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Greeley, Colorado


Edited by

Professor of History in the
University of Colorado



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With the present volume the University of Colorado begins the publication of documents and other material primarily relating to the history of Colorado. It is pro posed to issue similar volumes at frequent intervals in the future. After the colony series is completed, other subjects falling within the period before Colorado be came a state will be dealt with. In every instance an attempt will be made to publish all the pertinent historical documents that can be found and that are not easily accessible elsewhere.

The treatment of the records of the Union Colony is in line with this general policy. As will be seen by reference to the list of documents, several classes of records are omitted from this volume. In the case of the newspapers a number of purely personal items have not been reprinted; from The Greeley Tribune only such articles have been selected as would seem to throw light upon the ideals or development of the colony.

The spelling and punctuation of the writers of the records and of the printers in the case of the newspapers, have been reproduced as they were found. In one respect only has the editor departed from this practice. When the newspapers used larger or heavier type, not capitals, for the headings of their articles, these have been transformed to capitals in the text in order to insure uniformity of emphasis.

All words and sentences in brackets have been supplied by the editor. Whenever a heading is followed by a numeral referring to a note below, it is the original heading. On the other hand, whenever a heading is not 80 followed and the reference to the note appears at the

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