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uniformly expressed for the welfare spirit and character of the Reformand security of the Church, as by law el Church, sal which are so eminestablished; and more especially, Sir, ently calculated to promote the great to acknowledge in plainest terms our and important objects of our holy regratitude for the effectual protection ligion.' that during the whole of your Ma. jesty's reign (which we pray God to LONDON FEMAL! PENITENTIARY. continue and to prosper) your Majesty

AT a very biunerous and respectable hath as uniformly afforded it.

Meeting, held at the New London “ With this impression upon our minds, it is a small thing to assure your

Tavern, on Thursday, 3 an. 1, 1807, 1 Majesty, that every exertion of which Mr. Alderman Lea in the Chair, .we are capable shall be direcied to pro It reus resolved unanimously, Thaan mote the great and important ends youn Institution be now forane,!, which shall Majesty hall in view, to cultivate a he denonimated The London Female devout and unaffected regard to our Penitentiary; the object of which shall holy religion; to oppose every danger be to affori an asylum to females, ous error, and to teach every needful

won, having deviated from the paths of truih ; to maintain among your people virtue, are desirous to be restored, that preference to the pure and simple by mans of Christian instrnction anal worship of the Reformed Church, which the fornaion of moral and indushath hitherto so eminently disunguish trious habiti, to a reoutable station in ed them; to recommend, in all inatters

society. of conscience, mutual forbearance and

That each Subscriber of One Guine:3 forgiveness ; to walch with prudent vi

annually shall be a Governor : gilanee, and so far as we are able, to

That each subscriber of Ten Guincas put down, or to initigate with temperel shall be a Governor for Life: zeal, those religious excesses and wild

That the maraemeat of the exextravagances, to which the mildness of teraal affairs of the Institution, shall our laws, and the lenity of their execu• be entrusted to Thirty-siriontlemen, tion, may occasionally give rise, kui together with a Treasurer, a Secrethe diligent discharge of these duties, tary, &c. without which we have nothing to hope, 'That to a Committec of Twenty-four and every thing to fear, we shall look Ladies shall be exclusively coniiled with confidence to a continuance of your the internal economy of the Establish. Majesty's favour and support.

ment. " We bless God for the nuinherless

A prompt: admission of applicants advantages we derive from your Man into a temporary ward, wili torni a jesty's Government and example! We

very important leature in this Institudevoutly implore him to grant such tion, while no encouragement is to be success to your arms as may secure to given to those who seek in it an asylum us a safe and honourable peace; to from the pressure of wani, rather than vouchsafe to your Majesty a long and from any virtuous or moral choice, a prosperous reign over a people strive Each renale is to sleep in i separare ing to deserve it; to shed down upon bed: -she is to be enoloved in sonic you every happiness in this world, and work of inanual industry, - to receive to crown you with eternal joy here one third proportion of the prolits of after.”

her labour, and to be encouraged 10 To which Address his Majesty was good conduct by suitable incite.denis

pleased to return the following most and rewards. To instruct the perigracious Auswer :

tent in the principles, obligations, and

duties of Christianity, ani to direct • My Lords and the rest of the Clergy,

her to the Saviour, " whose blood · I thank you for this dutiful and cleanseth from all sin," are main obloyal Address. The expressions of jects of this charity, your attachment to my Person and Go. Such generally are the nature and vernment are highly acceptable to me. design of the “ London Female Penia You may rely on the coutinuance of my tentiary;" and, it is presioned, that favour and protection to the Church of from all ins:i.ution of this churacter, England as by law established, and on to real Christiaa can voluntarily within my unshaken determination to give hold his approvation and support. everyencouragement and support to your for what moral principle is ihere ihat exertions in maintaining among iny peo- can influence the judgmení, what moral ple that pure and simple worship, and notive that can afect the heart ani that mutual forbearance and forgive move the land of Benevolenc", which pesi which so peculiariy belong to the will not here find it's appropriate object and gratification? Who can describe Dec. 18. The Rev. J. Atkinson, one the numerous important advantages of the tutors of Hoxton Academy, was that iuust result from such an institu- set apart to the pastoral office over the tion, to domestic comfort, to social church and congregation assembling in Happiness, to civil order, to national the chapel belonging to that institution, reputation, to the honor of Christ. Mr. Buck introduced the service; Mr. janity, to the perishing body, to the R. Winter delivered the introductory immortal spirit? What mind can discourse ; Mr. Ford prayed ; Mr.Clayestimate the value and extent of that ton preacheil from Col. i. 7; and Mr. good which is implied in the complete Stollery concluded. The congregation reformation of a single unfortunate has in a few years increased from 200 female? To snatch the seduced from to 1200; and three considerable enthe brink, and the more depraved from largements of the chapel have been the gulph of prostitution, and to place found necessary. It is intended in futhem under the mild discipline and ture to invite the assistance of country salutary influence of such an establish- ministers, more especially of such as ment, is to connect every sort of charity bave received their education in this setogether, and to include almost every minary, as it is found by experience, good in one. To do this, is at once that while their diversified gifts are co “deliver the tempted,” to rescue called forth in preaching to a numerthe ensnared, and to defend the per- ous congregation, their zezl for the secuteil. It is to save the perishing welfare of the Academy is kept alive, from ruin, to supply the destitute, to and their attachment to the tutors is shelter the exposed, to give an asylum strengthened and perpetuated. The 10 the outcast, to instruct the unin- students preach every Thursday even. formed, perhaps to reclaim the wicked, ing. - Twelve ministers have been sent and to restore her who is covered with out from the above Academy in the ignominy and contempt, to a condition course of the last year. . in which she may respect herself and be respected by others.

Jan. 1, 1807. The Annual Collec. We hear that about 700 l. was im

Out 500 l. was im- tion made at Surry Chapel, for the Bemediately subscribed.

nevolent Society for Visiting the Sick The names of the Gentlemen zcho anı Afflicted at their own Habitations. compose the Committee, with a further amounted to 159 1. res. At this nieetaccount of this commendable undertak- ing, among other remarkable relations, ing, may be expected in our next.

an account was read of a man who bad Subscriptions are received by the been one of Colonel Despard's confefollowing, bankers: Messrs. Hankey derates; but who became a remarkable and Co. Fenchurch Street; Messrs.

monument of Divine Grace ; and which Down, Thornton, and Co. Bartholo. shall be laid before our readers in our mew Lane; Messrs. Forster, Lubbock, next Magazine. and Co. Mansion House Street ; Messrs. From the Methodist Magazine for Fuller, Chatteris, and Co. Lombard November last, we learn, That the toSireet; Messrs Hoares, Fleet Street; tal pumber of persons in the Societies Messrs. Smith and Hoit, Broad Street; of Methodists, in various parts of AmeMessrs. Rapsom, Morland, and Co. rica, according to the last Annual Re. D'ail-Mall; or by the Treasurer, W.

port of the Seven Conferences in that Alers, Esq. (Blankey and Co.'s); and

country, is 130570; -- the number of by the Secretary, Thomas Pellat, Esq. Itinerant Preachers is 500;- and of Fenchurch Street.

Local Preachers 2000. We learn from Holland, That Nine

The public papers state, that the Answers to the following Prize Ques

new French Government in Naples has tion of the Amsterdain Society for the

already suppressed several of the conlucrease of Religious krowledge, have

vents; and will probably abolish them been received : “ How comes it, that

all: also that the ecclesiastical estates, in our dark and Sorrowful Times,

to the amount of ten millions, are oră lusensibility is 30 great, and a sufficient dered to be sold. Attention to the Dispensatious and His Grace the Lord Lieutenant of Judgments of Ciod is so little obser- Ireland visited the House of In- , vable? - and, What are the best Means dustry in Dublin, on the roth ult. ; and most applicable, to counteract the and laid the first stone of a building spreading oftbai sensibility ?" The for the reception of 1000 poor chilanswer of M. C. A. Vanlerbroeck, dren of every religious denomination. preacher, at Oud-Beizerland, has ob. It is to be called “The Bedford inived the prize.


Rev. Mr. Moseley and Congregation, Hanley, Staffordshire
J. Small and Congregation, Axminster

to 31 12 Additional Collections in Sussex, by Mess. Hamilton and Buck

3 Collections made in the Counties of Cambridge, Huntingdon, Bedford, Bucks,

and Hertford, by Rev. Mr. Frey,
Rev. T. Hopkins and Congregation, Linton
T. Towne and ditto, Royston

tot 17.3 I .
Friends at Waterbeach
Rev. Mr. Ilarris and Congregation, Cambridge
Inclosed in a Letter, addressed to Mr Frey, at Cambridge
Rev. T. Tall and Coygregation, Swavesay

C. Feary and ditto, Bluntisham
Mr. 'Scott and ditto, Godmanchester
J.G. Panting and litto, St. Ive's

J. Nicholls and ditto, Kimboiton
Congregation at Gamlingay
Rev. Mr. Castleden and Cong. Woburn, Bedfordshire

J. Hoppus and Cong. Yardley
Mr. Washburn and Congregation, Wellingborough
J. Renals and ditto,
Mr. Hillyard and ditto, Olrey

19 0 1
C. Masline and ditto, flertford

14 II 9

- 235 17 7 N. B. The Legacy of Mr. B. Coles, inserted in the Magazine for last Month,

ought to have stood as below, the Executors paid the Duty: Legacy of Mr. B. Coles, late of Honerton, deceasel, by Rev. W. Goode, A. M. one of the Executors

~ 100 Op

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List of Lectures, &c. in and near London, for February.

7. Lord's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

Smith ; Peter Str. Dr. Duncan 2. Mon. Ev. Missionary Prayer-Meet

ing, Jewry Strect. 3. Tu M. Broad St. Mr. Goode. 4. Wed. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the

Nation, at Mr. Dan. Taylor's,

5. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Indep.)

at Mr. G. Clayton's, Walworih,
Mr. Jennings to preach. - A due
Regard to the Offices of Christ, &c.
Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Stollery. -

The Miracles of Christ.

Iverney ; Orange Str. Mr. Burder;

Chapel Str. Mr. Greig. 17. Tu. M. Broad Str. Dr. Goode. 18. Wed. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the

Nation, at Mr.Hutchings's, Tooleg

Street. 19. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Bapt.)

at Mr. Button's, Dean Str. Mr. Coxhead to preach. - The Law

established by the Gospel. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Austin. -- Jus

tification, as stated by St. James.

8. Lord's Day Ev. Chapel Str. Mr.

Stollery; Palace Str. Mr. Greig ;
Barbican, Mr. Frey; Orange Str.
Mr. Towosend ; Peter Str, Mr.

Ferris ; Hare Ct. Mr. J. Thomas. 9. Mon. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the

Nation, Surry Chapel. TO. Tu. M. Broad St. Mr. Ford." 11. Wed. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the

Nation, at Mr. Wall's, Moorfields. 12. Th. Ev. Feiter Lane, Mr. Nicol.-

Isaiah's Visio..

22. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Dr.

Rippon ; Hare Crt. Mr. Frey;
Barbican, Mr. Knight ; Palace St.
Mr. Dunn; Peter Sır. Mr. Nicol-

soa; Chapel St. Mr. Brooksbank.
24. ?'u, M. Broad St. Mr. Ford.
25. Wed,(FAST DAY) Ev. Prayer-Meet-

ing for the Nation, at Mr. J. Clay

ton's, Camomile Street. 26. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Colli.

son. - Faith exemplified. 27. Frid. Ev. Lecture to Young Per

sons, at Mr. Stollery's, Chapel Str. Soho, Mr. Townsend to preach.

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On the DEATH of the late Reverend and much-lamentant


Two famous Statesmen *, and two Heroes brave +,
Twelve circling months have summon'd to the grave !
Peaceful they slumber in their dusty bed,
And Britain sorrows for the mighty dead.
Nor mourns alone : The Church, her loss severe
Deeply deplores, and renders tear for tear!

If polish'd manners, and if taste refin'd,
If ardent piety and temper kind, -
If vig'rous intellect and manly sense,
If ready wit and graceful eloquence, --
An ample heart, for steady friendship forin'd,
A soul, with ev'ry gen'rous passion warm'd,
Can win regard, or claim a sigh from you,
That sigh to MOODY, that regard is due!

Lately, the Man of God exalted stood,
Directing thousands to the Saviour's blood :
The list ning multitudes attentive hung
With holy rapture on the preacher's tongue.
Now, low he lies! That tongue no more shall tell
The Saviour's triumphs oyer vanquish'd Hell!
No more his voice from devious ways restrain,
Nor gentiy sooth the weeping mourner's pain s

Small spot of earth where rest his sacred bones,
With green turf cover'd, or sepulchral stones,
Those precious relics keep, till that great day
When tombs shall burst and mountains melt away i
When sun and stars are from their orbits hurl’d,
And Chaos drives his ploughshare o'er the world,
Uprising from thy silent cold embrace,
Celestial glories shining in his face, .
High at the awful Judge's better hand,
Bright as an angel Moody then shall stand !

O much-respected, much-lamented friend,
Thy life was holy, -- happy was thine end !
By saints esteem'd, and e'en by, sinners blest,
And best belov'd by those who knew thee best ?
In thee the Saviour's image clearly shone,
As chrystal lakes reflect the orient sun.
The wonders Grace divine perform'd in thee,
Such, and superior, may it work in me!

Oft, as thy people tread the flow'ry fields,
When blooming Summer all her beauty yields ;

Or walk liy gentle Avon's classic stream,
· While plays upon the wave the Moon's pale beam;
Or when stern Winter howls with tempests dire,
At evening sit around the blazing fire;
Of former times conversing, and the way
Thro' which life's mazy chequer'd journey lay,

* Messrs. Pitt and Fox.

+ Lords Nelson and Cornwallis. # The Upper Avon passes by Warwick, washing the lofty walls of the ve. nerable castle, from whence it proceeds to Stratford, distant eight miles, celebrated for being the birth-place of Shakespeare.

Thus shall one speak, and heave a heartfelt siga,
While shines the glittering tear in ev'ry eye:
" 'Twas thus, with rich experience largely fraught,
" Thus our dear pastor liv'd, and thus he taught.
“ In Fancy's ear still sounds his plcasing voice,
" The well-known accents make my heart rejoice!
« Ah! momentary joy, delusive, vain!
" He's dead! - and Mem'ry aggravates my pain;
" Yet shall revolving time the period bring,
“ And soon, perhaps, when Heav'n's Almighty King
« Shall bid me quit this tenement of clay,
« And soar 10 regions of eterpal day!
« Then shall we meet above the azure sky,
“ With glory crown'l, and immortality!
“ Our friendship to advantage there renew.

« Till that bless'd hour, much-honor'd friend, - Adieu!" Wotton under Edge.

W. W. ombrosofoodoodood · MY JESUS.


COMPOSED DURING ILLNESS. 'Tis true, here is another year; .

Alas! how frail our mortal frame ! And I'm permitted to appear

How near the grave we dwell! Before thee, and thy name revere, A sudden cough, a bursting vein,

My Jesus! And we must bid farewell! Tho' l’ve abus'd thy providence, My futt'ring heart,-why sink and beat Tho' long I've liv'd in indolence,

So briskly at the thought ? Yet in thy love me recompence,

Why shrink at what each mortal knows, My Jesus. "As though thou

As though thou knew'st it not? O that I had a glimpse of thee! It cannot be! Death's arrows tly O that I had but faith to see

Where'er thine eyes survey: Thy righteousuess transferr'd to me, Insatiable he gulps his meal

My Jesus! Of thousands in a day! But, O this vile deceitful heart,

Alas! tho’ friends and neighbours die, So loth with earthly joy to part,

Death is a stranger still ; I fear will make thee hence depart, And shrinking Nature shuts her eyes

My Jesus !

Against the dreaded ill. Then since in sio I am involv'd,

We shun the dart, we shun the sight, On thee be all my sins devolv’d,

We shun the place of Death, That I henceforth may be absolvid,

As tho' we never were to meet,

My Jesus. Or to resign our breath ! Sweetly permit me to confide

But let us view this monster near, In thee alooc, and none beside ;

Examine him anew; Ever be thou my God, my Guide, And from the good man's mortal couch

My Jesus.

Take an impartial view. But here is no continued rest,

Here say, my soul, what terrors dwell: Earth is a wilderness at best;

Does fear distort his eyes ?
But thou canst make me truly blest,

Does he view Death as sinners do?
My Jesus!

With horrible surprize!
On thee then I will humbly call, .

Calm and serene, he smiles to feel When this clay tenement shall fall,

The last dissevering pain; . And joy to crown thee Lord of All,

Just as the glimm’ring flame expires, My Jesus!

He whispers, “ Death is gain!" Till then, dear Lord, thy servant keep, Gain! yes, my soul, to die is gain, By night, by day, awake, asleep;

To those who are prepar'd : and place me with thy dear-bought They leave their sins, and pains, and sheep,

My Jesus!

fears, Keep me dependent on thy grace,

Aud gain a rich reward ! Till I shall see thee face to face,

May I then seek this wond'rous gain! And be complete in thine embrace,

To Jesus let me fly!
My Jesus! O be my Saviour while I live,
'Arocuoç. My Saviour when I die!

J.C. .

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