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R. S., Part I-Continued. CHAPTER XV-Continued. 1R. S.

Title 4.Of the disbursement of the school moneys by the supervisors,

and of some of their special powers, duties and liabilities
under this act....

Title 5.—Of the duties of the town clerk under this act................. 1284
Title 6.-Of the formation, dissolution and alteration of school dis-
tricts and separate neighborhoods...........

Title 7.- Of school district and neighborhood meetings, and of the

choice, duties and powers of school district and neighbor-
hood officers......

Article 1.-Of school district and neighborhood meetings, the voters, and
their powers generally..

Article 2.- Of district school houses and sites.

Article 3.–Of the qualification, election, choice and terms of office of

district and neighborhood officer's, and of vacancies in
such offices......

Article 4.-Of the duties of the neighborhood clerk, and of the district
clerk and librarian....

Article 5.-Of the pupils and teachers

Article 6.-Of the trustees, their powers and duties; and herein of rate
bills, school taxes, and annual reports.

Article 7.-Of the assessment of district taxes, and the collection of

such taxes and rate bills; and herein of the collector,
his powers, duties and liability .....

Title 8.–Of school district libraries, and the application of library

1304 Title 9.-Of union free schools...

1306 Title 10.—Of schools for colored children....

1313 Title 11.–Of teachers' institutes.......

1313. Title 12.Of appeals to the superintendent of public instruction.... 1315 Title 13.-Miscellaneous provisions.......

1316 [Other statutes relating to public instruction]-

1318 497 Title III.-Of the duties of the superintendent of common schools,

in relation to the instruction of the deaf and dumb. 1334 497 Title IV.–Of the gospel and school lots

1335 499 Title V.-Of the Lewiston school fund.....

1337 Title 54 - Miscellaneous statutes relating to education......... 1338




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Of highways, bridges, and ferries

Title 1.—Of highways and bridges.......

......... 1346 Article 1.–Of the officers entrusted with the care and superintendence of

highways and bridges ; and their general powers and duties. 1346 Article 2.–Of the persons liable to work on highways, and the making of assessments therefor.....

1357 Article 24.-Of assessments and taxation for working and repairing highways....

Article 3.–Of the duties of overseers in regard to the performance of

labor upon highways; and of the performance of such
labor or the commutation therefor...

Article 4.–Of the laying out of public and private roads, and of the alter-
ation or discontinuance thereof.

Article 5.-Regulations and penalties concerning the obstruction of high-
ways, and encroachments thereon....

Article 6.--Of the erection, repairing and preservation of bridges.. 1392
Article 7.-Miscellaneous provisions of a general nature.

1397 Article 74.-Of streams as public highways...

1403 Title II.-Of the regulation of ferries ..


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524 545


R. S., Part I-Continued.

CHAPTER XVII. 1 R. S. 628 Of the regulation of trade in certain cases.

1408 528 Title 1.-Of sales by auctioneers....

1408 Title 14.–Of keepers of hotels, inns, taverns and boardinghouses ...

1419 Title 18.-Of keepers of livery stables, and other bailees of horses. 1422 535 Title II.–Of the inspection of provisions, produce, and merchandise. 1422 536 Article 1.-Of the inspection of flour and meal

1423 541 Article 2.-Of the inspection of beef and pork ..

1424 546 Article 3.-Of the inspection of pot and pearl ashes.

1426 (Abrogated.] 551 Article 4.-Of the inspection of fish..

1426 [Abrogated.] 554 Article 5.-Of the inspection of fish or liver oil ....

1426 [Abrogated.] 555 Article 6.-Of the inspection of lumber .....

1426 [Abrogated.] 558 Article 7.—of the inspection and culling of staves and heading

1426 [Abrogated.] 562 Article 8.-Of the inspection of flax-seed ....

1426 [Abrogated.] 564

1426 (Abrospection of sole leather. 565 Article 10.-Of the inspection of hops...

1426 567 Article 11.–Of the inspection of distilled spirits ...

1427 : 568 Article 12.-Of the inspection of leaf tobacco, in the city of New York... 1427

[Abrogated.] 570 Article 13.-General provisions ....

1427 573 Title III.-Of the tare of butter firkins, and the packing and sale of pressed hay

1428 575 Title IV -Of hawkers and pedlers

1430 Title 44.Of the manufacture and sale of various articles not before enumerated

1432 Article 1.-Illuminating fluids, other than sperm or whale oil. 1433 Article 2.-Sperm and whale oils....

1436 Article 3.-Beer, mineral waters, and other articles sold in casks, bottles, etc...

1437 Article 4.- Apples, potatoes, and other articles sold in barrels. 1440 Article 5.- Milk, butter, and cheese, and the imitations and adul

terations thereof; the State dairy commissioner,
and his powers and duties..

Article 6.- Manufacture and sale of other articles, and gene-
ral regulations of traffic.....


CHAPTER XVIII. 577 Of incorporations...

1462 577 Title 1.-Of turnpike corporations......

1463 577

Article 1.-Of the mode of incorporating turnpike companies, and of
the choice and power of the directors..

1463 580

Article 2.-Of the construction of the road and of the appraisment of

1467 584 Article 3.-Of tolls, and their collection...

1470 585

Article 4.-General provisions embracing corporations now existing. 1472
Article 44.The general act for the incorporation of plank

road and turnpike road companies, and the acts

additional and supplementary thereto.... 1477 Article 4B.-The general act for the incorporation of bridge con

panies, and the acts additional and supplemen-
tary thereto.


R. S., Part I-Continued.
IR, S.
588 Title 11.-Of monied corporations.....

.... 1514
Title 24.- Of moneyed corporations generally; of banks and

savings banks, and regulations concerning the
business of banking...

1514 [L. 1882, Chap. 409—An act to revise the statutes of this State relating to banks, banking, and trust companies...

1514 Chapter 1.-The banking department..

1514 Chapter 2.-Examinations of banks, banking associations, and individual bankers ...

1517 Chapter 3.- Reports to and by the superintendent.

1519 Chapter 4.-General provisions relating to banks, banking associations, and individual bankers ......

1521 Chapter 5.-Circulation.

Chapter 6.- Provisions to enforce the responsibility of stockholders.. 1542
Chapter 7.-Changes from State to national, and from national to
State banks

1550 Chapter 8.-Regulations in relation to moneyed corporations

1553 Chapter 9.- Moneyed corporations, other than banks, institutions for savings, and insurance companies..

1558 Chapter 10.-Savings banks

1562 Chapter 11.-Prohibitions against unauthorized banking

1577 Chapter 12.- Taxation

1579 [Subsequent acts relating to this subject].

1583 [Acts relating to banking, passed before the general act of 1882, and left unrepealed]-.

1584 Title 2B.–Of loan and trust companies, and other corporations under the control of the banking depart

1587 Article 1.-Building, mutual loan, and accumulating fund associations.

1587 Article 2.-Co-operative savings and loan associations.. 1592 Article 3.- Trust companies....

1596 Article 4.--Corporations for safe keeping and guarantying personal property


ment ......


(CHAPTER XVIII-Continued.)
Title 24.-of insurance corporations, and regulations re-
specting the business of insurance....

1608 Article 1.-The insurance department

1608 Article 2.- Foreign insurance companies doing business within the State

1613 Article 3.-Marine insurance companies

1627 Article 4.–Fire and inland navigation and transportation insurance companies. ...

1640 Article 5.—Life, health and casualty insurance companies...

1664 Article 6.—Provisions relating to companies enume

rated in two or more of the foregoing

1689 Article 7.-Town and county co-operative fire and lightning insurance companies ...,

1697 Article 8.Life or casualty insurance companies upon

the co-operative or assessment plan...... 1703

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tions .........

R. S., Part I-Continued. CHAPTER XVIII-Continued. 1 R. S.

Article 9.—Corporations to examine titles, and to guar

anty the same, and bonds and mortgages. 1712 Article 10.-Corporations to guaranty and indemnify credit ......

1719 599 Title III.—Of the general powers, privileges and liabilities of corporations ....

1723 [Provisions relating generally to the officers of corporations] ----. 1725 601 Title IV.-Special provisions relating to certain corporations ..... 1727 Title 44.-Of railroad corporations......

1738 Article 1.The general railroad incorporating acts, and

provisions relating exclusively to corpora-
tions organized thereunder'.

1738 Article 2.- Provisions relating to the powers, duties

and liabilities of railroad corporations,
irrespective of the mode of creation there-
of, including foreign railroad corpora-

1771 Article 3.-—Provisions relating generally to the operating

of railroads, and the transaction of the
other ordinary business of railroad com-
panies ...

1797 Article 4.- Horse and street railroads..

1807 Article 5.-County railroads and private railroads. 1820 Article 6.-- The board of railroad commissioners ; and its powers and duties.

1840 Title 4".-Of corporations for transportation on land or water by other means than railroads...

1847 Article 1.-Ferry companies.....

1847 Article 2.Companies to navigate the ocean.

1849 Article 3.-Companies to navigate the lakes and rivers. 1853 Article 4.Pipe line companies ....

1862 Article 5.--Stage coach companies

1876 Article 6.— Tramway companies

1879 Title 4o.-Of corporations for religious, benevolent, scientific or charitable purposes

1881 Article 1.- Religious incorporations

1881 Article 2.Corporations for parsonages and camp

grounds in connection with the Methodist
Episcopal church .....

1919 Article 3.-Benevolent, charitable, scientific, and missionary corporations.

1922 Article 4.Corporations to prevent and punish cruelty to children....

1931 Article 5.-Corporations to prevent cruelty to animals.. 1932 Article 6.- Young men's Christian associations..

1933 Title 40.–Of cemetery corporations and cemeteries ..... 1935 Title 4.–Of corporations for manufacturing, mining, me

chanical and certain other industrial purposes. 1948 Article 1.-General acts for the incorporation of man

ufacturing companies, passed before the
Revised Statutes

1948 Article 2.General acts for the incorporation of con

panies for manufacturing, mining, me-
chanical and certain other industrial

purposes, passed since the Revised Statutes. 1952 Article 3.Business corporations, with limited or un

limited liability of stockholders, as regu-
lated by the act of 1875, and the statutes
supplementary thereto...


R. S., Part I--Continued. CHAPTER XVIII-Continued. 1 R. S.

Title 4F.—Of corporations for acquiring, holding, managing

and selling real property, and erecting and using buildings and other improvements thereирот....

1991 Article 1.-Corporations for erecting buildings, docks,

and wharves, buying and selling lands,
erecting and using elevators, and making

and dealing in building materials.. 1991 Article 2.- Corporations for erecting and keeping hotels. 2001 Article 3.-Corporations to make and hold parks for

skating, driving and other purposes, and

sporting grounds..... Article 4.- Homestead corporations

2009 Article 5.Corporations for erecting, etc., union railway stations ....

2013 Article 6.-Corporations to provide parks and playgrounds for children.

2013 Title 49-Of corporations for agricultural and horticultural

purposes, and provisions relating generally to
agriculture and horticulture.....

2015 Article 1.-- Corporations for agricultural and horticultural purposes .

2015 Article 2.- Provisions for the promotion of agriculture and horticulture

2018 Title 4".–Of corporations for social, literary, æsthetic, political or recreative purposes......

2021 Article 1.-Clubs or societies for social, recreative, and other lawful purposes.

2021 Article 2.–Political clubs

2027 Article 3.- Associations of alumni of literary institutions.

2029 Article 4.-Bar associations

2031 Article 5.— Library corporations, and provisions relating to libraries ...

2033 Article 6.Fine arts and musical corporations.

2044 Title 41.–Of various corporations for purposes other than those before enumerated .......

2045 Article 1.-Co-operative and workingmen's unions .... 2045 Article 2.- Water-works companies...

2047 Article 3.- Fire, hose, and hook and ladder companies. 2055 Article 4.- Exchanges or boards of trade ...,

2057 Article 5.-Soldiers' monument corporations.

2058 Article 6.- Telegraph corporations and telegraphy. 2060 Article 7.--Corporations to improve the breed of

domestic animals and birds, and to pro-
tect and insure against and punish the

larceny thereof, and for fish culture.... 2067
Article 8.-Gas-light corporations, inspection of gas

2075 Article 9.-Corporations to procure and traffic in guano. 2084

Article 10.-Corporations to educate and train nurses.. 2087 Title 4'.- Of certain quasi or partial corporations....

2088 Article 1.-Joint stock associations .....

2018 Article 2.- Masons' and odd fellows' lodges..



605 Of the computation of time; of weights and measures; and the

2096 605 Title I.-Of the computation of time.......

of account...


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