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Halaman 312 - B. In any other environment if such explosion causes radioactive debris to be present outside the territorial limits of the state under whose jurisdiction or control such explosion is conducted.
Halaman 488 - Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, thank you very much for the opportunity to...
Halaman 244 - The committee will stand in recess, subject to the call of the Chair. Thank you very much. [Whereupon, at 12:11 pm, Thursday, May 25, the subcommittee was recessed, to reconvene at the call of the Chair...
Halaman 5 - ... conversion requirements and provide the information you require in order to make the difficult decisions which lie ahead. The Navy requires a balanced mix of ships and capability to provide adequate forces to permit a flexible response in conventional warfare and a secure nuclear deterrent force. We must retain sufficient naval forces to support the national strategy and. to permit our national leadership a choice of responses over the full range of threats to our national security and treaty...
Halaman 68 - Administration (MARAD). According to MARAD records, $782.7 million was spent from June 1980 through June 1982 alone. Some of these funds were spent under the Cost Accounting Standard 414, "Cost of Money as an Element of the Cost of Facilities Capital," for example, $108.7M by Newport News and Electric Boat during calendar 1980-1982.
Halaman 141 - June 24, the subcommittee was recessed to reconvene at the call of the Chair.] DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE APPROPRIATIONS FOR FISCAL YEAR...
Halaman 95 - Major General Francis S. Greenlief joined the staff of the National Guard Association of the United States in September 1974, after retiring as Chief, National Guard Bureau on 1 July 1974. He was appointed the Executive Vice President of the 48,000-momber Association in September 1975.
Halaman 95 - He enlisted in Company G, 134th Infantry, Nebraska National Guard in Hastings on 5 July 1940, and was ordered to active duty with his unit on 23 December 1940 as a corporal. At the time of his entrance to Infantry Officer Candidate School in May 1942, he was Acting First Sergeant of the same Company.
Halaman 281 - US SENATE, SUBCOMMITTEE OF THE COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS, Washington, DC. The subcommittee met at 10:05 am, in room SD-192, Dirksen Senate Office Building, Hon. Ted Stevens (chairman) presiding. Present: Senators Stevens, Cochran, Inouye, Bumpers, and Harkin.

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