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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1921, by

CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington.



Acts of Aggression which the | No. 12. Injuries Arising Out Of and in the

Courts Will Permit Without Imposing

Course of Employment-IV-As Af-
Liability for Consequent Injuries. By

fected by Disease, Pre-existing or Sub-

Albert Levitt, 6.

sequently Arising. By C. P. Berry, 210.

No. 2. Megality Under the Negotiable In- | No. 13. The Custody of an Infant-1-Gen-

struments Law. By H. W. Danforth,

eral Survey of the Interests Involved.


By Albert Levitt, 228.

| No. 14. Is the Reformed Procedure De-
No. 3. Does the Volstead or Prohibition Act

stroying Equity. By F. Dumont Smith,

Repeal State Restrictive Prohibition


or Tax Laws? By Wayne B. Wheeler,

The Custody of an Infant-II-Inter-


ests Secured by the Decided Cases.

Liability of Restaurant Keeper for

By Albert Levitt, 250.

Serving Deleterious Food. By C. P.

No. 15. The Domicile of an Infant-1-While
Berry, 48.

the Infant's Father is Alive. By Albert

No. 4. The Aftermath of Codification. By

Levitt, 264.

Nathan Isaacs, 65.

No. 16. The Domicile of an Infant-11-Af-

ter the Infant's Father Dies. By Al-

No. 5. The Municipal Court of Chicago-

bert Levitt, 282.

Its Adoption and Organization. By

Harry Olson, 81.

| No. 17. Industrial Coercion. By Donald

MacKay, 299.

No. 6. The Psychopathic Laboratory of

Failure of Bank to Apply Maker's
the Municipal Court of Chicago. By

Deposit to Over Due Paper. By James

Harry Olson, 102.

M. Kerr, 301.

No. 7. The Rights of Women as Citizens. | No. 18. Procedure in Income Tax Cases.

By Fred H. Peterson, 120.

By Walter E. Barton, 319.

Validity of Marriage Where Laws of

State Forbid Divorced Persons From

No. 19. John Marshall. By C. J. Ramage,

Remarrying. By Wm. M. Rockel, 123.


Interesting British Decisions in

No. 8. The Power of Congress to Estab-

Banking Practice. By Donald Mac-

lish Peace. By Charles S. Thomas,

Kay, 339.


No. 20. The Future of the Federal Income

No. 9. Injuries Arising Out of and in the

Tax. By Robert Miller, 354.

Course of Employment —1— General | No. 21. Price Regulation. By Edgar Wat-
Consideration. By C. P. Berry, 156.

kins, 372.
No. 10. Injuries Arising Out Of and in the No. 22. A Passive Situation as a Proximate
Course of Employment-11-Going To

Cause. By Albert Levitt, 390.
and From Work. By C. P. Berry, 176. No. 23. Lawyers of Ancient Rome. By Ed-

ward J. White, 407.

11. Agreement by Public Officer to

Render Services for Less Than Com | No. 24. Conditions in English Shipping

pensation Fixed by Law as a Valid

Documents. By Donald MacKay, 430.

Agreement When Executed. By Dew-

Application of the Scintilla Rule by

ey A. Dye, 192.

the Courts. By S. D. Rouse, 431.
Injuries Arising Out Of and in the No. 25. Contracting Out. By Donald Mac-
Course of Employment- III — During

kay, 447.
Cessation of Work. By C. P. Berry,

Is There a Resurrection at the Bar?


By Fred H. Peterson, 448.

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This list includes only those cases commented upon editorially or in our Notes of Important
Decisions, or in full annotated. The abbreviation Ed., indicates editorially-R. D., cases com:
mented upon in our Notes of Important Decisions, and ann. case, annotated case.

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