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Halaman 393 - Lippincott Company, is Prof. Garretson's Treatise on the Diseases and Surgery of the Mouth, Jaws, Face, Teeth, and Associate Parts. Upon the appearance of the first edition many years ago, it assumed the leading place as a text-book, to which its merit and the distinguished position of its author entitled it.
Halaman 373 - It should be given every two hours during the day and every three hours at night. In very light cases it may be given every four hours at night, but under no circumstances should nourishment be used less frequently.
Halaman 371 - Somnal is a colorless liquid, resembling chloroform in its appearance and behavior when added to cold water, in which it forms globules and refuses to mix or dissolve. When shaken with water, the mixture is milky but quickly separates. It is soluble in hot water and alcoholic solutions, and dissolves resinous substances and fats. The odor is faint, not very penetrating or disagreeable, and resembles that of the spirits of nitrous ether, or recrystallized chloral.
Halaman 403 - ... position, the left index finger being introduced almost its entire length into the rectum; a long straight double-edged bistoury is made to pierce the tissues in front of the anus at right angles to the vulva, and, guided by the finger in the rectum, is made to penetrate the septum for two and a half inches upwards, the incision being enlarged laterally to two inches as the knife is withdrawn.
Halaman 176 - All advertising of any medicines or of any means whereby the monthly periods of women can be regulated, or the menses reestablished if suppressed.
Halaman 393 - is now announced by JB Lippincott Company as ready. The work has undergone a thorough revision at the hands of its eminent author, and many chapters have been entirely re-written, so as to inculcate all that has been added to our knowledge of disease up to the present time. A number of wood-cuts are included, especially of such micro-organisms as have proved to be of practical significance in diagnosis. All the illustrations are original, and many are from sketches, or based on sketches, taken directly...
Halaman 371 - In a case of neuralgia of the bowek (visceral neurosis of Allbutt), where the patient had a sleepless night, a dose of twenty minims relieved nausea and pain, and the patient fell asleep. In syphilitic headache and insomnia, somnal in moderate doses failed to produce sleep, which was afterwards secured by potassium • bromide and iodide, and antipyrine.
Halaman 408 - I was led to the employment of iron-sugar on account of its palatability, fastidious patients and children making no objections to it ; but this has been supplanted by levulose ferride, which in the form of tablet triturates will be taken as readily as chocolate bon-bons. It is readily soluble in an excess of water, and practically free from any ferruginous taste or styptic effect when dissolved in the mouth, and is substantially a peptonate. The method of preparing it is briefly as follows: To a...
Halaman 176 - If the breathing becomes embarrassed, the lower jaw should be pulled, or pushed from behind the angles, forward, so that the lower teeth protrude in front of the upper. This raises the epiglottis and frees the larynx. At the same time it is well to assist the respiration artificially until the embarrassment passes off.
Halaman 83 - ... an eye near its end, about three-eighths of an inch farther from the anus, into the solid structure, and parallel with the fistulous track, till its eye is also seen penetrating the bowel in the opening of the rectoscope. The eyes of both probes are then threaded with the opposite ends of a No. 24 platinum wire, about ten inches in length, and both probes are then withdrawn, leaving the wire in situ forming a loop.

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