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Enjoying all the rights and privi. selves, and transmit to your descen. leges of British subjects, under the dants ; nor indulge too freely in paternal government of our most the hope and expectation, that gracious sovereign, and a wise sys. New-Brunswick shall flourish in tem of laws, framed by yourselves, no common degree, if her inhabiadministered at the charge of your tants continue to show that they generous and affectionate parent- know how to estimate the bless. With capabilities of high statisticalings, and improve the advantages value, and such as these, in pos. they possess; and if proper mea. session of a hardy, loyal, indus. sures be taken by all on whom it trious and well disposed population :- may depend to promote and secure I hold not too high the advantages them. which you may secure to your


From the Halifax Royal Gazette, Feb Mr. Speaker, and Gentlemen of the ruary 11,

House of Assembly, On Thursday, at two o'clock, his I am happy to acquaint you that excellency Sir Peregrine Maitland, your address respecting the dispo. attended by his suite, went to the sal of the duties collected under Council Chamber, and having ta. the statutes of the Imperial Parlia. ken his seat, a message was sentment, for regulating the colonial to the Assembly, commanding their trade, has received the considera. attendance; on their entrance, his tion of his majesty's government; excellency opened the session with and I doubt not you will discern in the following speech :

the communication I am instructed Mr. President, and Gentlemen of to make to you, a fresh proof of

his Majesty's Council, Mr. Spea- that liberal policy towards the coker, and Gentlemen of the House lonies, which prevails in his Majes. of Assembly,

ty's councils. I have called you together at

The usual accounts and esti. the time which best accords with mates shall be laid before you,

and the ordinary course of public bu. I trust you will make the necessary siness, with the desire I have felt provision for the public service. to obtain early, for my administra. Mr. President, and Gentlemen of tion, the advantage


your council his Majesty's Council, Mr. Spea. and support.

ker, and Gentlemen of the House It is a great satisfaction to me, of Assembly, that I can rely with confidence for Fully sensible that it is my duty, this constitutional aid, on that tem. as it is my inclination, to execute per and public spirit which have the trust committed to me by my ever been so honourable to this sovereign with the utmost advan. legislature, and so productive of tage to the province, it has natu. successful consequence to its la. rally been my endeavour to make bours.

myself acquainted with the general

interests, and to ascertain how far extensively beneficial. A full re. the measures, recently adopted by port on this interesting subject shall the legislature, were on trial likely be submitted to you, so soon as the to produce the results for which commissioners in the several coun. they were contemplated.

ties shall supply the necessary de. The fisheries have, under the tails. encouragement you have afforded I shall freely communicate with them, been engaged in with spirit, you by message on all subjects and it is hoped, with advantage to touching the public interests, as the persons most interested in their occasions may arise ; in the fullest success; and although I am not assurance, that any suggestion yet enabled to give you all the in. which, by our labours, can be ren. formation desirable, in regard to dered subservient to the increase of the operation of your act for the general welfare, will not be promoting the establishment of recommended by me to your conschools, it appears to have been sideration in vain.


Quebec, November 21, 1828. province, if I did not look forward, A little before two o'clock his ex. with a sanguine hope, to the enjoy. cellency the administrator of the ment of your confidence, and your government came down in state cordial co-operation in my adminis. from the castle of St. Louis. Be. tration of the government. ing seated on the throne, his excel. Without a good understanding lency opened the session in the between the different branches of following speech :

the legislature, the public affairs Gentlemen of the Legislative of the colony cannot prosper; the Council,

evils which are now experienced, Gentlemen of the House of As. cannot be effectually cured, the sembly,

prosperity and welfare of his ma. His majesty having been most jesty's Canadian subjects cannot graciously pleased to confide to be promoted ; and you may there. me the government of this impor- fore believe that no exertions will tant colony, it affords me great be spared on my part, to promote satisfaction to meet you in provin. conciliation, by measures in which cial parliament.

the undoubted prerogatives of the Placed in a situation of so much crown, and your

constitutional priimportance, at a period of pecu. vileges, will be equally respected. liar difficulty, I cannot but feel that His majesty's government has, very arduous duties are imposed however, relieved me from the upon me: duties, indeed, which I responsibility attendant upon any should despair of being able to dis. measures to be adopted for the charge, to the satisfaction of his adjustment of the financial difficul. majesty, and his faithful and loyal ties that have unfortunately occursubjects the inhabitants of this red; and I shall take an early op.

portunity of conveying to you by useful acts as may have recently message, a communication from expired ; and, indeed, to all matters his majesty, which I have been es. of public interest that may appear pecially commanded to make to to be of pressing necessity and you upon the subject of the appro importance. priation of the provincial revenue. Possessing, as yet, but an imper.

It will be my duty to lay at the fect knowledge of the great inte. same time before you, the views of rests of the province, and the wants his majesty's government upon of its inhabitants, I refrain at the other topics, connected with the present time, from recommending government of this province, to to you measures of public improve. which the attention of the ministers ment, which it will be my duty to of the crown has been called ; you bring under your consideration at will see in them proofs of the a future day.-In all countries, earnest desire of his majesty's go. however, good roads and other vernment, to provide, as far as may internal communications ;-a gebe practicable, an effectual remedy neral system of education, estab. for any case of real grievance; lished upon sound principles ;and you may rely on my affording and a well-organized, efficient mi. you every assistance towards the litia force, are found to be so con. elucidation of any questions which ducive to the prosperity, the happi. may arise for discussion in the

ness, and the security of their in. course of your proceedings. habitants, that I may be permitted

Gentlemen of the House of Assem. to mention them, at present, as obbly,

jects of prominent utility. I shall direct the accounts of the But an oblivion of all past jeaprovincial revenue, and expendi- lousies and dissentions is the first ture of the last two years, to be great step towards improvement of laid before you, as soon as possi. any kind; and when that is happily ble, with every explanation re. accomplished, and the undivided specting them, which it is in my attention of the executive govern. power to afford you.

ment, and the legislature, shall be Gentlemen of the Legislative given to the advancement of the Council,

general interests of the province, Gentlemen of the House of Assem- in a spirit of cordial co-operation, bly,

there is no reason to doubt that Relying on your zeal and dili. Lower Canada will rapidly advance gence in the discharge of your le. in prosperity; and emulate, ere gislative duties, 1 feel persuaded long, the most opulent and flourish. that you will give your immediate ing portions of the North American attention to the renewal of such continent.


Legislative Council Chamber,

Friday, Nov. 28th. Lieutenant Colonel Yorke, civil secretary, brought down the fol.

lowing message from his excellen. cy the administrator in chief.


James Kempt.-His excellency

the administrator of the govern. his majesty's government have pre. ment avails himself of the earliest scribed to his excellency the limits opportunity of conveying to the within which his communications legislative council the following to the legislature on this matter are communication, which he has re. to be confined. ceived the king's commands to His excellency is commanded make to the provincial parliament. by his majesty to acquaint the le.

In laying the same before the le- gislative counsel, that the discus. gislative council, his excellency is sions which had occurred some commanded by his majesty to state, years past between the different that

branches of the legislature of this His majesty has received too province respecting the appropria. many proofs of the loyalty and at. tion of the revenue, have engaged tachment of his Canadian subjects, his majesty's serious attention, and to doubt their cheerful acquies. that he has directed careful en. cence in every effort which his quiry to be made, in what man. majesty's government shall make to ner these questions may be adjust. reconcile past differences, and he ed with a due regard to the prelooks forward to a period, when by rogative of the crown, as well as the return of harmony, all branches to their constitutional privileges, of the legislature will be able to and to the general welfare of his bestow their undivided attention on faithful subjects in Lower Canada. the best methods of advancing the His excellency is further comprosperity, and developing the re. manded to state. that the statutes sources of the extensive and valua. passed in the 14th and the 31st ble territories comprised within his years of the reign of his late majesty's Canadian provinces. majesty, have imposed upon the

With a view to the adjustment lords commissioners of his ma. of the question in controversy, his jesty's treasury, the duty of appromajesty's government has commu. priating the produce of the revenue nicated to his excellency Sir James granted to his majesty by the first Kempt its views different

of these statutes ; branches of this important subject;

and that, whilst the but as the complete settlement of

law shall continue the affairs of the province cannot


by the be effected but with the aid of the same authority by which it was imperial parliament, the instruc. framed, his majesty is not autho. tions of his excellency are at pre. rized to place the revenue under sent confined to the discussion of the control of the legislature of points alone, which can no longer this province. be left undecided without extreme The proceeds of the revenue disadvantage to the interests of the

có co os arising from the act of province.

the imperial parliament, Among the most material of these $ 14 Geo. 3. together with points, the first to be adverted to,

the sum appropriated by is, the proper disposal of the finance the provincial statute 35 cial resources of the country; and Geo. 3. and the duties levied under with the view of obviating all future the provincial statutes 41 Geo. 3. misunderstanding on this matter, cap. 18 and 14, may be estimated






3,000 Casual Reve. Fines, &c. 400


for the current year, at the sum of which the amount of the crown re. £3,700.

venues above mentioned may prove The produce and casual and ter. inadequate) may require.

ritorial revenues of The balance in the hands of the the crown and offines receiver general, which is not and forfeitures may placed by law at the disposal of be estimated for the the crown, must await the appro. same period at the priation which it may be the plea. sum of £3,400. sure of the provincial legislature to

These several sums, make. making together the


of His excellency is further com£38,100, constitute the whole esti. manded by his majesty to recom. matad revenue arising in this pro. mend to the legislative council, the vince, which the law has placed at enactment of a law, for the indemthe disposal of the crown.

nity of any persons who have here. His majesty has been pleased to tofore, without authority, signed or direct that from this collective re. acted in obedience to warrants for venue of £38,100, the salary of the the appropriation to the public ser. officers administering the govern. vice of any appropriated moneys of ment of the province, and the sala. this province : And his majesty ries of the judges, shall be defrayed. anticipates that they will, by an But his majesty being graciously acquiescence in this recommendadisposed to mark, in the strongest tion, show that they cheerfully conmanner, the confidence which he

cur with him in the efforts which reposes in the liberality and affec. he is now making for the establishtion of his faithtul provincial par. ment of a perinanent good underliament, has been pleased to com. standing betwee: the different mand his excellency to announce branches of the executive and le. to the legislative council, that no gislative government. farther appropriation of any part The proposals which his excel. of this revenue will be made until lency has been thus instructed to his excellency shall have been ena. make for the adjustment of the bled to become acquainted with their pecuniary affairs of the province, sentiments, as to the most advanta. are intended to meet the difficul. geous mode in which it can be ap- ties of the ensuing year, and he plied to the public service ; and it trusts they may be found effectual will be gratifying to his majesty, if for that purpose. the recommendation made to the His majesty has however fur. executive government of the pro. ther commanded his excellency to vince on this subject, shall be such acquaint the legislative council, that as it may be able with propriety, a scheme for the permanent set. and with due attention to the inte. tlement of the financial concerns rest and the efficiency of his ma. of Lower Canada, is in contemplajesty's government, to adopt. tion, and his majesty entertains no

His majesty fully relies upon the doubt of such a result being attain. liberality of his faithful provincial able as will prove conducive to the parliament, to make such further general welfare of the province, provision as the exigencies of the and satisfactory to his faithful Ca. public service of the province (for nadian subjects.

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