Sterne: By H.D. Traill

Sampul Depan
Macmillan, 1882 - 176 halaman

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Halaman 174 - Jones, that exquisite picture of human manners, will outlive the palace of the Escurial and the imperial eagle of the house of Austria.
Halaman 163 - Come, Honesty! said I, seeing it was impracticable to pass betwixt him and the gate art thou for coming in, or going out? The ass twisted his head round to look up the street Well — replied I — we'll wait a minute for thy driver: He turned his head thoughtful about, and looked wistfully the opposite way I understand thee perfectly, answered I -If thou takest a wrong step in this affair, he will cudgel thee to death Well!
Halaman 172 - I think so too, said my uncle Toby. When the lieutenant had taken his glass of sack and toast, he felt himself a little revived, and sent down into the kitchen, to let me know, that in about ten minutes he should be glad if I would step up stairs. I believe...
Halaman 8 - My father was a little smart man, active to the last degree in all exercises, most patient of fatigue and disappointments, of which it pleased God to give him full measure.
Halaman 165 - to my house, and we'll send for a doctor to see what's the matter, and we'll have an apothecary, — and the corporal shall be your nurse ; and I'll be your servant, Le Fevre.
Halaman 172 - I heard the poor gentleman say his prayers last night, said the landlady, very devoutly and with my own ears, or I could not have believed it. Are you sure of it P replied the curate. A soldier, an
Halaman 162 - I thought so, when he was alive, but now that he is dead I think otherwise. I fear the weight of myself and my afflictions together have been too much for him — they have shortened the poor creature's days, and I fear I have them to answer for.
Halaman 163 - TWAS by a poor ass, who had just turned in with a couple of large panniers upon his back, to collect eleemosynary turnip-tops...

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