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the end, would devour all. The have been supressed ; as will be government has the satisfaction to also other departments and ex. learn, by means of a respectable penses, not because the govern. house in London, to whom it has ment did not recognise their

utility, confided the management of this taken in the abstract, but because affair, that the holders of the bonds they were in disproportion with its have duly appreciated the circum. means to sustain them, and there. stances of the country, not doubt. fore served only as a vain appear. ing that the government intends The government, in this to (as it most certainly will) remit respect, despising any ephemeral to them, upon the first opportunity, popularity, will perform its duty. the funds necessary for the fulfil. The expenses of the war have ment of its engagements. Every been reduced to the lowest possible day proves the necessity of placing amount. It can assure you that the direct taxes upon a solid founda. the charges, in this respect, upon tion, and that the projects of law the revenue, is hardly one third of in that respect, submitted in the what might be expected. preceding session, should receive Finally, gentlemen representa. your sanction as soon as possible ; tives, if a comparative view is taken the government on its part is pre- of the present state of the province, pared to give a new form to the and that in which it was in the mode of collection. The system month of August last year, it ought of confiding to particular indivi. to be viewed as very satisfactory. duals, in farming it out, might be The government confides in your very well at the commencement, enlightened and cordial co-opera. but now that more information tion, not only in sustaining the has been obtained upon the sub- present institutions, but in advan. ject, it will be advisable to ad. cing them to greater perfection. minister it by persons permanently

MANUEL DORREGO. employed, with adequate salaries,

JOSE MARIA Roxas. who can be promoted according to

JUAN RAMON BALCARCE. their merits.

To the very Hon. Junta of Re. The department of engineers, presentatives of the province architects, and botanical garden, of Buenos-Ayres.




The session of Parliament was interruption, and to depredations, opened Jan. 29th 1828 by commis. too often aggravated by acts of sioners, appointed by his majesty, violence and atrocity. who delivered the following speech: His majesty has felt the deepest

My Lords and Gentlemen, anxiety to terminate the calamities We are commanded by his ma and avert the dangers, inseparable jesty to acquaint you, that his ma. from hostilities which constitute the jesty continues to receive from all only exception to the general tran. foreign princes and states, assu- quillity of Europe. rances of their desire to maintain

Having been earnestly entreated the relations of amity with this by the Greeks to interpose his country, and that the great powers good offices, with a view to effect of Europe participate in the earnest a reconciliation between them and wish of his majesty to cultivate a the Ottoman Porte, his majesty good understanding upon all points concerted measures for that pur. which may conduce to the preser. pose, in the first instance, with the vation of peace.

Emperor of Russia, and subse. His majesty has viewed for some quently with his imperial majesty time past, with great concern, the and the king of France. state of affairs in the east of Eu. His majesty has given directions rope.

that there should be laid before For several years a contest has you copies of a protocol, signed at been carried on, between the Ot. St. Petersburg by the plenipoten. toman Porte, and the inhabitants tiaries of his majesty, and of his of the Greek provinces and islands,..imperial majesty the emperor of which have been marked on each Russia, on the 4th of April, 1826, side by excesses revolting to hu- and of the treaty entered into be. manity.

tween his majesty and the courts In the progress of that contest, of the Thuilleries, and of St. Pethe rights of neutral states, and the tersburg, on the 8th of July, 1827. laws which regulate the intercourse In the course of the measures of civilized nations, have been re. adopted with a view to carry into peatedly violated, and the peace. effect the object of the treaty, ful commerce of his majesty's sub a collision, wholly unexpected by jects has been exposed to frequent his majesty, took place in the port

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of Navarin, between the fleets of peror of Brazil, and with the Uni. the contracting powers, and that of ted States of Mexico. Copies of the Ottoman Porte.

which will, by his majesty's com. Notwithstanding the valour dis. mand, be laid before you. played by be combined fleet, his Gentlemen of the House of majesiy deeply laments that this Commons, conflict should have occurred with His majesty has ordered the the naval force of an ancient ally; estimates for the current year to be but he still entertains a confident laid before you. They have been hope, that this untoward event will prepared with every regard to econot be followed by further hostili. nomy consistent with the exigency ties, and will not impede that anii. of the public service. We are comcable adjustment of the existing manded by his majesty to recomdifferences between the Porte and mend to your early attention, an the Greeks, to which it is so mani. inquiry into a state of the revenue festly their common interest to ac. and expenditure of the country. cede.

His majesty is assured that it In maintaining the national faith, will be satisfactory to you to learn by adhering to the engagements that, notwithstanding the diminu. into which his majesty has entered, tion which has taken place in some his majesty will never lose sight branches of the revenue, the total of the great objects to which all amount of receipt during the last his efforts have been directed, year has not disappointed the ex. the termination of the contest be. pectations which were entertained tween the hostile parties,-the at the commencement of it. permanent settlement of their fu. My Lords and Gentlemen, ture relations to each other, and His majesty has commanded us the maintenance of the repose of to inform you, that a considerable Europe, upon the basis on which increase has taken place in the ex. it has rested since the last general port of the principal articles of Bri. treaty of peace.

tish manufacture. His majesty has the greatest sa This improvement of our fo. tisfaction in informing you that the reign trade has led to a more gene. purposes for which his majesty, ral employment of the population, upon the requisition of the court of and affords a satisfactory indication Lisbon, detached a military force of the continued abatement of those to Portugal, have been

commercial difficulties which replished. The obligations of good, cently affected so severely the na. faith have been fulfilled, and the 'tional industry. safety and independence of Portu. His majesty commands us to gal secured, his majesty has given assure you, that he places the firm. orders that the forces now in that est reliance upon your continued country should be immediately endeavours to improve the condi. withdrawn.

tion of all classes of his subjects, We are commanded by his ma. and to advance the great object of jesty to acquaint you, thabhis ma. his majesty's solicitude—the pros. jesty has concluded treaties of perity and happiness of his peo. amity and commerce with the em. ple.

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KING'S SPEECH TO PARLIAMENT, and to effect, in concert with the al. 1829.

lies, the pacification of Greece. On the 5th of February,1829, par

« The Morea has been liberated liament was opened by his majesty's from the presence of the Egyptian commissioners, the duke of Welling. and Turkish forces. ton, earl of Shaftsbury, earl Ba. “ 'This important object has been thurst and lord Ellenborough, the accomplished by the successful lord chancellor read the following exertions of the naval forces of his speech :

majesty, and of his allies, which led My Lords and Gentlemen, to a convention with the pacha of

“His majesty commands us to in. Egypt; and finally, by the skilful form you that he continues to re- disposition and exemplary conduct ceive from his allies, and generally of the French army, acting by from all princes and states, the as. the command of his most Chris. surance of their unabated desire to tian majesty on the behalf of the cultivate the most friendly relations alliance. with his majesty.

“The troops of his most Christian “ Under the mediation of his ma- majesty having completed the task jesty, the preliminaries of a treaty assigned to them by the allies, have of peace between his imperial ma. commenced their return to France. jesty the emperor of Brazil, and the “ It is with great satisfaction that republic of the United Provinces of his majesty informs you, that during Rio de la Plata, have been signed the whole of these operations, the and ratified.

most cordial union has subsisted His majesty has concluded a con. between the forces of the three powa vention with the king of Spain, for

res by sea and land. the final settlement of the claims of “ His majesty deplores the con. British and Spanish subjects prefer. tinuance of hostilities between the red under the treaty signed at Mad- emperor of Russia, and the Ottoman rid on the 12th March, 1823. porte.

“ His Majesty has directed a copy “ His imperial majesty, in the of this convention to be laid before proscecution of those hostilities, has you, and his majesty relies upon considered it necessary to resume your assistance to enable him to the exercise of his belligerent rights execute some of its provisions. in the Mediterranean, and has es,

“ His majesty laments that his tablished a blockade of the Dar. diplomatic relations with Portugal danelles. are still necessarily suspended. " From the operation of this bloc.

“ Deeply interested in the pros. kade, those commercial enterprises perity of the Portuguese monarchy, of his majesty's subjects have been his majesty has entered into nego. exempted, which were undertaken tiations with the head of the house upon the faith of his majesty's de. of Braganza, in the hope of termi. claration to his parliament respectnating a state of affairs which is ing the neutrality of the Mediterincompatible with the permanent ranean sea. tranquillity and welfare of Portugal. "Although it has become indis.

“ His majesty commands us to pensable for his majesty and the assure you that he has laboured un. king of France to suspend the co. remittingly to fulfil the stipulations operation of their forces with those of the treaty of the Bth July, 1827, of his imperial majesty, in conse:

quence of this resumption of the his majesty to maintain his just exercise of his belligerent rights, the authority. best understanding prevails between “His majesty recommends, that the three powers in their endeavours when this essential object shall to accomplish the remaining objects have been accomplished, you should of the treaty of London.

take into your deliberate considera. Gentlemen of the House of Commons, tion the whole condition of Ireland ;

“We are commanded by his ma and that you should review the laws jesty to acquaint you, that the es. which impose civil disabilities on timates for the current year will his majesty's Roman Catholic sub. forthwith be laid before you. jects. “ His majesty relies on your

“ You will consider whether the readiness to grant the necessary removal of those disabilities can be supplies, with a just regard to the effected consistently with the full exigencies of the public service, and permanent security of our es. and to the economy which his ma. tablishments in church and state, jesty is anxious to enforce in every with the maintenance of the reformdepartment of the state.

ed religion established by law, and “ His majesty has the satisfaction of the rights and privileges of the to announce to you the conti. bishops and of the clergy of this nued improvement of the revenue. realm, and of the churches commit. The progressive increase in that ted to their charge. branch of it which is derived from “ These are institutions which articles of internal consumption is must ever be held sacred in this peculiarly gratifying to his majesty, protestant kingdom, and which it is as affording a decisive indication of the duty and the determination of the stability of the national re. his majesty to preserve inviolate. sources, and of the increased com.

“ His majesty most earnestly refort and prosperity of his people. commends to you to enter upon the

My Lords and Gentlemen, consideration of a sbject of such “ The state of Ireland has been paramount importance, deeply in. the object of his majesty's continued teresting to the best feelings of his solicitude.

people, and involving the tranquillity “ His majesty laments that, in and concord of the United Kingdom, that part of the United Kingdom, with the temper and the moderation an association should still exist which will best insure the successful which is dangerous to the public issue of your deliberations.” peace, and inconsistent with the spirit of the constitution ; which

PROROGATION OF PARLIAMENT, keeps alive discord and ill-will

JUNE 24th, 1829. amongst his majesty's subjects; and Lord Commissioners—The Lord which must, if permitted to continue, Chancellor, the Duke of Welling. effectually obstruct every effort ton, the Marquis of Winchester, permanently to improve the condi. Earl of Rosslyn, and Lord Ellen. tion of Ireland.

borough. “His majesty confidently relies

The Speech was delivered by the Lord on the wisdom and on the support

Chancellor :of his parliament, and his majesty My Lords and Gentlemen, feels assured that you will commit “We are commanded by his o him such powere as may enable majesty, in releasing you from

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