Personal Memorials of Daniel Webster: Including a Sketch of His Public Life and the Particulars of His Death

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Lippincott, Grambo and Company, successors to Grigg, Elliot and Company, 1852 - 68 halaman

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Halaman 65 - This is a new and complete edition, with a splendid engraved likeness of Mrs. Hemans, on steel, and contains all the Poems in the last London and American editions. With a Critical Preface by Mr. Thatcher, of Boston. "As no work in...
Halaman 61 - Such is the nature and design of this edition of the Sacred Volume, which, from the various ' - objects it embraces, the freedom of its pages from all sectarian peculiarities, and the beauty, plainness, and correctness of the typography, that it cannot fail of proving acceptable and useful to Christians of every denomination. In addition to the usual references to parallel passages, which are quite full and numerous, the student has all the marginal readings, together with a rich selection of Philological,...
Halaman 45 - ... shut against him ! His means are the commonest and rudest ; the mere work done is no measure of his strength. A dwarf behind his steamengine may remove mountains ; but no dwarf will hew them down with a pickaxe ; and he must be a Titan that hurls them abroad with his arms.
Halaman 57 - PASTOR OF GREEN STREET CHURCH, BOSTON. Embellished with five portraits, and other elegant engravings, from steel plates ; with several maps and many wood-cuts, illustrative of Scripture Manners, Customs, Antiquities, &c. In 6 vols.
Halaman 12 - Go on. and finish your studies; you are poor enough, but there are greater evils than poverty; live on no man's favor; what bread you do eat, let it be the bread of independence; pursue your profession, make yourself useful to your friends, and a little formidable to your enemies, and you have nothing to fear.

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