.L.R.-1.

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