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The Carnegie Institution of Washington has issued or has in press the publications listed herewith. Copies of each publication, except the Index Medicus, are sent gratuitously to a carefully selected list of the greater libraries of the world. A list of these libraries will be found at the end of this catalogue, for conveni. ence of scholars wishing to consult the books. Most of the books listed as out of print will be found in these libraries. Books not otherwise disposed of are for sale at a price sufficient only to cover the cost of publication and of transportation to purchasers. The editions are necessarily restricted, and no copies are donated except to the list referred to above.

The prices quoted are for books in strong paper covers. Usually a few books are bound in cloth, and when available these can be had at 50 cents advance on the quoted price.

Publications will be sent post-paid at the prices indicated. Each order should be accompanied by a remittance payable to the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

Correspondents desiring price-lists, or descriptive lists, as issued, may have them by furnishing requisite addresses. Laboratory, the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism, the

Special bibliographies of the publications of the Geophysical Mount Wilson Observatory, and those relating to Economics and Sociology may be had on application.

Address all communications to the

Carnegie Institution of Washington, Washington, D. C.

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Index Medicus (Second Series): A monthly classified record of the current medical

literature of the world. Edited by Fielding H. Garrison, M.D. The prices
below include postage for the United States, Canada, and Mexico, with 60
cents additional on each volume for postage to other countries.
Vols. 1-6 (1903-1908) per volume

$5.00 Vols. 7-16 (1909-1918) per volume

$8.00 Vol. 17 (1919) in progress

$8.00 War Supplement (1914-1917), v+260 pages

$1.00 Year Book No. 1, 1902. Octavo, 351 pages. (Reprinted)

$1.00 No. 2, 1903. Octavo. 371 pages. (Reprinted)

$1.00 No. 3, 1904. Octavo, 305 pages, 6 plates

$1.00 No. 4, 1905. Octavo, viir+303 pages, 7 plates

$1.00 No. 5, 1906. Octavo, viII+266 pages, 13 plates

$1.00 No. 6, 1907. Octavo, viI+242 pages, 11 plates

$1.00 No. 7, 1908. Octavo, vii+240 pages, 12 plates

$1.00 No. 8, 1909. Octavo, vir+260 pages, 16 plates

$1.00 No. 9, 1910. Octavo, xvi+258 pages, 5 plates

$1.00 No. 10, 1911. Octavo, xvi+296 pages, 9 plates

$1.00 No. 11, 1912. Octavo, xvi+294 pages, 7 plates

$1.00 No. 12, 1913. Octavo, xvi+336 pages, 13 plates .

$1.00 No. 13, 1914. Octavo, xvi+399 pages, 7 plates

$1.00 No. 14, 1915. Octavo, 441 pages, 3 plates, 4 figs.

$1.00 No. 15, 1916. Octavo, 422 pages, 1 plate, 3 figs.

$1.00 No. 16, 1917. Octavo, 358 pages, 1 plate, 5 figs.

$1.00 No. 17, 1918. Octavo, xvi+331 pages, 1 plate, 3 figs.

$1.00 No. 18, 1919. Octavo.

In press 1. The Carnegie Institution of Washington, D. C. Octavo, 16 pages. (Out of print)

$0.10 2. Articles of Incorporation, etc. Octavo, 15 pages. (Out of print) $0.10 3. Proceedings of Board of Trustees. Octavo, 15 pages. (Out of print) $0.10

[The matter contained in Nos. 1, 2, and 3 is embodied in Year Book No. 1.] 4. Conard, H. S. The Waterlilies. A Monograph of the Genus Nymphæa.

Quarto, x+279 pages, 30 plates, including 12 plates colored to life, 82 text figures

$6.50 5. Burnham, S. W.

General Catalogue of Double Stars within izre of the North Pole. Quarto, 2 vols.

$14.00 QORU,

Vol. 1, The Catalogue, Lv+256 (256a-256r) pages.

Vol. 2, Notes to the Catalogue, viii +257–1086 pages. 6. Coville, F. V., and D. T. MacDougal. Desert Botanical Laboratory of the

Carnegie Institution. Octavo, vi+58 pages, 29 plates. (In cloth) $1.00 ✓ 7. Richards, T. W., and W. N. Stull. New Method for Determining Compressibility. Octavo, 45 pages, 5 text figures

$0.25 8. Farlow, W. G. Bibliographic Index of North American Fungi. Octavo. Vol. I, part 1, xxxv+312 pp.

$2.00 The above is only about one-fourth of the projected work, which can not be carried

farther. pa 9. Hill, George William. The Collected Mathematical Works of George William


. Quarto, 4 vols. Vol. 1, XVIII+363 pages; Vol. 2, vii+339 pages; Vol. 3, 577 pages; Vol. 4, vi+460 pages

per volume $2.50 10. Newcomb, Simon. Contributions to Stellar Statistics. On the Position of

the Galactic and Other Principal Planes toward which the Stars Tend to Crowd. Quarto, 34 pages

$0.25 V 11. Newcomb, Simon. A Statistical Inquiry into the Probability of Causes of

the Production of Sex in Human Offspring. Octavo, 34 pages $0.25 12. Noguchi, Hideyo. The Action of Snake Venom upon Cold-blooded Animals. Octavo, 16 pages. (Embodied in Publication No. 111.)

$0.25 2

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