Beiträge zur Geschichte der politischen Ideen und der Regierungspraxis. ...

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R. Gaertner, 1892

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Halaman 131 - At the same time let the sovereign authority of this country over the colonies be asserted in as strong terms as can be devised, and be made to extend to every point of legislation whatsoever. That we may bind their trade, confine their manufactures, and exercise every power whatsoever, except that of taking their money out of their pockets without their consent.
Halaman 81 - ... the people have a right to act as supreme, and continue the legislative in themselves; or erect a new form, or under the old form place it in new hands, as they think good.
Halaman 79 - ... if any one shall claim a power to lay and levy taxes on the people by his own authority, and without such consent of the people, he thereby invades the fundamental law of property, and subverts the end of government.
Halaman 146 - ... to call a full and free representation of the people, and that the said representatives, if they think it necessary, establish such a form of government as, in their judgment, will best produce the happiness of the people and most effectually secure peace and good order in the colony during the continuance of the present dispute between Great Britain and the colonies.
Halaman 225 - ... afin que cette déclaration, constamment présente à tous les membres du corps social, leur rappelle sans cesse leurs droits et leurs devoirs...
Halaman 112 - ... by and with the advice, assent, and approbation of the freemen of the said country, or the greater part of them, or of their delegates or deputies...
Halaman 56 - Every friend of his country must lament that a Prince of so many great and amiable qualities, whom England truly reveres, can be brought to give the sanction of his sacred name to the most odious measures, and to the most unjustifiable public declarations from a throne ever renowned for truth, honour, and unsullied virtue.
Halaman 226 - Denn wer leugnet es wohl, daß hoch sich das Herz ihm erhoben, Ihm die freiere Brust mit reineren Pulsen geschlagen, Als sich der erste Glanz der neuen Sonne heranhob, Als man hörte vom Rechte der Menschen, das allen gemein sei, Von der begeisternden Freiheit und von der löblichen Gleichheit!
Halaman 225 - Assemblée nationale, considérant que l'ignorance, l'oubli ou le mépris des droits de l'homme sont les seules causes des malheurs publics et de la corruption des gouvernements, ont résolu d'exposer, dans une déclaration solennelle, les droits naturels, inaliénables et sacrés de l'homme...
Halaman 57 - N° 45, is a false, scandalous, and seditious Libel, containing Expressions of the most unexampled Insolence and Contumely towards His Majesty, the grossest Aspersions upon both Houses of Parliament, and the most audacious Defiance of the Authority of the whole Legislature...

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