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Be it enacted by metrica in Congreut assembled,

Federal Land
Policy and
Ad al 1976

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ACT OF 1976

For Legislalite History of deli see p. 6175
An Act to establish public and policy: to establish guidelines for its adminis.

tration; to provide for the management, protection, development, and en.
hancement of the public lands; and for other purposes.

the Senate and House of Represenlatives of the
United States of

Sec. 101. Short title.
dec. 102 Declaration of polles.
See, 103. Dednitions

Sec. 201. Inventory and identification.
Sec. 202 Land use planning.
Sec. 203. Sales
Sec. 204. Withdrawals.

206 Acquisitions.
Sec. 208. Exchanges


and conveyance of mineral Interest

210. Coordination with state and local goveromeats.
Sec. 211.

Omitted lands.
Sec. 212. Recreation and Public Purposes Act
Sec. 213. National forest townsites
Sec. 214. Unintentional Trespass Act.

Sec 801. BLM directorate and functions
Sec. 202 Management of use, occupancy, and development
Sec. 303. Enforcement authority.
Sec. 304. Service charges and relmbursements.

and forfelturen
Sec. 300.

capital fund.

agreements, and contributions

surveys and resource protection.

councils and public participation

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and rescue.

in government
Sec. 316, Correction of conveyance documents
Sec. 317. Mineral

Sec. 318 Appropriation authorlzation.

Sec. 401. Orslag fees
Sec. 402 Onsing leaves and permite
Sec. 406. Oruslag advisory boarde.
Sec. 104. Management of certa la horses and berros.

Nec 801. Aathorization to runt rights of wey.
Sec. 502 Coet-share rond authorisation
Sec. 503. Corridor
Sec. 801. General provisions
Sec. sav. Terms and conditions
Hec. 000. Suspension and tertolnation of rightool way.
Sec. 207. Rights of way for Federal agencies
Sec. 500. Courgence of lande

90 STAT. 2743 P.L. 94379


P.L 94578

LAWS OF 94th CONG.—2nd SESS.

Oct. 21

16 USC 698

be appropriated

pursuant to this subsection shall be availablo prior to October 1, 1977.".

Sec. 822. Section 3(b) of the Act of October 11, 1974 (88 Stat. 1254;
16 U.S.C. 698(b)), is amended by deleting detached, one-family
dwelling," and inserting in lieu thereof detached year-round one-
family dwelling which serves as the owner's permanent place of abodo
at the time of acquisition, and".

Spc. 828. Tho Act of December 27, 1974 (88 Stat. 1784) entitled "An
Act to provide for the establishment of the Cuyahoga Valley National
Recreation Ares" is amended as follows:

(@) In subsection 2(8) strike out "Boundary Map, Cuyahoga
Valley National Recreation Area, Ohio, numbered NRA-CUYA-
20,000-A, and dated December 1974, and insert in lieu thereof
"Boundary Map, Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area,
Ohio, numbered 90,000-A, and dated September 1976,"

(b) In subsection 6(a) strike out "$34,500,000" and insert in
lieu thereof "841,100,000".

(c) No funds authorized by this section in excess of those sumns previously authorized by the Act of December 27, 1974, shall be

available for expenditure before October 1, 1977. Approved October 21, 1976.

16 USC 4608-1.

16 USC 46001-S.

16 USC 46081-5

HOUSE REPORT No. 94-1162 (Comra. on Interior and Insular Affair).
SENATE REPORT No. 4-1158 (Common Interior and Insular Affairs).

June & considered and paseod House.
Ang. 26. considered and passed Senate, amended.
Sept. 29, House concurred in certain Senate amendments and in others with

Oct. 1, Senate greed to certain House amendments and to one with a

mendment Hour greed to Senate amendment

90 STAT. 2742 •

Oct. 21


P.L. S 579

(2) report to the Congress on June 1 of each calendar year with respect to such disclosures and the actions taken in regard

thereto during the preceding calendar year.
(c) In the rules prescribed in subsection (b) of this section, the
Socrotary may identity specific positions within the Department of
the Interior which are of a non regulatory or nonpolicymaking naturo
and provide that officers or employees occupying such positions shall
bo exempt from the requirements of this section.

(a) Any officer or employee who is subject to, and knowingly
violates, this section, shall be fined not more than $2,500 or imprisoned
not more than one year, or both.

Submittal to
13 USC 1741.


LAWS OF 94th CONG.–2nd SESS. Oct. 21 governed by the provisions of chapter 5 of title 3 of the United States Code, without regard to section 563(2)(2).

Prior to the promulgation
of such rules and regulations, such lands shall be administered under
oristing rules and regulations concerning such lands to the extent

Sec. 311. (a) For the purpose of providing information that will
aid Congress in carrying out its oversight responsibilities for public
lands programs and for other purposes, the Secretary shall preparo
a report in accordance with subsections (b) and (c) and submit it to
the Congress no later than one hundred and twenty days after the
end of each fiscal year beginning with the report for fiscal year 1979.

(b) A list of programs and specific information to be included in
the report as well as the format of the report shall be developed by the
Secretary after consulting with the Committees on Interior and
Insular Affairs of tho Ilouse and Senate and shall be provided to the
committees prior to the end of the second quarter of each fiscal year.

(c) The report shall include, but not be limited to, program identi.
fication information, program evaluation information, and program
budgetary information for the preceding current and succeeding fiscal

Sec. 312. Where in his judgment sufficient search, rescue, and pro-
tection forces are not otherwise available, the Secretary is authorized
in cases of emergency to incur such expenses as may be necessary (a)
in searching for and rescuing, or in cooperating in the search for and
rescuo of, persons lost on tho public lands, (b) in protecting or rescu-
ing, or in cooperating in the protection and rescue of, persons or
animals endangered by an act of God, and (c) in transporting deceased
persons or persons seriously ill or injured to the nearest place whero
interested parties or local authorities are located.

13 USC 1742.


Sec. 314. (*) The owner of an unpatented lodo or placer mining 43 USC 174
claim located prior to the date of this Act shall, within the three
year period following the date of the approval of this Act and prior
to December 31 of each year thereafter, filo the instruments required
by paragraphs (1) and (2) of this subsection. The owner of an
unpatented lodo or placer mining claim located after the date of this
Act shall, prior to December 31 of each year following the calendar
year in which the said claim was located, kle the instruments required
by paragraphs (1)

and (2) of this subsection:
(1) File for

record in the office where the location notice or certif-
cate is recorded either a notice of intention to hold the mining claim
(including but not limited to such notices as are provided by law
to be filed when there has been a suspension or deferment of annual
assessment work), an affidavit of assessment work performed thereon,
on a detailed report provided by the Act of September 2, 1958 (72
Stat. 1701; 30 U.S.C. 28-1), relating thereto.

(2) File in the office of the Bureau designated by the Secretary
a copy of the official record of the instrument filed or recorded pur.
suant to paragraph (1) of this subsection, including description
of the location of the mining claim sufficient to locate the claimed
lands on the ground.

(b) The owner of an unpatented lode or placer mining claim or
mill or tunnel site located prior to the date of approval of this Act
shall, within the three-year period following the date of approval
of this Act, file in the office of the Bureau designated by the Secretary
A copy of the official record of the notice of location or certificate of
location, including a description of the location of the mining claim
or mill or tunne site sufficient to locate the claimed lands on the
ground. The owner of an unpatented lode or placer mining claim or
inill or tunnel site located after the date of approval of this Act shall,
within ninety days after the date of location of such claim, file in the
office of the Bureau designated by the Secretary a copy of the official
record of the notice of location or certificate of location, including a
description of the location of the mining claim or mill or tunnel site
mufficient to locate the claimed lands on the ground.

(c) The failure to file such instruments as required by subsections
(a) and (b) shall be deemed conclusively to constituto an abandon-
ment of the mining claim or mill or tunnel site by the owner; but
it shall not be considered a failure to file it the instrument is defec-
tive or not timely filed for record under other Federal laws per-
mitting filing or recording thereof, or if the instrument is filed for
record by or on behalf of some but not all of the owners of the mining
claim or millor tunnel site

[blocks in formation]

Suc. 813. (a) Each officer or employee of the Secretary and the
Bureau who

(1) performs any function or duty under this Act; and

(2) has any known financial interest in any person who (A)
applies for or receives any permit, lease. or right-of-way under,
or (B) applies for or acquires any land or interests therein under,

or (C) is otherwise subject to the provisions of, this Act,
shall, beginning on February 1, 1977, annually file with the Secretary
a written statement concerning all such interests held by such officer
or employee during the preceding calendar year. Such statement shall
be available to the public.
(b) The Secretary shall-

(1) act within ninety days after the date of enactment of this

(A) to define the term "known financial interests" for the purposes of subsection (a) of this section; and

(B) to establish the methods by which the requirement to filo written statements specified in subsection (a) of this section will be monitored and enforced, including appropriate provisions for the filing by such officers and employees of such statements and the review by the Secretary of such statements; and

90 STAT. 2768

90 STAT. 2769


P.L 94-679


Oct. 21

13 USC 1745.

(a) Such recordation or application by itself shall not render valid
any claim which would not be otherwise valid under applicablo law.
Nothing in this section shall be construed as a waiver of the assent
ment and other requirements of such law.

Sec. 315. () After consulting with any affected Federal agency,
the Secretary is authorized to issue a document of disclaimer of inter-
est or interests in any lands in any form suitable for recordation,
where the disclaimer will help remove a cloud on the title of such
lands and where he determines (1) A record interest of the United
States in lands has terminated by operation of law or is otherwise
invalid; or (2) the lands lying between the meander line shown on
* plat of survey approved by the Bureau or its predecessors and the
actual shoreline of a body of water are not lands of the United States;
or (3) accreted, relicted, or avulsed lands are not lands of the United

(b) No document or disclaimer shall be issued pursuant to this
section unless the applicant there for has filed with the Secretary an
application in writing and notice of such application setting forth
the grounds supporting such application has been published in the
Federal Register at least ninety days preceding the issuance of such
disclaimer and until the applicant there for has paid to the Secretary
the administrative costs of issuing the disclaimer as determined by
the Secretary. All receipts shall be deposited to the then-current
appropriation from which expended.

c) Issuance of a document of disclaimer by the Secretary pursuant
to the provisions of this section and regulations promulgated here-
under shall have the same effect as a quit-claim deed from the t'nited

Sec. 316. The Secretary may correct patents or documents of con-
veyance issued pursuant to section 208 of this Act or to other Acts
relating to the disposal of public lands where necessary in order to
eliminate errors. In addition, the Secretary may make corrections of
errors in any documents of conveyance which have heretofore been
issued by the Federal Government to dispose of public lands.


PL 94379
from Alaska, 40 per centum thereof shall be paid into, reserved,
appropriated, as part of the reclamation fund created by the Act
of Congress known as the Reclamation Act, approved June 17, 1902, 4 USC 391
and of those from Alnska as soon as practicable after March 31 and nole.
September 30 of each year, 90 per centum thereof shall be paid to
the State of Alaska for disposition by the legislature thereot: Pro-
vided, That all moneys which may accrue to the United States under
the provisions of this Act and the Geothermal Steam Act of 1970 30 USC 1001
from lands within the naval petroleum reserves shall be deposited .note.
in the Treasury as 'miscellaneous receipts', as provided by the Act of
June 4, 1920 (41 Stat. 813), as amended June 30, 1938 (52 Stat. 1212).
All moneys received under the provisions of this Act and the Geo.
thermal Steam Act of 1970 not otherwise disposed of by this section
shall be credited to miscellaneous receipts.".

(b) Funds now held pursuant to said section 85 by the States of 30 USC 191
Colorado and Utah separately from the Department of the Interior sole.
oil shale test lenses known as C-A; C-B; U-A and U-B shall be
used by such States and subdivisions as the legislature of each State
may direct giving priority to those subdivisions socially or economi.
cally impacted by the development of minerals leased under this
Act for (1) planning, (2) construction and maintenance of public
facilities, and (3) provision of public services,

(c)(1) The Secretary is authorized to make loans to States and Lowas.
their political subclivisions in order to relieve social or economic - USC 1747.
impacts occasioned by the development of minerals leased in such
States pursuant to the set of February 25, 1920, as amended. Such
loans shall be confined to the uses specified for the 30 per centum of
mineral revenues to be received by such States and subdivisions pur-
suant to section 35 of such Act. All loans shall bear interest at a laterest rate.
rate not to exceedl 3 per centum and shall be for such amounts and
durations as the Secretary shall determine. The Secretary shall liinit
the amounts of such loans to all States except Alaska to the antici.
pated mineral revenues to be received by the recipients of said loans
and to Alaska to 55 per centum of anticipated mineral revenues to be
received by it pursuant to said section 35 for any prospective 10-year
period. Such loans shall be repaid by the loan recipients from mineral
revenues to be derived from said sertion 35 by such recipients, as the
Secretary determines.

(2) The Secretary, after consultation with Governors of the
affected States, shall allocate such loans among the States

and their
subdivisions in a fair and equitable manner, giving priority to those
States and subdivisions suffering the most severe impacts.

(3) Loans under this subsection shall be subject to such terms and
conditions as the Secretary determines necessary to assure that the
purpose of this subsection will be achieved. The Secretary shall issue Regulations
such regulations as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of
this section.

Szc. 318. (a) There are hereby authorized to be appropriated + USC 1742
such sums us are necessary to carry out the purposes and provisions
of this Act, but no amounts shall be appropriated to carry out after
October 1, 1978, any program, function, or activity of the Bureau
under this or any other Act unless such sums are specifically author.
ized to be appropriated us of the date of approval of this Act or are
authorized to be appropriated in accordance with the provisions of
subsection (b) of this section.


43 USC 1746


[blocks in formation]

Sec. 317. (a) Section 35 of the act of February 25, 1920 (41 Stat.
437, 480; 80 U.S.C. 181, 191), as amended, is further amended to
read as follows: "All money received from sales, bonuses, royalties,
and rentals of the public lands under the provisions of this Act and
the Geothermal Steam Act of 1970, not withstanding the provisions
of section 20 thereof, shall be paid into the Treasury of the United
States: 30 per centum thereof shall be paid by the Secretary of the
Treasury as soon as practicable after March 31 and September 30 of
each year to the State other than Alaska within the boundaries of
which the leased lands or deposits are or were located; said money!
paid to any of such States on or after January 1, 1976, to be used
by such State and its subdivisions, as the legislature of the State may
direct giving priority, to those subdivisions of the State socially or
economically impacted by development of minerals leased under this
Act, for (i) planning, (ii) construction and maintenance of public
facilities, and (iii) provision of public service; and excepting those

90 STAT. 2770

90 STAT. 2771


Title 30.
Mines and Minerals.

§ 30-1. Recording mining claims required; requisites of certificate.
-A discoverer of any mineral lead, lode, ledge, or vein shall, within sixty day's
from the date of discovery, cause such claim to be recorded in the office of the
county clerk and ex officio register of deeds of the county within which such claim
may exist, by a location certificate which shall contain the following facts:

1. The name of the lode claiın; 2. The name or names of the locator or locators; 3. The date of location; 4. The length of the claim along the vein measured each way from the center of the discovery shaft, and the general course of the vein as far as it is known;

5. The amount of surface ground claimed on either side of the center of the discovery shaft or discovery workings;

6. A description of the claim by such designation of natural or fixed object, or

upon ground surveyed by the United States system of land survey, by reference to section or quarter section corners, as shall identify the claim beyond question. (Laws 1888, ch. 40, § 15; 1890-91, ch. 46, § 1; 1895, ch. 108, § 1; R. S. 1899, § 2546; C. S. 1910, § 3467; C. S. 1920, § 4390; R. Š. 1931, § 70-114; C. S. 1945, $_57-914.)

§ 30-2. Imperfect certificates void.-Any certificate of the location of a lode claim which shall not fully contain all the requirements named in the preceding section ($ 30-1), together with such other description as shall identify the lode or clain with reasonable certainty, shall be void. (Laws 1888, ch. 40, § 16; R. S. 1899, § 2547: C. S. 1910, § 3468; C. S. 1920, § 4391 ; R. S. 1931, § 70-113; C. S. 1945. § 57-915.)

$ 30-3. Prerequisites to filing location certificates.—Before the filing of a location certificate in the office of the county clerk and ex cfficio register of deeds, the discoverer of any lode, vein or fissure shall designate the location there. of as follows:

1. By sinking a shaft upon the discovery lode or fissure to the depth of ten feet from the lowest part of the rim of such shaft at the surface;

2. By posting at the point of discovery, on the surface, a plain sign or notice, containing the name of the lode or claim, the name of the discoverer and locator, and the date of such discovery;

3. By marking the surface boundaries of the claim, which shall be marked by six substantial inonuments of stone or posts, hewed or marked on the side or sides, which face is toward the claim, and sunk in the ground, one at each corner, and one at the center of each side line, and when thus marking the boundaries of a claim, if any one or more of such posts or monuments of stone shall fall, by necessity, upon precipitous ground, when the proper placing of it is impracticable or dangerous to life or limb, it shall be lawful to place any such post or monument of stone at the nearest point properly marked to designate its right place; provided, that no right to such lode or claim or its possession or enjoynient, shall be given to any person or persons, unless such person or persons shall discover in said claim mineral bearing rock in place. (Laws 1888, ch. 40, § 17; R. S. 1899, § 2548; C. S. 1910, § 3469; C. S. 1920, § 4392; R. S. 1931, Š 70-116; C. S. 1945, $ 57-916.)

§ 30-5. Location certificates shall describe but one claim.-Xo location certificate shall contain more than one claim or location, whether the location be made by one or more locators, and any location certificate that contains upon its face more than one location claim shall be absolutely void, except as to the first location named and described therein, and in case more than one claim or location is des together so that the first one can not be distinguished om the others, the certificate of location shall be void as an entirety. (Laws 1888, ch. 40, § 8; R. S. 1899, § 2539; C. S. 1910, § 3460; C. S. 1920, § 4383; R. S. 1931, § 70-107 ; C. S. 1945, § 57-907.)

§ 30-6. When open cut equivalent to discovery shaft; drilled hole in lieu of discovery shaft; requirements as to drilled hole.--Any openi cut which shall cut the vein ten feet in length, and with face ten feet in height, or any cross-cut tunnel, or tunnel on the vein ten feet in length which shall cut the vein ten feet below the surface, measured from the bottom of such tunnel, shall hold such lode the same as if a discovery shaft were sunk thereon.

Provided however, that the discoverer of a mineral deposit may, at luis option, in lieu of a discovery shaft, tunnel or pit otherwise required by provisions of law, and for the same purposes, and under the same provisions, drill or cause to be drilled, a hole, or holes, in the manner and under the conditions and requirements hereinafter set forth:

1. The hole or holes shall be not less than 1/2 inches in diameter.

2. The said hole or holes shall aggregate at least fifty (50) feet in depth, and no one hole shall be less than ten (10) feet in depth, and in the course thereof, at least one of which shall cut or expose deposits of valuable minerals sufficient in quality to justify a reasonably prudent man in expending money and effort in further exploration or development.

3. The discoverer shall designate one of the holes thus drilled as the discovery hole, in the event that more than one such hole shall have been drilled. The said hole shall be marked by a substantial post or other permanent marker, placed at and adjacent to the hole and within five fect thereof, firmly fixed in the ground. and extending at least thirty inchies in height above the ground, and on which shall be placed the name of the claim, the owner thereof, the deptlı of the hole, and the date of the drilling thereof.

If, in drilling such hole or 1:oles, a water-bearing stratum or strata is entered or cut by the drill, then, in such event, the hole sliall be plugged back by or on behalf of the discoverers, locator or owner, who drilled the hole, or someone on liis behalf, to a point immediately above such water-bearing stratum or strata, placing therein a plussing inaterial or substance which is recognized and addequate to shut off said water-bearing stratum or strata. Within the time allowed by the provisions of 57-918 Wyoming Compiled Statutes, 1945 (S 30-7), tlie dis

coverer, locator or owner, or someone on his behalf, shall set forth in an affidavit hereinafter provided for, or in a separate affidavit, setting forth the depth said . water strata was encountered and the facts of the plugging thereof.

The drilling of such hole, or holes, or the sinking of the shaft or making of the discovery pit otherwise provided for in this act 188 30-1 to 30-26) shall be made a matter of record by the recording in the office of the county clerk of the county in which the claim shall be situated the affidavit or sworn statement of the discoverer, locator, owner or his or their agents stating the date of such work, the nature thereof, the person or persons by whom performed, the location of such work within the clain, and the nature of the mineral discovered. Such affidavit may be a part of the location certificate to be thereafter recorded in accordance with the provisions of this act.

The creation of the rights provided for in this act are based upon the truth of the statements contained in such affidavit or statement and the certificate of location, herein otherwise provided for, and no rights of any kind or nature shall vest or exist or be created or arise when any material statement or representation therein made is false.

The owner of any mining claim located prior to the effective date of this act (88 30-1 to 30-26) and who has performed discovery work may avail himself of the provisions hereof by making the drill hole or holes herein provided for and filling any discovery cut previously made, and making and placing of record the affidavit herein provided for, together with a statement of the filling of such discovery pit or cut, and that the said work was done and the affidavit made for the purpose of obtaining the benefits of this act. (Laws 1888, 40, § 18; R. S. 1899, § 2349; C. S. 1910, § 3470; C. S. 1920, § 4393; R. S. 1931, § 70-117; C. S. 1945, $ 57-917; Laws 1955, ch. 88, $ 1.)

§ 30-7. Period allowed for sinking discovery shaft or drilling hole. -The discoverer of any mineral lode or vein in this state shall have the period of sixty days from the date of discovering such lode or vein in which to sink a discovery shaft thereon, or to make the open cut equivalent to such discovery shaft, or to drill the hole or holes hereinbefore provided. (Laws 1888, ch. 40, § 19; 1890-91, ch. 46, § 2; 1895, ch. 108, § 2; R. S. 1899, § 2550; C. S. 1910, § 3471; C. S. 1920, § 4394; R. S. 1931, § 70-118; C. S. 1945, $ 57-918; Laws 1955, ch. 88, § 2.)

§ 30-13. Same-Upon contiguous claims. When two or more placer mining claims lie contiguous and are owned by the same person, persons, company or corporation, the yearly expenditure of labor and improvements required on each of such claims may be made upon any one of such contiguous claims if the owner or owners shall thus prefer. (Laws 1888, ch. 40, § 23; R. S. 1899, § 2556; C. S. 1910, § 3477; C. S. 1920, § 4400; R. S. 1931, § 70-124; C. 1945, $ 57-924.)

§ 30-14. Same-Effect of failure to perform. Upon failure of the owners to do or have done the assessment work required within the time above stated, such claim or claims upon which such work has not been completed, shall thereafter be open to re-location on or after the first day of July of any year after such labor or improvements should have been done, in the same manner and on the same terms as if no location thereof had ever been made; provided, that the original locators, their heirs, assigns or legal representatives have not resumed work lipon such claim or claims after failure, and before any subsequent location has been made. (Laws 1888, ch. 40, § 23; R. S. 1899, § 2558; C. S. 1910, S 3478; C. S. 1920, § 4401; R. S. 1931, § 70-125; C. S. 1945, § 57-925; Laws 1951, ch. 18, § 3.)

Quoted in Parker v. Belle Fourche Bent- 882 (1948); Scoggin v. Miller, 64 Wyo. onite Prods. Co., 64 Wyo. 269, 189 P.2d 206, 189 P.2d 677 (1918).

§ 30-15. Same--Affidavit required upon completion.-Upon completion of the required assessment work for any mining claim, the owner or owners or agent of such owner or owners shall cause to be made by some person cognizant of the facts, an affidavit setting forth that the required amount of work was done, which affidavit shall within sixty days of the completion of the work, be filed for record, and shall thereafter be recorded in the office of the county clerk and ex officio register of deeds of the county in which the said claim is located. (Laws 1888, ch. 40, $ 23; R. S. 1899, § 2559; Laws 1901, ch. 100, § 3; C. S. 1910, § 3479; C. S. 1920, § 4402; R. S. 1931, $ 70-126; C. S. 1945, $ 57926.)

§ 30-22. Defrauding, cheating or swindling by “salting," etc.-Any person cr persons who shall defraud, cheat, swindle or deceive any party or parties in relation to any mine or mining property by "salting," or by placing or causing to be placed in any lode, placer or other mine, any genuine inetals or material representing genuine minerals, which are designed to cheat and deceive others, for the purpose of gain, whereby others shall be deceived and injured by such, shall be guilty of a felony, and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in a penal sum of not less than fifty dollars, or imprisoned in the penitentiary for not more than three years, or both, in the discretion of the court. (Laws 1SSS, ch. 40, § 11: R. S. 1899, § 2542; C. S. 1910, § 3463; C. S. 1920, § 4386; R. S. 1931, $ 70-110; C. S. 1945, § 57-910)

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