Annual Report ... to the Interstate Commerce Commission of the United States

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Halaman 83 - Here present statements as follows: 1. All Extensions of Road put in Operation. 2. Decrease in Mileage by Line abandoned or Line straightened. 3. All Other Important Physical Changes. 4. All Leases taken or surrendered. 5. All Consolidations or Reorganizations effected. 6.
Halaman 115 - ... been prepared, under our direction, from the original books, papers, and records of said company; that we have carefully examined the same, and declare the same to be a complete and correct statement of the business and affairs of said company in respect to each and every matter and thing therein set forth ; and we further say that no deductions were made before stating the operating revenues herein set forth, except those shown in the foregoing accounts; and that the accounts and figures contained...
Halaman 11 - Date of last closing of stock books before end of year for which this report is made. 3. Total number of stockholders of record at the date required in answer to Question 2.
Halaman 65 - I. Maintenance of Way and Structures, II. Maintenance of Equipment, III. Traffic Expenses, IV. Transportation Expenses, V. General Expenses, TOTAL— OPERATING EXPENSES, Ratio of Operating Expenses to Operating Revenues, per cent.
Halaman 97 - Iron, Pig and Bloom, . Iron and Steel Rails, Other Castings and Machinery, Bar and Sheet Metal, . Cement, Brick, and Lime, . . Agricultural Implements, Wagons, Carriages, Tools, etc., . Wines, Liquors, and Beers, . Household Goods and Furniture, Merchandise, .... Miscellaneous: Other commodities not mentioned above, . Total Tonnage — Entire Line, Freight Originating OB tills liutid.
Halaman 89 - Here give a concise statement of all existing contracts, agreements, arrangements, etc., with other companies or persons, concerning the transportation of freight or passengers. Give the statement in the following order, viz: 1. Express companies. 2. Mails. 3. Sleeping, parlor, or dining car companies. 4. Freight or transportation companies or lines. 5.
Halaman 22 - Bonds which are a lien on a carrier's revenue alone, or bonds which, while being a lien on its property and franchises, can claim payment of interest only in case interest is earned.
Halaman 114 - The oath required by this section may be taken before any person authorized to administer an oath by the laws of the State in which the same is taken.
Halaman 22 - RECEIPTS OUTSTANDING FOR FUNDED DEBT. — Receipts for payments on account of funded debt. When certificates are issued for amounts so paid, the par value shall be included in the account covering the class of funded debt for which the certificates are issued.
Halaman 20 - For the purposes of the balance-sheet statement capital stock is considered to be nominally issued when certificates are signed and sealed and placed with the proper officer for sale and delivery, or pledged, or otherwise placed in some special fund of the accounting company. It is considered to be actually issued when it has been sold to a bona fide purchaser for a valuable consideration, and such purchaser holds it free from all control by the accounting company.

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