Multilingual Glossary of Human Settlements Terms

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UN-HABITAT, 1992 - 310 halaman
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Halaman 63 - A housing unit is a house, an apartment, a group of rooms, or a single room occupied or intended for occupancy as separate living quarters.
Halaman 53 - Skeleton Construction. A form of building construction wherein all external and internal loads and stresses are transmitted to the foundations by a rigidly connected framework of metal or reinforced concrete. The enclosing walls are supported by girders at each story.
Halaman 48 - family," as used in this report, refers to a group of two or more persons related by blood, marriage, or adoption and residing together; all such persons are considered as members of the same family.
Halaman 46 - A group with a common cultural tradition and a sense of identity which exists as a subgroup of a larger society.
Halaman 9 - Blocking: A method of bonding two adjoining or intersecting walls, not built at the same time, by means of offsets whose vertical dimensions are not less than 8 in.
Halaman 48 - RatclifFs definition of the filtering concept is a neat case of implicit theorizing; he describes filtering down as "the changing of occupancy as the housing that is occupied by one income group becomes available to the next lower income group as a result of decline in market price...
Halaman 7 - SN: A group of simple inter-related services to meet the basic needs of the rural and urban poor of developing countries, especially in the fields of education, health and nutrition...
Halaman 44 - Webster's dictionary defines engineering as "the application of scientific principles to practical ends as the design, construction, and operation of efficient and economical structures, equipment and systems".
Halaman 53 - Garbage shall mean the animal and vegetable waste resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking, and consumption of food.
Halaman 51 - The ratio of the total floor area of a building to the site area on which the building is located.

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