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Lubeck, Bremen, or Hamburg, or of our Lord one thousand eight either of them, on the other part, hundred and twenty-seven, in the shall have given notice of their in. fifty-second year of the Indepen. tention to terminate the same ; dence of the United States of Ame. each of the said contracting parties rica. [L. s.] H. CLAY. reserving to itself the right of giving

[L. 8.] V. RUMPFF. such notice to the other, at the end of the said term of twelve years :

The said Convention, and the and it is hereby agreed between respective ratifications of the same, them, that, at the expiration of were exchanged at Washington on twelve months after such shall have the second day of June, one thou. been received by either of the par. sand eight hundred and twenty. ties from the other, this Convention, eight, by Henry Clay, Secretary and all the provisions thereof, shall, of State of the United States, and altogether, cease and determine, Vincent Rumpff, Minister Plenipo. as far as regards the States giving tentiary of the free Hanseatic Re. and receiving such notice ; it being publics of Lubeck, Bremen, and always understood and agreed, Hamburg, near the said United that, if one or more of the Hansea. States, on the part of their respectic Republics aforesaid, shall, attive governments. the expiration of twelve years from the date hereof, give or receive notice of the proposed termination

An additional Article to the Con. of this Convention, it shall, never.

vention of the 20th December, 1827, theless, remain in full force and between the United States of America, operation, as far as regards the re

and the Hanseatic Republics of maining Hanseatic Republics, or

Lubeck, Bremen, and Hamburg, Republic,' which may not have

concluded and signed, at Washington, given or received such notice.

on the 4th day of June, 1828. ARTICLE XI.

The United States of America, The present Convention being and the Hanseatic Republics of Luapproved and ratified by the Presi. beck, Bremen, and Hamburg, wish. dent of the United States, by and ing to favour their mutual commerce with the advice and consent of by affording, in their ports, every the Senate thereof; and by the necessary assistance to their res. Senates of the Hanseatic Repub- pective vessels, the undersigned lics of Lubeck, Bremen, and Ham. Plenipotentiaries have further burg, the ratifications shall be agreed upon the following addi. exchanged at Washington within tional article to the Convention of nine months from the date hereof, friendship, commerce, and naviga. or sooner, if possible.

tion, concluded at Washington on In faith whereof, we, the pleni. the twentieth day of December, potentiaries of the contracting par. 1827, between the contracting parties, have signed the present Con. ties. vention, and have thereto affixed The Consuls and Vice-Consuls our seals.

may cause to be arrested the sailors, Done, in quadruplicate, at the being part of the crews of the ves. city of Washington, on the twen. sels of their respective countries, tieth day of December, in the year who shall have deserted from the

baid vessels, in order to send them shall have the same force and value back and transport them out of the as if it were inserted, word for word, country. For which purpose, the in the Convention signed at Washsaid Consuls and Vice-Consuls shall ington on the twentieth day of De. address themselves to the courts, cember, 1827, and being approved judges, and officers competent, and and ratified by the President of the shall demand the said deserters, in United States, by and with the ad. writing, proving, by an exhibition of vice and consent of the Senate the registers of the said vessels, or thereof, and by the Senates of ship’s roll, or other official docu. the Hanseatic Republics of Lubeck, ment, that those men were part of Bremen, and Hamburg, the ratifica. said crews; and on this demand tions shall be exchanged at Wash. being so proved, (saving, however, ington within nine months from the where the contrary is proved,) the date hereof, or sooner, if possible. delivery shall not be refused; and In faith whereof, we, the under. there shall be given all aid and as. signed, by virtue of our respective sistance to the said Consuls and full powers, have signed the present Vice-Consuls, for the search, additional article, and have thereto seizure, and arrest of the said de. affixed our seals serters, who shall even be detained Done, in quadruplicate, at the City and kept in the prisons of the coun. of Washington, on the fourth day try at their request and expense, of June, in the year of our Lord one until they shall have found opportu- thousand eight hundred and twentynity of sending them back. But, if eight. they be not sent back within two

[L. s.] H. CLAY. months, to be counted from the day

[L. s.] V. RUMPFF. of their arrest, they shall be set at liberty, and shall be no more ar. The said additional article, and rested for the same cause.

the respective ratifications of the It is understood, however, that if same, have, this day, been exchangthe deserter should be found to have ed at Washington, by Henry Clay, committed any crime or offence, his Secretary of State of the United surrender may be delayed until the States, and Anthony Charles Caze. tribunal before which the case shall nove, Consul of the Hanseatic Re. be depending shall have pronounced public of Bremen, and Vice-Consul its sentence, and such sentence of the Free Hanseatic Republic of shall have been carried into effect. Hamburg, on the part of their res

The present additional article poctive governments.




Frederickton, N. B., Council Chamber, rience, in my administration of the

December 9, 1828. government of this province. This being the day appointed for Although the revenue of the prethe meeting of the legislature, his sent year, may not be quite equal excellency the Lieutenant Gover to that of the past, yet, I am hapnor came in state to the Council py to have it in my power to say, Chamber, at 2 o'clock, and opened that in this contingent fluctuation, the session with the following which may be easily accounted speech :

for, there is nothing to apprehend Mr. President, and Gentlemen of for the future, and that the finan. his Majesty's Council ;

cial resources of the country are Mr. Speaker, and Gentlemen of the substantially sound and unimpaired. House of Assembly:

Mr. Speaker, and Gentlemen of the I have called you together at a

House of Assembly; season which is not, I fear, the The treasurer's accounts shall be most convenient, in consequence laid before you as soon as they can of having received an intimation be prepared: and I rely on your from his majesty's government, making provision for the ordinary which gave me every reason to ap: services of the province. prehend that at a later periodi I shall likewise cause to be laid should be deprived of the pleasure before you statements drawn up of meeting you in session, to bring by the person whom I have apforward some important business pointed to examine and report upon which I wish to recommend, in per. the expenditures of the public mo. son, to your consideration.

neys. In furtherance of those objects, To give the fullest and surest ef. and in your deliberations for the fect to a measure so important, I public good, I have no doubt that I instructed that gentleman, not only shall continue to receive that as. to make a strict and efficient audit sistance from your zeal, wisdom, of each and every account of exand loyalty, which I have hitherto penditure for the present year, but had the high satisfaction to expe. further to have retrospect to a pe

riod at which it appeared material commercial affairs of the country, to commence; and to carry for. it is highly consolatory to perceive ward by distinct years, a statement that the liberal grants which you showing the amount of appropria. have made, realized and promptly tions in each, so as to exbibit an ac. applied as they have been to the curate and comprehensive view of more important public works, have the state of the expenditure at the effected more than was contem. present time. Referring to those plated, or could, in other times, statements, and in due considera. have been accomplished with equal tion of the advances and heavy ex means. penses which have been incurred [After recommending the agri. on account of a yet recent calami. culture and the fisheries of the proty, I recommend the expediency of vince, as well as the institutions of making less liberal appropriations education and learning, to the con. than usual, for some of the extraor. tinued protection of the legislature; dinary and other services of the advising the erection of light houcountry: and a rigid observance of ses on the coast, &c., his excellen. economy, until those floating ad. cy proceeds :] vances are redeemed.

I have great satisfaction in ac. Mr. President, and Gentlemen of quainting you that, in compliance

his Majesty's Council ; with my representations, a measure Mr. Speaker, and Gentlemen of the has been adopted by his majesty's House of Assembly ;

government, for completing the ar. I am happy to acquaint you that mament of all the militia forces of various important operations of in. this province, without any charge ternal improvement have made upon its local funds. I shall have considerable advancement during occasion to communicate with you the present year. Had those re. by special message, on some ar. trenchments in the expenditure of rangements, relating to this importhe country, which I now recom tant subject. Confident, now, in mend, been suddenly introduced, the full efficiency of an excellent when the late severe depression militia system, to the formation of occurred, many of the public works which my attention has long been then under execution must have devoted, and which you have en. been suspended, and the country abled me to establish, by law. subjected to great additional dis. Provided with every requisite by tress, from the more general stag. which to render that system prac. nations so thrown upon her inter. tically efficient, when necessary; nal operations. Being enabled, by and convinced of the sentiments a particular arrangement, to keep and spirit which would animate those works in full activity, I deem. and inspire it for the defence and ed it highly expedient rather to security of the country, I congracause them to proceed with increas. tulate you on the perfection of a ed spirit, than to relax in exertions measure upon which so much re. which I perceived would be highly liance may justly be placed in the productive, as well as in other res day of need, and which, by a judipects beneficial.

The effect is cious exercise of the powers vested apparent: and in reviewing the in me, will be lightly felt by the past period of depression in the people, when no need is.

I re

commend this system to your con object of the measure ; and witis tinued support, in all its essential the extent to which New-Bruns. provisions.

wick may participate, with the other I took an early opportunity of North American provinces, and the bringing under the consideration West India colonies, generally, in of a former assembly, the expe.

a national work which it may fairly diency of ascertaining the practi. be considered will be beneficial to cability, and probable cost, of all. opening a water communication In a position one of the least reacross the narrow isthmus which mote from the parent state ; and separates the gulf of St. Lawrence remarkably favoured, in produc. from the bay of Fundy. The tions as well as in localities, for practicability of such an under constant and mutually advantageous taking has been satisfactorily as. intercourse with her, and with certained: but it would not have other of her colonies Protected been prudent for New Brunswick, by her power, and free to partici. to take the execution upon berself; pate in the benefits of her extend. and the circumstances of those ed commerce, which she adapts times were not altogether propi. with special regard to the interests tious for bringing it forward on ge. of these possessions with a rich neral grounds. But in the present and fertile soil, over which cultiva. state of the inter-colonial trade, the tion and its attendant benefits are accomplishment of this great pro. gradually extending their comforts ject becomes an object of so much and their blessings; or, where still national importance, that I have re. in a virgin state, abounding with commended it in the strongest valuable productions which will manner to the paternal considera- long enable this province to con. tion of his majesty's government, tribute to the commercial and ma. and to the governments of the ritime greatness of the empire, and adjoining provinces. Copies of at the same, if properly managed, my communications on this sub. to improve her own condition and ject, shall be laid before you. enrich herself-Intersected with Though not to be undertaken solely rivers, and other water communi. on New-Brunswick's account, this cations, extending from near the is a measure in which she is most centre where this capital is fast nearly concerned, and which could rising in consideration and impor. not proceed without your concur. tance, to every part of the sea. rence. In the documents which board, where, at the estuaries of have been prepared for your infor. noble rivers, a flourishing and po. mation, you will find reason suffi. pulous city, thriving towns, and cient to induce you to give to the dense communities, about to be. measure, the fullest consideration ; come such, have already arisenand, without giving any precise Surrounded by seas, teeming with pledge, these will incline you to af. sources of future wealth and pow. ford whatever conditional contribu. er; and not deficient, in the more tion may appear to correspond unexplored recesses of her soil, of with the particular position and other inherent resources, which at circumstances of this province, a suitable season, it will become viewed relatively with the general prudent and productive to develope

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