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plain, and over the shoulders, crossed over at the bust, with the ends drawn through the belt, is a canezon-fichu of celestial-blue gros de Naples, painted at the edge in a small pattern, en limacon, of blue and yellow; the blue is two shades darker than the fichu : a correspondent belt confines the waist : the sleeves are a la Mameluke, with a pointed cuff; the point embroidered with a bouquet, in satin-stitch, on the outside of the wrist. Hat of celestial-blue crape, ornamented with white gauze riblons, and a branch of the aspen-tree: a white blond veil is added.

Second WALKING Dress.-A round dress of Spring-green gros de Naples, finished at the border with a broad hem, headed by a battlement edge : the corsage a la Sevigne, confined round the waist by a belt, and a gold buckle: sleeves a la Mameluke, with narrow double mancherons, notched at the edges, to correspond with the battlement head of the hem at the border of the skirt. A fichu-pelerine of red tulle, trimmed with a ruche of tulle, and a double round falling collar, trimmed in the same manner, covers the neck. The hat is of lapis crape, ornamented with bows of straw-colored satin, and jonquils : the strings float loose.


Among the fancy straw' hats, those most in favor have a satin stripe on the straw, similar to some that appeared in England about five years since. These are generally trimmed with a branch of pink periwinkles; and the puffs and floating strings are of pink gauze ribbon, with satin stripes of the same color: pink hats, of watered gros de Naples, are also much in request: they are ornamented with branches of oak-leaves and acorns, and green striped gauze ribbon: a bias binding of the same ribbon encircles the edge of the brim. On Leghorn hats, the favorite ornaments are bunches of white lilac, puffs and floating strings of gauze ribbon, with innumerable narrow stripes. A hat has appeared of crape, with a bunch of roses, the half of which were made of colored cambric, the other half of white marabouts. In general, the chip and Leghorn hats are smaller than they were last Summer ; tut the flowers placed on them are very large, such as long branches of the pine, or the chesnut tree.

Dresses of colored gros de Naples, with a pelerine of the same, trimmed round with richly-wrought fringe, are much in favor : a fringe of the same kind ornaments the border of the dress as high as the knee : the sleeves are a la Mameluke, with a very broad cuff: the sashes are of very broad ribbon, the color of the dress; they are withont ends, and fasten behind with a gold buckle: the skirts of the dresses are made so short in front, that they discover a portion of the stocking above the half boot, or the gaiter : the sleeves are much worn .a l’Amadis, with a short full sleeve, and a ruffle at the wrist. White long sleeves are worn with dresses of colored muslin : as are white muslin canezons, embroidered in feather-stitch ; the trimmings of the epaulettes hang very low over the sleeves. Broad hems at the borders of dresses are still the rage, but there is great variety in the manner of heading them.

Amongst the newest head-dresses is a hat of white crape, with a white weeping-willow feather of remarkable dimensions: there are double strings to this hat; two float loose in front, the other two behind the shoulders. Some dress hats are entirely of blond ; bands of chip support them in shape ; they are ornamented with white feathers. Turbans of silk, painted in Turkish designs, have appeared at the OperaComique, and been much admired.

A pelerine, the saine as a dress of gros de Naples, often constitutes the favorite out-door covering in the public walks ; these pelerines are fastened over the bust by a gold pin, called a Sevigne. The chief novelty in out-door dress is a canezon of white muslin, embroidered in different colors, to correspond with the dress of gros de Naples, or colored muslin, which may be worn with it. Over white dresses are worn canezon fichus of colored gros de Naples. Some of the riding dresses have only a petticoat of cloth, with the jacket consisting of a white muslin canezon spencer:

The new parasols are all fringed.

The colours most admired are pink, chesnut-brown, pineleaf green, yellow, lilac, steam-yellow, Navarin-blue, and Japanese-rose.



Magazine, 1829.


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