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Smith, of Wor., Thomas,

Cunningham, Purnell,


Smith, of Carroll, Gale,

So the question upon the motion to lay on the table, was decided in the negative.

On motion of Mr. Schley, The further consideration of the subject was postponed until tomorrow at one o'clock.

Mr. Billingsley submitted the following order :

Ordered, That it be entered upon the Journal that John F. Dent, a member elect from St. Mary's county to this Convention, is absent from his seat in consequence of the indisposision of his family;

Which was adopted.
Mr. Barron submitted the following order :

Ordered, That the Secretary of this Convention procure an iron safe, in which to deposit all the documents and papers relating to the business of this Convention, in order to better secure their safety;

Which was rejected.
Mr. Hoffman submitted the following order :

Ordered, That the Librarian be directed to furnish each member of the Convention with a copy of "American Constitutions,” published by Lippincott, of Philadelphia, said books to be returned to the Librarian at the close of the Session of the Convention.

On motion of Mr. Daniel, The question was divided.

The question being on the adoption of the first clause of the order, viz., that the Librarian furnish the members of the Convention with a copy of "American Constitutions,”

It was decided in the affirmative.

The question recurring upon the adoption of the latter clause of the order, viz., that the members return the books to the Librarian,"

It was decided in the negative.
The Convention adjourned.



WEDNESDAY, May 4th, 1864.

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The Convention met.
Prayer by the Rev. Mr. Patterson.
The proceedings of yesterday were read.

The qualifications of George Peter and Thomas Landsdale, of Montgomery county, and Richard H. Edelin and John W. Mitchell, of Charles county, were presented, and the gentlemen named appeared and took their seats.

The President laid before the Convention a communication from the Executive, in reference to the election in Montgomery county;

Which was read and referred to the Committee on Elections.

The President announced the following Standing Committees:

No. 1. Committee on Declaration of Rights-Messrs. Stirling, Hebb, Purnell, Todd, Belt, Chambers and Morgan.

No. 2. Committee on Executive Department-Messrs. Greene, Mullikin, Smith, of Worcester, Schley, Billingsley, Miller and Parran.

No. 3. Committee on Basis of Representation-Messrs. Abbott, Hatch, Negley, Pugh, Berry, of Prince George's, Edelin and Smith, of Dorchester.

No.4. Committee on Legislative Department-Messrs. Schley, Thruston, Kennard, Berry, of Baltimore county, Hollyday, Gale and Turner.

No. 5. Committee on Judiciary Department Messrs. Stockbridge, Hoffman, Sands, Earle, Chambers, Jones, of Somerset, and Clarke.

No. 6. Committee on State's Attorneys-Messrs. Smith, of Carroll, Thomas, Mayhugh, Daniel, Briscoe, Wilmer and Harwood.

No. 7. Committee on Treasury Department-Messrs. Negley, Brooks, Cushing, Markey, Dail, Dennis and Mitchell.

No. 8. Committee on the Elective Franchise and Qualification of Voters-Messrs. Sands, Smith, of Worcester, Ecker, Scott, Marbury, Brown and Horsey.



No. 9. Committee on Militia and Military Affairs-Messrs. Berry, of Baltimore county, Thruston, Barron, Pugh, Dellinger, Peter and Blakistone.

No. 10. Committee on Education and the Encouragement of Literature—Messrs. Cushing, Cunningham, Jones, of Cecil, Greene, Ridgely, Henkle and Hodson.

No. 11. Committee on the Rights, Duties, Divisions and Subdivisions of Counties-Messrs. Hebb, Robinette, Swope, Carter, Sykes, Duvall and Dent.

No. 12. Committee on such Provisions and Ordinances as may be desirable to carry into effect Amendments to the Constitution—Messrs. Ridgely, Schlosser, Hopper, Hopkins, Crawford, Stone and Lansdale.

No. 13. Committee to report future Amendments and Revisions of the Constitution-Messrs. Todd, Mace, Noble, Annan, McComas, Johnson and Lee.

COMMITTEES OF FIVE. No. 1. Committee on Accounts-Messrs. Galloway, Parker, Wooden, Baker and Russell.

No. 2. Committee on Reporting and Printing— Messrs. Valiant, Audoun, Farrow, Wickard and Sneary.

No. 3. Committee on Engrossment and Revision-Messrs. Earle, Nyman, King, Murray and Dail.

COMMITTEE OF SEVEN. Committee on Elections-Messrs. Purnell, Davis, Larsh, Keefer, Dent, Bond and Brown.

On motion of Mr. Peter, It was ordered to be entered on the Journal that Dr. Edmund P. Duvall, member elect for Montgomery county, is absent from his seat in consequence of sickness.

Mr. Henkle submitted the following order :

Ordered, That a Standing Committee of seven be appointed by the Chair, to consider and report upon a uniform system of inspections;

Which was rejected.
Mr. Abbott submitted the following order :

Ordered, That a sufficient number, for the use of the members of the Convention, of the list of the Standing Committees, be printed in a card form ;

Which was adopted.
Mr. Ecker submitted the following order :

Ordered, That the committee heretofore appointed to arrange the seats, be required to furnish the doorkeepers with seats;

Which was rejected.
Mr. Galloway submitted the following order :

Ordered, That the person having charge of the State House be requested by the President to hoist from its dome, each day during the sitting of this Convention, “the United States Flag;'

Which was adopted.
Mr. Belt submitted the following order :

Ordered, That a Standing Committee of five members be appointed to consider and report upon Section 49 of Article 3 of the present Constitution, having reference to interest and and the usury laws; Which was adopted.

The President appointed the following committee in accordance with the above order : Messrs. Belt, Stockbridge, Schley, Billingsley and Todd.

Mr. Audoun submitted the following order :

Ordered, That the Chaplain or Chaplains appointed by this Convention shall, before entering upon the discharge of their duties, take and subscribe to the same oath as that administered to the members of this Convention; Which was adopted.

On motion of Mr. Berry, of Prince George's, The consideration of the order offered yesterday by Mr. Clarke, for the appointment of a "committee of seven to consider and report respecting the appointment, tenure of office, duties and compensation of all civil officers not embraced in the duties of other Standing Committees,'' was postponed until to-morrow.

Mr. Briscoe submitted the following order :

Ordered, That the Comptroller of the Treasury be requested to report to this Convention a statement of the aggregate amount paid by the State to special counsel employed by the Executive, or other officers of the State since the adoption of

the present Constitution, and also the amount paid to special Judges; Which was adopted.

The order for the appointment of Chaplains to the Convention, was taken up for consideration,

On motion of Mr. Valliant, The consideration of the subject was further postponed until Wednesday next.

Mr. Abbott submitted the following resolution :

Resolved, That this Convention take up the Bill of Rights and Constitution, commencing a careful reading of the same by the Clerk, that as the sections are read each member of the Convention be required to propose in writing such alterations or amendments as he may desire, which shall be submitted without argument or debate during the reading, all said propositions to be printed and referred to appropriate committees upon whose report ample opportunity shall be given for discussion; when the reading shall have been finished, and each member has handed in his proposition to alter or amend. All further proposition to alter or amend shall be deemed out of order. Which was read the first time.

The President announced the following Committee on Rules and Orders for the government of the Convention :

Messrs. Kennard, Clarke, Valliant, Schley and Berry, of Prince George's. Mr. Todd submitted the following order :

Whereas, The Baltimore City Council have appointed a deputation of their body to extend an invitation to this Convention to transfer its session to that city; therefore,

Ordered, That said deputation be, and they are hereby invited to seats in the Hall of this Convention, and to present any communication they may bear from the said City Council to this body, to-day at one o'clock.

Which was adopted.

The committee from the City Council of Baltimore, being invited to seats upon the floor of the Convention, presented the following, which was read:

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