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or who have co-operated in their 4. Within one month after the
execution, shall be molested, sav. publication of this law, the persons
ing always the rights of mediation. embraced in the preceding article,

will present to the government,
either personally or by proxy,

through the medium of the secreta.

ry of foreign relations, the docu. The president of the United Mexican

ments which prove their title to States to the inhabitants of the

exception. Republic.

5. Spaniards who do not depart Be it known, that the general con. within the time prescribed, will be gress have enacted the following punished by six months imprison. decree :

ment in a castle, and afterwards 1. All Spaniards who reside in

sent away, in the manner of those the interior states or territories of who returned to the republic duthe Oriente and Occidente [east ring the war with Spain. and west), the territories of high 6. The government will report and low California and New Mexico, to congress, every month, concernshall, within a month after the pub. ing the execution of this law. lication of this law, quit the state or 7. Those who, in the opinion of territory in which they reside, and the government, cannot pay the within three months the republic. expense of their journey and voyThose residing in the intermediate age, shall have it paid at the charge states and territories, and the fede of the federation, to the nearest ral district, shall quit the state, ter. port of the United States of the ritory, or district of their residence, North--the government to proceed within one month, and two months according to the strictest econo. the republic: and those residing in my. the maritime states of the gulf of 8. In the same manner the jour. Mexico, shall depart from the re. ney and voyage of such religionists public within one month from the as the funds of the province [of publication of this law.

convents,] or convent, to which 2. By Spaniards are intended they belong are incompetent to pro. those born in countries now under vide for shall be paid at the public the dominion of the king of Spain, expense. and the children of Spaniards born 9. The government will make due at sea. [This last clause, we un. signification to the Spaniards who derstand, was introduced to effect are entitled to remain in the republic: the expulsion of certain persons, but they cannot afterwards establish from whose presence the govern themselves on the coast: the govern. ment was anxious to be relieved.] ment being at liberty to compel Those born in Cuba, Porto Rico, those who now reside there to retire and the Philippines, are alone ex. into the interior, in case of a threat. cepted.

ened invasion. 3. From the provisions of the 10. The Spaniards who receive first article, are excepted, 1. Those pension, (a stipend from the govern. physically impeded, so long as the ment or ecclesiastical benefice,) will impediment exists. 2. The children have the share which of right be. of Americans.

longs to them, if they establish

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themselves in any of the friendly His excellency enjoins that this republics or nations, on notice of law be "printed, published, circula. such residence being given by the ted, and promptly obeyed.” To consuls of this republic-but not if such as have not the means of de. they remove to countries governed fraying their travelling expenses to by the king of Spain.

the port of embarkation, the rate 11. The law of the 20th Decem. of allowance is from fifty cents to ber, 1827, is repealed, except the ar. a dollar a league, "according to the ticle which prohibits the introduction distances and the class and rank of of Spaniards and subjects of the Spa- each individual.”

The expenses nish government into the republic. by water are to be regulated by the

FRANCISCO DEL MORAL, commissaries of the ports under the
President of the ch. of dep.

general instruction to exercise the Jose FARRERA,

strictest economy. Vice-President of the senate. [Dated at the palace of the Fede. Jose J. B. Ibanes,

ral Government, Mexico. March Secretary ch. deputies. 20th, 1829.] Art. Maria de Esnaurizar,

Secretary of the senate.




In the name of God, the author the said republic, who, after having

and legislator of the universe : exchanged their full powers, and

The republic of Colombia and finding them in good and sufficient the republic of Peru, sincerely form, have agreed on the following desiring to put an end to the war articles : in which they have seen them. Art. 1. There shall be a perpetual selves placed by fatal circum. and inviolable peace, and constant stances, which have prevented to and perfect friendship, between both the friendly settlement of the republics of Colombia and Peru, their differences, and now finding so that hereafter, it shall not be themselves happily in the condition lawful for either of them to commit of being able to effect it, and to or tolerate, directly or indirectly, establish at the same time more the commission of any act of hos. intimate and cordial relations, both tility against their people, citizens nations have constituted and nam. and subjects, respectively. ed their ministers plenipotentiary, Art. 2. Both contracting parties that is to say : his excellency, the bind themselves and promise so. Liberator, president of the republic, lemnly to forget all the past, enhas appointed Pedro Sual, citizen deavouring to remove every mo. of the same, and his exeellency tive of disgust which the disagree. the president of Peru has appointed ments which have happily termi. D. Jose Lama y Loerdo, citizen of nated, may recall; to promote their

mutual well-being, and to contri- may contribute to fix the dividing bute to their security and good line in a manner more natural, name by every means in their exact and proper for avoiding com. power.

petition and difference between the Art. 3. Neither of the contract. inhabitants and authorities of the ing parties will permit the passage frontiers. through their territory, nor lend Art. 6. In order to obtain this aid of any kind, to the enemies of last result as briefly as possible, it the other; but, on the contrary, will has been agreed, and is here ex. employ their good offices, and even pressly agreed, that a commission their mediation, if necessary, for composed of two individuals from the re-establishment of peace each republic shall be appointed by whenever hostilities may break out both governments, which shall with one or more powers, not per. examine, rectify and fix the divi. mitting in the meanwhile an en. ding line conformably to the stiputrance in the ports of either repub. lation in the previous article. This lic to the privateers and prizes commission shall place, with the which the said enemies may make consent of its respective govern. from the citizens of Colombia and ments, each one in possession of Peru.

the parts belonging to it, in proporArt. 4. The military forces in tion as it marks out and recognises the department of the south of the said line, commencing from the Colombia and in those of the north River Tumbes in the Pacific ocean. of Peru, shall be reduced, upon the Art. 7. It is also stipulated be. ratification of the present treaty, to tween the contracting parties, that the footing of peace, so that, here. the commission of limits shall after, it shall not be permitted to commence its labours forty days maintain in them more than the after the ratification of the present garrisons and bodies necessary treaty, and shall terminate them in and indispensable to preserve the six months afterward. If the mem. country in security and quiet. All bers of said commission shall disa. the prisoners taken during the pre. gree in one or more points in the sent war who are now in the course of their operations, they power

of the authorities of either of shall give to their respective go. the two republics, shall be sent vernments a circumstantial back en masse to their respective count of every thing, in order that, countries, without the necessity of taking it into consideration, they exchange or ransom.

may resolve amicably upon what Art. 5. Both parties recognise may be most advantageous, in the as the limits of their respective mean time, continuing their labours territories the same that the an. until their conclusion, without intercient vice-royalities, New-Grenada ruption. and Peru, had before their indepen. Art. 8. It has been agreed, and dence, with the sole variations that is here expressly agreed, that the they may think proper to agree inhabitants of the small territories upon between themselves, to affect who, by virtue of the fifth arti. which they bind themselves from cle, are mutually to yield the this time reciprocally to make such parts agreed on, shall enjoy the precessions of smaller territories as rogatives, privileges, and exemp.


tions which the other inhabitants of to which the natives or denizens the country in which they may de. of each of the contracting parties finitely fix their residence have or were subject. may enjoy. Those who declare Art. 1o. It is also stipulated, before the local authorities their that a commission, composed of intention of becoming citizens

citizens two citizens on each side, shall li. either of Colombia or Peru, shall quidate, in the city of Lima, within have a year, in order to dispose, as the time designated in the 7th armay seem best to them, of all their ticle, on the subject of boundaries, moveable and immoveable goods, the debt, which the republic of and to transport themselves with Peru contracted with that of Co. their families and property to the lombia for the assistance lent ducountry of their choice, free from ring the late war against the comevery obligation and charge what.

mon enemy.

In case of the disa. soever, without undergoing the greement of the members, either least trouble or vexation whatever. on part of Colombia or Peru, up

Art. 9. The navigation and on one or more parts of the ac. commerce of the rivers and lakes counts of which they may have which flow or may flow through the cognizance, they shall make to frontiers of either republic, shall their respective governments an be entirely free to the citizens of explanation of the motives on both, without any distinction ; and which their disagreement was under no pretext shall there be founded, in order that the said

goimposed upon them incumbrances vernments may amicably deteror impediments of any kind in their mine what is just, without a cessa. dealings, exchanges, and recipro- tion, however, on the part of the cal sales of those articles which commission, of continuing the ex. may belong to lawful and free amination and liquidation of the commerce, and which consist of other parts of the debts, until it is the natural products of their re. completely ascertained and satis. spective countries, subject only to fied. the duties, charges or emoluments




Art. 1. In the space of fifteen Art. 2. There shall be excepted days from the ratification of this from the operation of the prece. treaty by the commanders-in-chief ding article, subalterns below the of the belligerent armies, all per. grade of captain, inclusive, who sons who are in the army of the may remain in the republic, re. Bolivian republic, and who are Co. nouncing the military service, but lombians or foreigners, shall begin the president of the republic may, to depart from the territory of the after he shall be elected, recall republic.

them to the army.

Art. 3. All other officers, who occupy the department of Potosi shall, by virtue of the first article, until the meeting of the constitu. be compelled to quit the republic, tional congress, and then it shall may return after the national as. commence its march towards Paz sembly shall be installed ; and du. and Oreoco by the department of ring their absence they shall re. Cochabamba. It shall receive all ceive half-pay from the public the necessary articles of subsisttreasury, until the president decides ence on the way. whether they shall or not continue Art. 8. The national assembly, in the military service and receive after having carried into effect the full pay. The persons comprehend. sixth article, shall suspend its sited in the second article shall also tings, to resume them after the enjoy half-pay, subject to the same Peruvian army shall have passed conditions.

the Desaguadero. Art. 4. The squadrons of Co. Art. 9. The Bolivian army shall lombian grenadiers and hussars, occupy the department of Chuquisa. who are in Bolivia, shall commence ca, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, and their homeward route by the route Tarija, as well as that of Potosi, which shall be designated, as far as the day after they shall be evacuaArica ; the commander-in-chief of ted by the Peruvian army. The the Peruvian army shall furnish revenues of the latter department, them with transports, the republic so long as it shall be occupied by of Bolivia assuming to pay the the Peruvian army and those of expenses resulting therefrom. Oreoco and De Paz, while it re

Art. 5. The day after.the rati. mains within the Bolivian territory, fication of the treaty, the com shall be appropriated to its use, afmander-in-chief of the Bolivian ter deducting the charges of colarmy shall issue a decree, convo. lection. king for the first of August, the Art. 10. The governments of constitutional congress, which is the two republics shall agree benow adjourned, and which shall tween themselves as to the re. re-assemble in the city of Chuqui. clamations that they may recipro. saca, for the purpose, Ist, of re. cally make, after the Peruvian army ceiving and accepting the resigna- shall have passed the Desagua. tion of the president of the repub. dero. lic, the grand marshal of Ayacu. Art. 11. The two republics shall cho, Antonia Jose de Sucre ; 2d, resume their mutual relations by to name a provisional government; means of their diplomatic agents, 3d, to convoke, with all possible after the Peruvian army shall have speed, a national assembly, to re evacuated the Bolivian territory. vise, modify or maintain the ex. Art. 12. Neither of the two re. isting constitution.

publics shall contract any relations Art. 6. This national assembly with the empire of Brazil, until it shall name and elect a president of shall conclude a peace with the the republic, and shall designate Argentine republic. the day when the Peruvian army Art. 13. All persons belonging shall begin to evacuate the terri. to either republic who are in the tory of the republic.

armies of the other, shall be imme. Art. 7. The Peruvian army shall diately dismissed, it being express

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