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R. S., Part 1-Continued. CHAPTER IX-Continued. 1 R. S. 197 Article 1.-Of the genera, powers and duties of the commissioners of the land-office...

617 199 Article 2.-Of the survey and appraisement of unappropriated lands, previous to sale....

621 200 Article 3.-Of the sale of unappropriated lands, and the execution of grants therefor. ......

623 208 Article 4.-Of grants of land under water .

633 209 Article 5.—Regulations concerning the protection of the public lands, and the payment of charges thereon......

634 210 Article 6.-Of the duties of the commissioners of the land-office, in regard to lands belonging to the canal fund. .....

636 Titlo 54.–Of the forest commission ; and its powers and

duties, and regulations for the preservation of
forests ....

637 Title 55.-Of the State reservation at Niagara; and the commissioners thereof......

644 Title -Of the State agricultural experiment station..... 649 211 Title VI.—Of mortgages to the people of this state, and the foreclosure thereof........

651 212 Title VII.—Of the public buildings and erections....

655 Title 74.Of the commissioner of the new capitol ; and the

superintendent of public buildings; and their
powers and duties.....

658 Title 78.Of the new capitol.....

660 Title 7C.-Of Washington's headquarters in Newburgh..... 670. Title 70.-Of the New York State soldiers' and sailors' home. 673 Title 78.-of the senate house at Kingston......

675 215 Title VIII.-Of the State library........

676 Title 84.–Of other libraries belonging to the State.......... 679 Title 88.–Of the State museums and cabinets....

687 217 Title IX.-Of the canals

691 217 Article 1.-Designation and description of the canals.

691 Article 14:—of the sale or other disposition of certain lateral

canals, and other rights and property connected
therewith ..........

697 219 Article 2.-Of the canal commissioners and their general powers and duties ......

716 Article 24.–Of the superintendent and assistant superintend

ents of public works ; of the State engineer and
surveyor ; of the division and resident engineers ;
and their powers and duties ..

722 226 Article 3.-Of the appraisement of damages.

730 229 Article 4.-Of the canal board, their powers and duties. ...

737 230 Article 5.—Of water privileges, and the sale of surplus waters

746 236

Article 6.-Of the superintendents of repairs, and the collectors of tolls.. 752 238 Article 7.--Regulation and penalties concerning the navigation of the canals, and the collection of tolls....

754 Article 74.-Steain and other mechanical towage

765 247

Article 8.—Regulations and penalties concerning the protection and main-
tenance of the canals. ......

771 249 Article 9.-Miscellaneous provisions of a general nature

776 252 Title X. Of the salt springs

789 [Repealed.) [Acts relating to the salt springs]

789 [L. 1859, Chap. 346-An act concerning the salt springs and the manufacture of salt) ....







R, S., Part I-Continued.
CHAPTER IX-Continued.
1 R. S.

Article 1.-General provisions..
Article 2.-Of the officers entrusted with the superintendence of

the salt springs .
Article 3.-Of the general duties, powers and liabilities of the

officers connected with the salt springs ....
Article 4.- Regulations and penalties concerning the use of the

salt water and the manufacture of salt ....
Article 5.— Regulations and penalties concerning the inspection,

packing and removal of salt, and the payment of

duties thereon
Article 6.—Miscellaneous provisions applicable to the salt

springs ......

Article 7.-Of the salt springs at Montezuma [Subsequent statutes relating to this subject] 281

Title XI.Of the interest of the State in mines....... 283 Title XII.–Of escheats.......

[Repealed.] [Subsequent acts relating to escheats] 284 Title XIII.Of the recovery of forfeited estates...........................


811 813 813

817 820

820 822



823 823

824 824

825 827

CHAPTER X. 286 Of the militia, and the public defence

Title 10^.-The Military Code of the State, and other pro-

visions relating to the national guard
[The Military Code; L. 1883, Chap. 299] -..

Article 1.- Persons subject to military duty.....
Article 2.- Enrolment of persons liable to military duty.....
Article 3.-Organization of the national guard of the State of

New York ...
Article 4.-Staff departments and duties..
Article 5.-Election and appointment of commissioned and

non-cominissioned officers. .
Article 6.- Enlistment and transfer.
Article 7.-Discharges of commissioned officers and enlisted men
Article 8.-Of arms, uniforms and equipments.
Article 9.-Armories.
Article 10.--Military duty required..
Article 11.-Invasion, insurrection, and breaches of the peace..
Article 12.-Rifle practice.....
Article 13.-Pay and allowances.
Article 14.—Military courts..

Article 15.-General provisions...
[Other statutes relating to the national guard).
Title 10B.-Of the bureau of records of the war of the re-

bellion, and the State repository for relics and
memorials of that war....

830 833 834 836 838 841 844 845 847 849 856 859



CHAPTER XI. 336 Of the powers, duties and privileges of towns.. 337 Title 1.–Of towns, as bodies corporate.......



R. S., Part I-Continued.
CHAPTER XI-Continued.
I R. S.

Article 1.-Of the powers and rights of towns, as bodies corporate. ... 877 337

Article 2.-Of the effects of the division of a town, on its corporate rights
and liabilities. ......

878 339 Title II.—Of town-meetings, and the time, purposes and manner of holding them....................

879 339 Article 1.-Of annual and special town-meetings....

879 342 Article 2.–Of the mode of conducting town-meetings.

884 343 Title III.-Of the election and qualifications of town officers, and the tenure of their offices.........

888 343 Article 1.-Of the election of town officers.......

888 344 Article 2.-Of the qualifications of town officers, and the tenure of their offices....

889 347

Article 3.-Of vacancies in town offices and the mode of supplying them. 894 Title 34.—Town business in counties of more than three hundred thousand inhabitants

895 348 Title IV.-Of the general duties of certain town officers, and of various matters connected therewith....

898 348 Article 1.-Duties of the supervisor..

898 350

Article 2.–Duties of the town clerk.. 350 Article 3.-Of strays...

901 353 Article 4.-Of division and other fences ......

903 355 Article 5.-Of the board of auditors of town accounts.

906 366

Article 6.-Of the compensation of town officers. 356 Title V. Of legal proceedings in favor of and against towns...... 912 358 Title VI.—Miscellaneous provisions of a general nature

913 359 Title VII.-Local and special provisions

927 Title 74 -Provisions relating collectively to towns, villages,

cities, and counties, or any two of them......... 931 Article 1.- Miscellaneous provisions ...

931 Article 2.- Provisions relating to debts generally 940 Article 3.-Provisions relating to aid in the construc

tion of railroads, and the debts created

946 Title 78.-Of villages

961 Article 1.-Of the incorporation of villages ....

961 Article 2.- Miscellaneous provisions, relating to incor

porated and unincorporated villages,
and the officers thereof...

991 Title 7-Of cities






364 364 365


Of the powers, duties and privileges of counties, and of certain
county officers....

1018 Title 1.--Of counties as bodies corporate ............

.... 1018 Article 1.-Of the powers and rights of counties as bodies corporate ..., 1018 Article 2.-Of the effects of a division of a county, on its corporate rights and liabilities ......

1019 Title II.-Of certain duties of county officers, and of various matters connected therewith

1019 Article 1.-Of the board of supervisors.

1019 Article 2.-Of the county treasurer

1048 Article 3.-Of loan officers and commissioners of loans

1055 [Abrogated.] Article 4.-Of the clerks of counties ......

1055 Also of registers of deeds...



366 368 371


R. S., Part I-Continued. CHAPTER XII-Continued. 1 R. S. 378 Article 5.--Of sheriffs and coroners

1061 382 Article 6.-Of surrogates..

1065 382 Article 7.-Of district-attornies.....

1066 Article 74.-of the compensation of certain county officers. 1071 384 Title III.-Of legal proceedings in favor of, and against counties ... 1077 385 Title IV.—Miscellaneous and special provisions.........




387 389

389 390




Of the assessment and collection of taxes

1082 Title 1.-Of the property liable to taxation .....

......... 1082 Title II.—Of the place and manner in which property is to be assessed ......

1093 Article 1.-Of the place in which property is to be assessed.

1093 Article 2.-Of the manner in which assessments are to be made, and the duties of the assessors.

1096 Article 3.-Of the equalization of the assessments, and the correction of the assessment-rolls .

1104 Title III.Of the collection of taxes, the disposition to be made of

the monies collected, and the proceedings in relation
to unpaid taxes......

...... 1116
Article 1.-Of the manner in which taxes are to be collected, and the
duties of the collector .....

1116 Article 2.-Of the payments and returns to be made by the county treas

urers, and the duty of the comptroller, and other officers

Article 3.—of sales for unpaid taxes and the conveyance and redemption
of lands sold.

1125 [Repealed.) [Acts relating to the same subject]

1126 Title IV.-Regulations concerning the assessment of taxes on in

corporated companies, and the commutation or collec-
tion thereof......

1149 Title V.-Miscellaneous provisions of a general nature.

1159 Title VI.-Special and local provisions





418 421




Of the public health.....

1164 Title I.—Of the officers of health in the city of New York....... 1164

Title II.-Of quarantine and regulations in the nature of quar-
antine, at the port of New York...........

[Subsequent acts relating to quarantine and the health officer of
the port of New York.].

1165 Title III.-Internal regulations for the preservation of the public health in the city of New York............

1183 Article 1.–Of certain duties and powers of the board of health, the mayor, and commissioners of health ......



1183 Article 2.-Of the duties of physicians and other persons

1185 Article 3.-Prohibitions and penalties. .....


441 442

R. S., Part I-Continued. CHAPTER XIV-Continued. 1 R. S. 444 Title IV. Of the marine hospital and its funds........

... 1187 446

Title V.-General provisions applicable to the city of New York.... 1189 448 Title VI.--Regulations for the preservation of public health in other ports and places of the State......

... 1190 Title 64.Subsequent statutes, relating generally to the public

health, to vital statistics, and the adulteration of
certain articles of food, drink and medicine,

including the State board of health............. 1194 451 Title VII.-General regulations concerning the practice of physic and surgery in this State.....

1212 Title 74.-General regulations concerning the practice of veterinary medicine and surgery....

1230 Title 7B.-General regulations concerning the practice of dentistry ...

1231 Title 70.-The State board of pharmacy; and other general

regulations affecting apothecaries and druggists. 1234

schools ......

CHAPTER XV. 456 Of public instruction...

1238 456 Title 1.—Of the university of this State, and of the foundation and

government of colleges, academies, and select schools. 1238 456

Article 1.-Of the organization and powers of the board of regents... 1238 460 Article 2.-Of the powers and duties of the trustees of colleges..

1245 461 Article 3.-Of the foundation of academies......

1251 462 Article 4.–Of the powers and duties of trustees of academies....

1252 463

Article 5.-General provisions applicable to colleges and academies 1254 464 Article 6.-Of the foundation and government of Lancasterian or select

1258 Title 14.–Of the State normal school; the State normal and

training schools, and other training schools for

1259 467 Title II.-Of common schools......

1267 [Repealed.] Title 24.–Of the superintendent of public instruction, and

the general acts relating to public instruction...... 1267 [L. 1864, Chap. 555An act to revise and consolidate the general acts relating to public instruction)...

1267 Title 1.-Of the superintendent of public instruction, his election and general powers and duties........

... 1268 Title 2.of the school commissioners, their election, powers and duties.......

.... 1271 Title 3.Of the State and other school moneys, their apportionment

and distribution ; and herein of trusts and gifts for the
benefit of common schools..........

1275 Article 1.-Of the State school moneys, and their apportionment by the

superintendent of public instruction, and payment to the
county and city treasurers..

1275 Article 2.-Of trusts for the benefit of common schools, and of town

school funds, fines, penalties, and other moneys held or
given for their benefit.

1278 Article 3.-Of the apportionment of the State school moneys, and of

other school moneys by the school commissioners, and their payment to the supervisors ....


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