Economic Report of the President Transmitted to the Congress

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1957
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Represents the annual report of the President's Council of Economic Advisers. Appendix B contains historical tables (from 1959 or earlier) on aspects of income (national, personal, and corporate), production, prices, employment, investment, taxes and transfers, and money and finance.

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Halaman 137 - These series are based upon establishment reports which cover all full- and part-time employees in nonagricultural establishments who worked during, or received pay for, any part of the pay period ending nearest the 15th of the month.
Halaman 131 - NOTE.— Detail will not necessarily add to totals because of rounding. Source: Department of Commerce estimates based on Securities and Exchange Commission and other financial data (except as noted).
Halaman 87 - York, before the Subcommittee on Economic Statistics of the Joint Economic Committee of the Congress of the United States...
Halaman 133 - ... with a job but not at work" — those who did not work and were not looking for work but had a job or business from which they were temporarily absent because of vacation, illness, industrial dispute, bad weather, or lay-off with definite instructions to return to work within 30 days of lay-off.
Halaman 168 - Annual total is the sum of unadjusted expenditures; it does not necessarily coincide with the average of seasonally adjusted figures. These figures do not agree...
Halaman 173 - Includes savings and loan associations, nonprofit Institutions, corporate pension trust funds, dealers and brokers, and investments of foreign balances and international accounts In this country. Beginning with...
Halaman 169 - Advisory Council on Social Security for the purpose of reviewing the status of the Federal Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund, the Federal Disability Insurance Trust Fund, the Federal Hospital Insurance Trust Fund...
Halaman 203 - I am herewith presenting my Economic Report, as required by Section 3 (a) of the Employment Act of 1946. In preparing this Report, I have had the assistance and advice of the Council of Economic Advisers. I have also had the advice of the heads of executive departments and independent agencies.
Halaman 67 - States to provide increased benefits so that the great majority of covered workers will be eligible for weekly benefits equal to at least half of their average weekly wage...
Halaman 181 - Receivables from and payables to US Government do not Include amounts offset against each other on the corporation's books or amounts arising from subcontracting which are not directly due from or to the US Government.

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