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having received many petitions from the people, to continue longer with them. — The Consistory finding that they cannot prevent my administering the Sacraments, have determined to 'punish the people for receiving them in any place except the church ; and yesterday a paper to that effect was read from the pulpit.

“ However, I begin to rejoice in all this; for it appears to me that the Lord our God is about to establish on this barren island a little church for himself; and that Dagon is beginning to fall before the ark. My hearers are now endeavouring to purchase a large house for me to preach in : but as they are very poor, I hope the Society will allow a sum of money for this purpose. Some of the people have assured me, that if the Society would send out another ordained minister of the Dutch Reformed Church to supply my place, should I return to the Canc, they would sup. port hiin, --separate themselves from ke dead church, and build a place of worship for him - Do as much as you can, my dear Sir, to assist me; for this seems to be the appointed time to do some good in Ceylon.” Columbo, March 12, 1807. To J. Hardcastle, Esq.

The Directors are also informed, that Mr. Erhardt was about to remove to Columbo, in order to perfect himself in the knowledge of the Cin. galese language, under an abler teacher than could be obtained at Matura, so that it may be expected he will soou be qualified to preach the gospel to the native heathen.



Oct. 14, at Mr. Atkinson's, MarAy Association has been lately gate, a Meeting of the East Kent forined, denominated - The Middle Association. Mr. Morris preached sex and Hertfordshire Union of Pro

in the morning, from Heb. xiii. &. testant Dissenting Ministers." Their

Mr. Chapman in the evening, frodi first meeting is to be at Hertford,

Rom. i. 16; Mr. Dawson the preon the Wednesday after the first ceding evening, from 1 Thess. i. 10. Sabbath in April, 1808. Mr.White

- The next Meeting at Ramsgate fuot,' of Enfield, to preach, on the

(Mr. G. Townsend's) on the WedNalure, Advantages, and best Me. Desday nearest the full moon, in thods of conducting Religious As

April acxt: Mr. Mather, Mr. Tomsociations.

lin, and Mr. Giles to preach. Sept. 23. At Brior, the Eighteenth General Meeting of the Lin

ORDAINED. colnshire Association, Mr. Blin Sept 30, at Wiveliscombe, Somerkom, of Walcot, preached in the set, Mr. Joseph Buck (Independent) morning; aster which the Lord's Late student at Axminster. The Supper was adininisiered. Mir.Bean, following ministers engaged: --of Alford, preached in the after- Prayer, &c. Mr. Houdehourck, of noon, from Juhn vi. 12; and Mr. Bishop's Hail; introduction, &c. White, of Mablethorp, in the even

Mr. Golding, of Pitminster; ordiing, from lsa. R. 2; which was fol. nation-prayer, Mr. Tozer, of Taunlowed by another sermo:1, br Mr. ton; charge, Mr. Small, of AxminGladstone, from Isa. ii. 3. Mics,l's. ster (the tutor); introdurtory prayHobson, of Driffield, Smelle, of er, Mr. Gardiner, . of Barnstaple ; Grimsby, Collins, of Barton, and sermon, Mr. Saltren, of Bridport ; Clark, of Brigg, engaged in other and Mr. Allen, of Stringslone, coriparts of the services. The next cluded. meeting at Walcot, near Toking. Oct. 28, at Guyhorn, Cambridgeham, on the last Wednesday in' shire, Mr. M:928 Davis (lodep.) late April, 1808.

of London. The services of the day were conduced by Mess. Wood- the head, who fell from his horse ward, of Pinchbeck, Griffiths, of and died immediately. While the Chatteris, aud Cogett, of St. Ives. Other gentlemen were attentive to

Oct. 21, at Wednesbury, Stafford. their friend, the murderer escaped. shira, Mr. J. Pickering, pastor of

master of - On Monday afternoon a party the Independent church. Introduc. of soldiers went in search of the tion, Mr. Hudson, of West Brom- murderer, whose footsteps had been wich; ordinaliop-prayer, Mr.Grove, traced by some country people toof Walsall: cbarge, Mr. Dagley,

wards a wood. He was at length 1 Tim. iv. 6; serhion, Mr. Bennett,

discovered and driven out; but of Birmingham; Mr. Theodosius,

finding his pursuers close at his of Gomall, began, and Mr. Morris,

hcels, he ran into a pond, where of West Broin wich, concluded wilh

one of the party shot him dead.

On his person was found the watch p.ayer.

of which he had robbed Mr. Rhodes. Oct. 28, at Penzanse (Baptist

-- Thus 6 Lirst,” or inordinate dechureh) Mr. G. Smith was settled as sire of money, “ when it was conpastor. Introduction, Mr. Grifin,

ceived, brought forth Sin; and Sin," of Falmonth; charge, Mi. Biri, ofs

speedily after its accomplishment, Plymouth ; sermon, Mr. Gray, of

" brought forth Death.”
broucht forth Dea

It must Plymouth; prayer, Nir. Ragsdell, be rerretted, however that the vio. of Plyinoulli, and Nzt. Rowe, of lence of resentment should thus pre. Redruib.

vent the more slow and solemo proNov. 2, at Easicoinbe, Glouces, cess of justice, which might have tershire, Mr. Heory Hawkins. In been more useful to the public. troduction, Mr. Flint, of Uley ;. chargc, Ur. Burchell, of 'Tetbury; scrmon, Mr. Winterbottom; Mr.

LONDON Saunders, of Frome, prayed, and in the evening preached.

On Lord's Day, Nov. 8, a dinner

was given by the lale Lord Mayor CHELTENUAM.

w his successor in oílice, and other We rejoice to hear thai a com- members of the corporation, at the inodious chapel is to be erected at City of London Tavern, in BishopsCheltenham, which is now become gate Street. They had been, we a place of great resort. Theatres, are inforted, to qualify themselves ball - roonis, and card - rooms are for vílice at the Lord's Table, and prepared for the entertamment of then assembled at theconvivialboard ihe gay and wo:div : the lovers of ai lhe tavoin; aud at an hour, three the gospel will also, we trusi, be o'clock, when their more pious felaccommodated. The liberality of low-citizens were going to church. a few individuals has already pro- Such an open violation of the sacred duced 2001 towards this object; but dav, - such a gross and indecorous the aid of the religious public, ve acion, we believe, was never before iear, will necessarily be solicited. committed by the magistraies of

the cily. It has certainly excited On Sunday, Nov. I, about 12 at strong sensations of indignation in -ticon, a robbery was comunisted on the minds of those numerous citi. the London road, about six miles zens of London, who are extremely Chihester, on a Mr. Rbodes, concerned to witness such an. · an attorney of that place. Then proaches as these towards the vicithe affair was reported there, three ous and profane practices of France, gentlemen, well-mvunied and are which, if indulged, may be followed, set out in search of ihe villain ; ed by the infidelity and anarcby of and, alier abouě two hours ride, that couniry. discovered hiin'; wheat, finding that On Monday, the 9th, when the be gentlemen gained ground upon late Lord Mayor, and the Lord holli, ne turnaround, and shot Mr. Mayor cleci, attended in the Court of Sergeand, one of the pursuers, throExchequer ag usaal, the Chici Baron


addressed them in a very interesting spect to their true interests; and to and impressive manner, alluding, as diffuse information amongst them, we cannot but think, to the transac. respecting the means whereby they tion above motioned. The Chief may improve the present opportuBaron justly observed, that the nity of substituting a beneficial good or evil example of those who commerce in place of the Slave fill the highest offices in the magis. Trade. tracy, was of the utmost importance, “4..To introduce amongst them to the state ; and that when the first such of the improvements and usemagistrate of the city couducted ful arts of Europe as are suited to himself in the discharge of his du- their condition. ties in an exemplary manner; the “5. To promote the cultivation magistrates in interior places were of the African soil, not only by exnot ashamed to follow his example. citing and directing the industry of ,

We sincerely hope that this ex- the natives, --- but by furnishing, cellent hint will be taken ; and that where it may appear advantageous hereafter the sanctity of the Sais- to do so, useful seeds and plants, bath will not be sacrificed by the and implements of husbandry. .. magistracy to conviviality., À 6. To introduce amongst the

It was very properly enguired in inhabitants beneficial medical disa one of the newspapers,“ With what coveries. face could the present Lord Mayor “7. To obtain a knowledge of have received an information the principal languages of Africa ; against the master of the 5ondon and, as has already been found to Tavern, for suffering “ tippling" be practicable, to reduce them to in his house during divine service?” writing, with a view to facilitate the - and it was recommended to the diffusion of information among the Society for suppressing Vice, to di- natives of that country.". rect their attention to the irregula- “8. To employ suitable agents rities of the higher ranks of people, and to establish correspondences, as whose conduct is more pregnant shall appear advisable; and to enwith mischief than that of the lower 'courage and reward individual enorders. i .'.

‘terprize and exertion in promoting any of the purposes of the Institu

tion.” .. . 1 : AFRICAN INSTITUTION.

The Report is chiefly. occupied in • An interesting Report from the obviating the objections which may Committee of this institution has be supposed to arise to the Plan of lately made its appearance. .. the Society: lsi, From a considera.

" The means which it is proposed 'tion of thie vastness of the object to employ for the purpose of pro- proposed to be effected by the efmoting civilization and improve- forts of a voluutary association of ment in Africa, are of the follow- 'individuals in this country; -2dly, ing kind :

From the supposed intellectual and "1. To collect, and diffuse moral inferiority of the African throughout this country, accurate race ; -- 3diy, From the result of the informativa respecting the natural attempt made to spread civilization productions of Africa ; and, in ge- ia Africa, by means of the colony neral, respeciing the agricultural of Sierra Leone ; - and, 4th, From and commercial capacities of the the inadequacy of the means which African continent, and the intellec- the Institution can expect to possess tual, moral, and political condition and employ, "On all these points, as of its inhabitants.

we think, a most satisiactory answer · « 2. To promvíe the instruction has been given; and we recomof the Africans ia letters and in use. mend to onr readers the perusal of ful knowledge, and to cultivate a this Report, both as containing just friendly connexion with the natives and ealarged views on several in. of that continent.

portant subjects, and as communi“ 3. To endeavour to enlighien cating to the public much new and. the minds of the Africans, with re- interesting information.


respectable ministers, encourage the . DR. HAWKER is now revising his bopes that we have long entertaid. COMMENTARY, with a view to the ed, of seeing the prevalence of many printing of a handsome 8vo edition,

toxious pobiications supplanted by with the Text at large : to be pub.

a work combining exalted literar lished by subscription.

talent with evangelical purity and

simplicity. . We learn, with great satisfaction,

RECENT DEATHS. that the religious public, which, for some time scemed insensible to the

Died, on Thursday night, Nor. necessity and importance of the 12, after about one hours illness, ECLECTIC REVIEW, have lately ma

Mrs. Wilks, the excellent wife of nifested the most encouraging ap

the Rev. Matt. Wilks, of London. probation of that valuable work.

On the Thursday following she was The favourable testimonies to its buried at Bunhill Fields, the fuueral increasing merit which the Con- oration being delivered by the Rev. ductors have received from eminent R. Hill. characters in the several walks of Nov. 18th, died the Rer. Mr. Literature, as well as from the more Gilbert, of Bledlow.

List of Lectures, fc. in and near London, for December.

1. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Burder. 17. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Bapt.) 2. Wed. M. Crown Crt. Mr. Buck. - at Mr. T. Thomas's, Mr. Burnside Providence of God.

to preach. - The Evidence of Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, True Religion on others. i at Mr. Humphrys's.

Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Waugh. 3. Th. Ev. Fetfer Lane, Mr. Winter. Looking for the glorious appearUnsanctified Affliction.

ing of Christ.

18. Fri. Ev. Sermon to Young People, 6. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.

at Crown Court, by Mr.J.Clayton.
Brooksbank; Devonshire Sq. Mr.
Atkinson; Hare Crt. Mr. Thos.
Tbomas; Crown Crt. Mr. Greig ;

Crown Crt. Mr. Greig: 20. LORD's Day Ev. Broad Str. Mr.
Peter Str. Mr. Rea; Palace Str. Hutchins ; Devonshire Sq. Mr.
Mr. Hyatt; Orange Str. Mr. Sam. Shenstone ; Hare Crt. Mr. Hum.

'phreys; Orange Str. Mr. Burder ; 7. Mon. Ev. Missiopary Prayer-Meet Crown Crt. Mr. Hyatt; Palace ing, at Mr. Beck's, Bury Street.

Str. Mr. Buck; Peter Str. Mr. 8. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Barber.

Jerment. 9. WedM. Crown Ct. Mr. Hyatt, 22. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Barber.

Providence explained in a Future 23. Wed. M. Crown Crt. Mr. Stereos.

Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, at Mr. Goode's. at Mr. Tim. Thomas's.

24. Th. Ev. Fetter Lane, Dr. Rippon. '10. Th. M. Monthly Meeting (Indep.) Compassion to Africans in England.

at Mr. J. Clayton's, Camomile St.
Mr. Barber to preach. - The Oh- 27. LORD'S Day Ev. Bread Str. Mr.
ligations resulting from Exemp Newman ; Devonshire Sq. Nr. C.
tion from Persecution.

Hyatt; Hare Crt, Mr. Webb; Ev. Fetter Lane, Mr. Goode. The

Crown Crt. Mr. J.Clayton ; Peter Stedfastness of Christians the Joy Str. Mr. Greig; Palace Sir. Mr. of Ministers.


-- 29. Tu, M. Broad Str. Mr. Clayton. 12. LORD'S DAY Ev. Broad Str. Mr.30. Wed. M. Crown Crt. Mr. Austin.

Collyer; Devopshire Square, Mr. Ey. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation,

Powell; Hare Crt. Mr. Newman; at Mr. Button's. : Orange St. Mr. Townsend; Crown.31. Th. M. Fetter Lane, Mr. Towbsend.

Ct. Mr.Gore ; Peter St. Mr. Dunn. - The End of Time. 14. Mon. Ev. Prayer Meeting for the Nation, Surry Chapel.

MINISTERS SUPPLYING AT 17. Tu. M. Broad Str. Mr. Clayton. Surry Chapel, Mr. R. Hill. 16. Wed. M. Crowo Crt. Mr. Ihackett. Spo Ficids, Mr. Fioley.. Ev. Prayer-Meeting for the Nation, Sion Chapel, Mr. Spry. at Mr. Dore's,

Hoxlon, Mr. Liefchiid.

I live :-- one instant, and the present scene
To me may be as tho' it ne'er had been :
A sudden stroke may break life's brittle thread,
And find me number'd with the silent dead !
What then is life ? - a“ vapour, which awhile,
A little while, appeareth,” - full of toil !
A shadow, whieh with haste escapes away!
The morning dew, -- a short liv'd winter's day! "
Not so th'immortal soul, that cannot die,
Tho' from its frail abode it soon must fly,
When death shall burst the bond that binds to earth
And give to its existence a new birth!.
4 Will it appear in the high climes of bliss,
" Or sink for ever in Hell's dark abyss?".
If found in Jesus, it will bave a place
Among those shining miracles of grace
Thabowe their Heav'n to God's unchanging love,
Who fix'd, ere time began, their seats above !
But, if found trampling on his sacred blood,
Careless of both his sceptre and his rod,
In league and love with ev'ry baneful sin
That serves to strengthen Satan's reign within ;
Like Felix, it will tremble and turn pale,
And its own immortality bewail.

Search me, oh God I and try my froward heart!
Know thou my thoughts, and bid each sin depart!
Lead me in ways of everlasting peace,
And grant to ev'ry grace a large increase ;
Till the blest Spirit and the Bride say “Come,
Exchange thy prison for thy Fother's home!
Enter the joy of thine exalted Lord,
Heceive the palm, and lay aside the sword!
Behold my glory! see my unveil'd face !
And reap the fruits of my converting grace!
Share in the rest prepar'd for saints above, ,
And know for ever that thy “God is love !"

...) ...].footer

For the Encouragement of the Sunday-School, by M. J.

Ye friends of mercy, let your hearts expand;
With full supplies stretch forth a willing hand;
Diffuse your bounty, like the fruitful rain
Which waters earth, nor waters it in vain :
so shall a blessing on your names attend;
What pame so blessed as " The Poor Man's Friend?"

"Lo! in the gospel we our pattern find,
The dear Redeemer -- Friend of lost mankind!

That Friend of siuners gave his blessed word,
A light to guard us from the downward road.

place the blessed lamp ia ev'ry hand, Togwile their feet to Canaan's bawy land !

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