Annual Report, Volume 2

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Halaman 570 - No act committed by a person while in a state of voluntary intoxication is less criminal by reason of his having been in such condition. But whenever the actual existence of any particular purpose, motive, or intent is a necessary element to constitute any particular species or degree of crime, the jury may take into consideration the fact that the accused was intoxicated at the time, in determining the purpose, motive, or intent with which he committed the act.
Halaman 532 - Laws repealed. — Of the laws enumerated in the schedule hereto annexed, that portion specified in the last column is hereby repealed.
Halaman 572 - Not being a superintendent of the poor, or a superintendent of almshouses, or an Institution duly incorporated for the purpose, without having first obtained a license in writing so to do from the board of health of the city or town...
Halaman 453 - Such boards shall have authority to determine whether an alien who has been duly held shall be allowed to land or shall be deported.
Halaman 445 - States; and separate suits may be brought for each alien thus promised labor or service of any kind as aforesaid. And it shall be the duty of the district attorney of the proper district to prosecute every such suit when brought by the United States.
Halaman 527 - Have the general superintendence of the building and grounds, together with their furniture, fixtures and stock, and the direction and control of all persons therein...
Halaman 448 - That the surgeon of said vessel sailing therewith shall also sign each of said lists or manifests and make oath or affirmation in like manner before an immigration officer at the port of arrival, stating his professional experience and qualifications as a physician and surgeon, and that he has made...
Halaman 589 - ... After a plea or verdict of guilty, in a case where a discretion is conferred upon the court as to the extent of the punishment, the court, upon the suggestion of either party, that there are circumstances which may be properly taken into view, either in aggravation or mitigation of the punishment, may, in its discretion, hear the same summarily at a specified time, and upon such notice to the adverse party as it may direct.
Halaman 523 - ... discharge any patient, except one held upon an order of a court or judge having criminal jurisdiction in an action or proceeding arising out of a criminal offense at any time, as follows: 1.
Halaman 441 - States; and he shall prescribe all forms of bonds, entries and other papers to be used under and in the enforcement of the various provisions of this act. SEC. 4. That all foreign convicts, except those convicted of political offenses, upon arrival, shall be sent back to the nations to which they belong, and from whence they came.

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